December 29, 2016

Winfatuation by Wincredible. This big 16 plus mare was the surrogate mother to Wilma (Classically Kool) Let's hope we get another full sister to Wilma next year so "Bucky" can have another baby.

December 28, 2016

This afternoon, Leah Gloudemans and I drove to visit Big Daddy Quarter Horses and Stoney Bridge Stables in Oshkosh. We were so impressed with their new facility. What opportunity it offers their customers and horses. There are two huge indoor arenas with a heated viewing area and 2 heated lounge areas. At present they are using 2 wings, one heated and one cold wing of the barn. The stalls are really good sized and matted and the horses looked great. I am so happy for both Joe St Clair as he is the manage of the place and also the trainer. I am also happy that Jennie Griese decided to move Stoney Bridge Stables to the new facility. If you get a chance to visit them, I am sure you will be impressed with the layout. Besides the awsome barns, there are also many outdoor paddocks with shelters that could open into 5 acre pastures. What a beautiful place. I am sure Joe and Jennie's customers are thrilled with the new facility. If you decide to visit, it is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin which is not far from me.

December 26, 2016

Pearl enjoying the beautiful windy day today. and Time To Play Girl out of Playgirls Playgirl by Playgirls Conclusion.

Quite a change from our warm weather yesterday but decided that the horses should go outside in this cold and wind. This is Juliet (Malibukini) NH mare by Malibu Ken out of Shanes Lady Romantic. She stands almost 16.3. I did not breed her last year but she is under lights now. She is the dam of Cookie (Move Over Darling) who is going to be a "German fraulein".

December 26, 2016

Rita Bangs painted this beautiful ornament that I gave to my wonderful veterinarian, Dr Katherine Fox for Christmas. It is of her mare, Teario, otherwise known as Te. The mare is a daughter of Mr Ice Te and thanks to my good friend, Cindy Buchanan I was able to find her for Dr Fox. Susan Raymond raised Te and Dr Fox was looking for a buckskin or dun mare. I don't think we could have found a better mare for her. Not only has she done dressage work with her but she also rides her western and english. During the winter she is able to keep her at Fenway Farms which is owned by Shelley and Scott Kelnhofer. Dr Fox works for the Fenway Foundation which specializing in researching Friesian horse problems and rehoming Friesian horses. There are not many horses and people who have developed a bond like Te and Dr Fox have. I am so happy to be a part of finding this mare for her. I thank Rita Bangs for creating this beautiful likeness of Teario.

December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from Sandy, Mike and Fred Ellis!!

December 24, 2016

The temperature has warmed up to a "balmy" minus 21 below with the wind chill so we put the horses outside. It was sure cold getting them there. This is Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) She is by Misters Pizzazz out of Crystal Mingo by Mr Conclusion. She is due to have a Fred (Classically) baby in February.

December 24, 2016

Pearl and Cookie enjoying some outdoor weather and doing what they do best, eating.  Both of them are NN.

December 23, 2016

Pearl and Wilma getting to know each other.

Time To Play Girl by Time To Touch out of Playgirls Playgirl enjoying out beautiful weather this morning.

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends. Lu Ann and Larry Krieger are two people that I met years ago when they bought Coolness from me. Coolness is an older full sister to Cooleah and she is still alive. I have remained friends with the Kriegers for many years and Lu Ann bakes awesome cookies and periodically sends me some (She tells me they are "vitamins" and good for me.)  For the last few years, Lu Ann has also made me beautiful Christmas door hangers. I am amazed at how talented she is with her sewing. This years depicts a gray and sorrel horse standing in the snow. You can not appreciate the details as the photos do not show the glitter or the bells or even the buttons that she sewed on for eyes.

December 19, 2016

The temperature has warmed up to a "balmy" minus 21 below with the wind chill so we put the horses outside. It was sure cold getting them there. This is Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) She is by Misters Pizzazz out of Crystal Mingo by Mr Conclusion. She is due to have a Fred (Classically) baby in February.

December 15, 2016

Many of you purchased hand painted ornaments from my very talented friend, Rita Bangs. Well, another good friend, Susan Gough posted that Pier 1 Imports sells an ornament holder and they were questioning if the ornament would fit in the holder. Well, I purchased one and I absolutely love it. They are on sale (very reasonable) and I highly recommend that you buy one to display your ornament.

December 13, 2016

Wind chill of -14 and we put the horses outside for awhile. Don't tell anyone but I took this picture of Pearl and Juliet this morning. Used a small lens so the camera was not heavy.

Bob Luebker and I put horses out this morning for a while. The wind chill is 14 below zero but the horses didn't seem to mind at all. Bob and I about froze doing it though. Barbara Searson Gerken probably thinks I am mistreating Pearl, (JG Kiss My Diversify) as coming from Florida, our weather is certainly a change for her. However, I really think she enjoys it. I really like this mare. Not only does she have a great pedigree but she also is so sweet to be around. I just thought of something----I now have 2 APHA mares as Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz is double registered) I must be "going to the dark side" like some of my friends have told me.

December 12, 2016

Leah Gloudemans snapped a few pictures of Wilma (Classically Kool) this morning. Wilma is a big girl-----she will not be 2 years old until the middle of April and she is over 15.3 at the withers and over 16 hands at the hip. She is NN and out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Fred (Classically) making her a half brother, sister cross.

Leah Gloudemans took this picture today of my two "white" mares in the snow. No sun ;and they are dirty but I think it is kind of a neat picture. Pearl on the left and Juliet on the right.

December 10, 2016

Kelly Schuring surprised me with this wonderful gift of "very fattening" cupcakes and bars. Needless to say, I have tried all of them, and I am not used to such fancy desserts. Let me tell you the story of Kelly and I. A few years ago, I was looking for a mare to use as a recipient and I like mares that are easy to look at. Well, my friend, Cindy Buchanan told me to look at a mare that Kelly had posted on Face Book-----a mare named Call One for Me and Cindy told me that her grand dam, Kitty Bar Bright was a great mare. I called Kelly and she sent me pictures and we made a deal in which part of the purchase price was a breeding from Fred (Classically) to their other mare, Luvin Pizzazz. The following year, Luvin Pizzazz had a filly and both Carl and Kelly were very excited about it. Unfortunately, they lost the filly at about two weeks of age. At that time, the Schurings decided that they didnt' want to raise foals anymore and Kelly called me and offered to sell me "Jackie" (Luvin Pizzazz) I had seen pictures and loved the mare but I had told myself that I sure didn't need anymore horses. I had some friends stop and look at her and they offered to wirte a check and buy her right then and there. . Kelly went in the house and called me. I remember that night well-----I had to make a decision and I had an "obstacle" called my husband. Well he agreed and that is how Jackie became mine. After seeing her, I noted that she had high white on a front leg so I was able to get APHA papers on her besides her AQHA papers. In February Jackie will have her foal and both Kelly and I are looking forward to seeing it. Not only did I get a great mare but I also got a great friend in Kelly J Northey Schuring.

December 9, 2016

This morning, Sterling Gardens delivered this beautiful poinsettia and it was from Rodger and Vickie Shabel. I have not seen Rodger for many years now. Some of you may remember him as he was the owner of Statutory, a World Champion stallion by Ima Cool Skip. I remember the first time I met Rodger, he was with Doug Tallent and they were at Luke Castles looking at horses. Rodger was a good friend of Dudley Pillows. In fact, most people who knew Rodger, liked him and I regret that he no longer has horses. He is the owner of the Pepsi Bottling Company in Alabama. The last time I saw him was at James Kifer's in Alabama. Donna Davis and I were there looking at horses and Rodger came over to see us. It was pouring rain and he gave me a Pepsi golf umbrella (which I still have). Every year at Christmas time, I receive a beatiful pointsetta from him. Great memories from back then and I am axious to call Rodger and "catch up" on what he is doing with his life.

December 6, 2016

I am not ready for winter!!! With the wind chill, it is 4 above zero today. Bob Luebker reminded me that we are going to think this is warm a month from now but it sure feels cold to me right now. We were spoiled with the mild November we had in Wisconsin. Today brings back a memory of Joe St Clair taking Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) outside a year ago. Wonder if he is still wearing the "old Carhartt jacket?"


Yesterday, the mailman brought me a "little surprise" and I am really enjoying it. Susan Gough sent this box of the most delicious cookies, brownies, Ferreri Rocher chocolates and and best of all, a "little Fred". Mike claimed the brownies and I am trying to only eat a few cookies a day. Today I had a little "day surgery" at the hospital and when I came home, I immediately ate 2 cookies (my allotment for the day) Susan and I have been friends a long time. She is a "Pillow" and one of the best horse friends I ever had was Dudley Pillow. He had such an influence on my life and I still think about him often. Susan's father was related to Dudley and both of them were great horsemen. It is little things like this that make this holiday season so special.

December 4, 2016

Our first snow of the year----Juliet (Malibukini) is going to blend right in with it.

Shelly O'Hara posted this list and looking through it I noticed that in the past I have bred mares to Mr Conclusion, Obvious Conclusion, Ima Cool Skip, Sierra Te, Kid Clu, Sonnys Security, Temon and Noble Tradition making it 8 out of the top 11.

December 3, 2016

I can't believe I have never seen this filly in person and Scott doesn't live that far from me.

November 13, 2016

Joe Zimmerman and Caryn from New York came to spend some time at their place on the lake across from us. Joe has a drone and took some aerial pictures for us. It amazes me how Ellis Quarter Horses has grown over the years. We bought the first 15 acres in 1970 and it was only a bare field. I remember the builder arriving and Mike saying “put it here” We had forgotten to do “planning” but really lucked out as I love the layout of our property. Another friend of ours, David Becker told us to be sure to make the barn aisle 12 feet so that we could drive through it. So, the dimensions of our first barn were 36 by 81. Luckily for me, it is blue and white as Mike thought just galvanized steel would be fine. When we started, we had no electricity in the barn so the carpenters had to do everything by hand. We also didn’t know anything about site preparation and didn’t add fill so we had gapping holes in the front part and in the spring it flooded the barn. I remember having horses tied to a hay wagon in the aisle. We sure learned a lot from our experiences. When we could afford it, we added an arena, another barn and our house between the barns. Thanks to the advice of Gary Raack, our complex is all connected. I love it as I don’t have to go outside. Our house is very small as at first we thought it would be temporary and that we would build a place down by our water quarry but since there are only two of us, this never happened. Over the years we added outside shelters and other additions to the main complex. We also added more land as we sold horses and could afford it. We are pretty much self sufficient now as we can grow our own hay and grain. At one time, we had a lot of horses here as we bred over 100 mares a year and had to have them on the place. That was before shipped semen. We also did quite a few embryo transfers so we kept recipient mares year around also. A few years ago, my good friend, Dr Katherine Fox ran her breeding operation out of our place. At that time, we remodeled the lab and added a storage room for supplies and frozen semen containers. She still helps me with my veterinarian care but she is now employed by the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses. I love my “little corner of the world” and wouldn’t change a lot about it. We have really downsized and have a lot of empty space now. Good memories of the “old times” but as I get older, very happy to not have so much work and still be able to enjoy my horses.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

November 11, 2016

Rita Bangs is painting ornaments again this year. I absolutely love the one that she did of Fred (Classically) I would encourage anyone who wants an original painting of their horse to contact Rita. You will be thrilled with her work.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 16 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

November 6, 2016

Juliet (Malibukini) by Malibu Ken out of Shanes Lady Romantic.

First Team All State is a 1998 bay stallion by Clueman out of Partys Foxy Lady, an Otoe bred mare who was also an AQHA Champion. In 1994, we raised an HH stallion by Obvious Conclusion out of Miss Bunny Tardee. His name was Clueman and he was a 2 time Reserve World Champion. He was known by many as "Big Al" as he was huge and massive. We sold half of him to Donna Davis and she won every futurity in the country with him. This was at the time that HYPP had just been discovered and many think the reason he was not World Champion was because he was HH. "Big Al" was not very interested in breeding. I think it was because he would tie up when he would mount a mare. Consequently there were only 2 stud colts sired by him and very few mares. One of these stallions was First Team All State. Warren Ploeger from Schaller, Iowa talked me into breeding his AQHA Champion mare, Partys Foxy Lady to Clueman. Evidently Big Al liked the mare as he got her in foal. First Team All State got his name because he was born on the day that Warren's son, Lonnie came out of a coma after being hurt in a baseball accident and on that day the Des Moines paper came out naming Lonnie to the baseball "First Team All State" team. . My good friend, Jim Duncan from Carbon, Texas bought the then 3 year old stallion from Brad Pithan. . Actually, Jim's wife Betty is responsible for him buying the stallion as Jim really didn't want to buy a stallion. Jim showed him extensively and he was reserve high point stallion in the nation. Clifford as they call him sired some great colts, one of them being a World Champion. Jim told me that this horse paid for his place with stud fees and selling foals by him and he will never sell him. In fact, Betty, Jim's wife is in a wheel chair and she handles the stud. I am sure many of you know Jim Duncan. He not only is a good friend, but he is also a great horseman. The bay stallion that I posted a picture of is First Team All State and the chestnut is his sire Clueman as a 2 year olld shown with Donna Davis.

November 4, 2016

Leah Gloudemans took this picture of Cookie (Move Over Darling) this morning. Too bad she was chewing on grass as it made her mouth look funny. She sure is getting to be a big girl and such a sweet filly by be around. She is sired by Fred (Classically) and out of Juliet (Malibukini) and is 5 panel NN. First picture is Move Over Darling, smaller pictures is of Malibukini (her dam) as a weanling.

I think this is a pretty back on a filly. Cookie (Move Over Darling) 5 panel NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Malibukini (Juliet) Owned by Marko Kaiser of Germany.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Lovin Pizzaz) enjoying our nice Wisconsin weather. Leah Gloudemans took this picture of them yesterday. They are "roughing it" and living outside with a shelter.

November 1, 2016

Mares in pasture today. Soon pasture will be gone and "white stuff" will be all over the ground. From left to rightj----Pearl, Bucky, Time To Play Girl, and Janie.

October 31, 2016

I understand it is "Throwback Thursday" so here goes. This is a picture of me on the other two palominos I owned in my life. Both were grade horses and as you can see, I did quite well showing back then. I was the "queen of egg and spoon" classes and heaven knows.

October 28, 2016

Today I watched the Appaloosa World Show and saw Barbara Brotz's 3 year old mare become a World Champion again. This mare (Cool Kiss) by I Gotta Cool Secret has been World and National Champion many times. This time it was different as Barbara was not there to see it happen. She passed away on Tuesday. I had been talking to Mark Lang, her good friend and trainer and knew she was in the hospital due to pneumonia. She passed away on Tuesday and told Mark prior to that that she wanted him to be there. For those of you who knew Barb, she loved her horses and loved going to shows with Mark and watching them get shown. I truly enjoyed it when Mark would bring her to our place and she could look at the horses. She was looking forward to the upcoming foal by Fred (Classically) out of Green Candy Wrapper, a World Champion mare. I am sure Mark will carry on her dreams with her horses and I am sure Barb is watching from above. She is someone we will all miss.

Mares grazing on the fall pasture/ Note the corn field in the background. Soon, winter will be here.

October 27, 2016

Tomorrow I see the doctor after two months of having my arm in a sling. I have such wonderful friends that keep me in food. The problem is that I enjoy sweets so much and I haven't been very active. Each year, Berta Falcon and I get our "world show jeans" out and hopefully mine will fit. Currently I have 9 bags of cookies from LuAnn and Larry Kriege from MIchigan and a huge loaf of banana bread from my veterinarian Dr Katherine Fox. I am trying to pace myself but LuAnn sent me a card saying the the cookies are "vitamins" and they will help me get healthy. I know Dr Fox bakes "healthy" so I am not afraid of the banana bread either. We shall see when I am able to try the pants on. Larry Krieger also sent me this cute little horse and it says "Fred" on the label. Hopefully I will get good news tomorrow----if not, I will devour all the sweets in one sitting. It probably won't take me that long to eat them anyway.

October 23, 2016

You know what a sucker I am for a big hanging hip on a horse. This is a picture of The Phenomenal who was owned by Danny Watts in Mississippi. A friend of Donna Davis' took these pictures of him. I first saw the horse when he was a weanling at Jerry and Gwen Clarke Vawter's in Texas and loved both him and his mother. He was sired by Kid Clu and out of Velvet Skipa Star, a daughter of Skipa Star. He was a big horse and he sired many outstanding halter horses. The Jimmie and Joan Estes owned Velvet Skipa Star in her latter days and Joan told us how much they loved this mare. Bill Edmundson and I bred a couple of mares to him and later, I bought an own daughter of his. The Phenomenal had his faults like every horse does, but I loved his hip, head, and neck. I don't think there are many of his produce left.

Beautiful fall day in Wisconsin and I am still not supposed to lift my camera because of my shoulder surgery. But, today Leah Gloudemans and Bob Luebker aren't here and Mike is in the house recovering from his hip replacement surgery. I took my camera with a small lens and snapped a couple of pictures of Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversity) We turned her out with the "herd" so she is learning to be an outside horse. Pearl is a 7 year old 2 time Reserve World Champion Paint mare by Diversify out of Socked in the Kisser by Kiss My Zippo. She stands 15.3 and is broke to ride. She is fitting right in with my mares. I don't know what I am going to do with her----breed her as I understand that being a tovero, her chances of having a colored foal are 75%, sell her or use her as a recipient. I guess time will tell. She is really a sweet mare so chances are she will stay here. Besides that, Mike likes her. I think it is because she has a blue eye.

I was going through some old pictures this morning and came across a baby picture of An Obsession for my Australian friends. He is in Australia and is a full brother to A Classic Edition and Cool to be Classic. All of them are sired by Kids Classic Style and out of Cooleah. An Obsession and Cool to be Classic are NN.

Found this picture of A Classic Edition as a baby. She is by Kids Classic Style and out of Cooleah. She was twice Youth World Champion, twice High Point Halter Horse in the nation, High Point Performance mare in the nation and Congress Champion. Quite a feat for one horse.

October 21, 2016

Joe St Clair sent me these pictures of Scott Francois' yearling stallion, The Dream Ender. He is by Fred (Classically) out of a Skipper W mare. This is a late colt and he is 5 panel NN and registered both AQHA and APHA. I feel helpless as I cannot help with pictures because my shoulder is still in a sling. I think this colt has a lot to offer as he has size, is pretty backed, has a great neck and hip and is very correct. He is also beautiful colored with his flaxen mane and tail. Joe says he is so gentle and lazy and that is why he can't get good pictures of him with his phone. Anyone looking for a show horse or a breeding stallion should consider this horse as he is not that expensive. The Dream Ender is also eligible for the Breeders Halter Futurity.

October 20, 2016

Tonight is the Green Bay Packer-----Chicago Bear game and believe me, the Packers need all the help they can get. Marjorie Gallardo, who is breeding her beautiful paint mare to Fred sent me a wonderful surprise. Look at that beautiful Packer pillow she had made for me. It matches the blanket that Luann and Larry Krieger sent me. I sure have been enjoying the blanket while I am recovering from my shoulder surgery, sleeping in my recliner and the pillow is just going to be an added bonus. I have met so many wonderful people by standing Fred (Classically) to the public. It would be pretty difficult to give that enjoyment up.

October 16, 2016

Waiting for Mike to come home today I was looking through some old pictures. It is hard to believe that Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) is 16 years old this year. I took these pictures of her as a baby and again when she was 13 years old. She is sired by Ima Cool Skip and out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. When she was born I would have bet anything she was HH and was shocked when her results came back NN. In fact, I tested her twice. I am so thankful I was able to get Wilma (Classically Kool) out of her and sure hope that I will be able to get another embryo this year. She has been very stingy with getting in foal.

I haven't seen Wilma (Classically Kool) since before my shoulder surgery and that was the first of September. My wonderful veterinarian, Dr Katherine Fox is taking care of her at her home since I am not able to use my shoulder. She sent me this picture of her and her daughter's dun mare, Cinnamon. I can't believe how big Wilma is getting. Cinnamon is 15.3 and I think Wilma has longer legs. I wonder just how big she will get as she isn't even a year and a half old yet.

October 11, 2016

Tomorrow my husband, Mike is having hip replacement surgery. He has suffered with it longer than he should because he waited for me to have my shoulder surgery. You would almost think we are getting old. After hip replacement, it is important not to bend your leg and they recommend a chair with arms and a high seat. Well, our good friends Bob and Shirlee Weber brought over a chair for Mike to use. Isn't it attractive? Shirlee decorated it herself and I am sure Mike will be proud to use it during his recovery.

October 8, 2016

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

October 8, 2016

Rebecca, NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tarkee by Tardee Impressive.

Looking through some old pictures, I found this one of Acoolest that my good friend Jackie Hardwicke took when he was showing at the World Show. He is sired by Coolest and out of Attest who was by Touchdown Kid out of Cash N Clue by Obvious Conclusion. He is NN and both his sire and dam are NN. He is also a multiple World Champion. Rita Crundwell raised and showed him. I remember seeing Attest at the Oshkosh, Wisconsin show which is right down the road from me ( close to the Winnebago Mental Hospital) and I loved her. Jim McKillips showed her to me and there wasn't much I would change about her. I also have seen, her dam, Cash N Clue and loved her too. I think Acoolest is no longer in the states but don't really know for sure.

October 6, 2016

I found out the other day that CK Kid has died. He was born in 2001 and was a World Champion as a 2 year old. He was sired by Touchdown Kid and out of Just One Look Mr by Mr Conclusion. Brinkman Ranch was his breeder and he and Terry Branshaw owned him at the time of his l death.Chip Knost bought him from Brinkmans as a young horse and sold him to Terry Bradshaw after he won the World. Terry eventually sold half of him to Baxter Brinkman. This is a picture that my good Australian friend, Jackie Hardwicke took of CK Kid when he was at Danny Salsman's place in Texas. It is so sad to lose great stallions.

October 3, 2016

Since I am sitting here bored because my shoulder surgery is keeping me from being active, I thought I would post a few stories about my horses. This is Malibukini (Juliet) Lanis Noble and I owned her dam, Shanes Lady Romantic who by the way is now owned by Terry Bradshaw. We did an embryo transfer on her and the mare ovulated 2 eggs. The vet flushed her and we recovered an embryo and I didn't give Romantic a prosto shot as it was late and I had no intention of breeding her again. Well, guess what-----she was in foal with the other embryo. The first baby was born to the recipient and it was a really nice stud colt which I sold. Romantic did not look very pregnant so I had her in the other barn. One day, Bob Luebker came running over and told me that there was a baby in the stall with Romantic. At first I called her "Surprise" and I loved her from the start. She was a huge filly and I eventually traded Lanis my half of A Legacy for his half of the filly. He named the filly Malibukini since she was sired by Malibu Ken. Juliet, as her nickname became is still living here and she has had 4 foals for me. Cookie (Move Over Darling) is her filly from this year that I sold to Marko and Judith Kaiser and who will be going to Germany. I did not breed Juliet this year. When she was born, she was a palomino but she eventually turned gray like her mother. She stands 16.3, is NH and is sired by Malibu Ken who was by Mr Yella Fella and out of Shanes Barbi Doll by Skips Shane. On the other side of Malibukini's pedigree is Shanes Lady Romantic who is also sired by Skips Shane and out of How D Romantic, a full sister to How D Poco Lynn. Malibukini's pedigree has Ima Cool Skip and Tee Jay Roman in it, two horses that I love in a mare's pedigree. The picture of her eating is a current one. I am also posting a picture of her as a newborn foal, one of her as a 3 year old and a picture of her dam, Shanes Lady Romantic.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Malibuki (Juliet) as a baby.

Malibukini (Juliet) by Malibu Ken and out of
 Shanes Lady Romantic as a 3 year old.

Shanes Lady Romantic by Skips Shane out of How D Romantic who was a full sister to How D Poco Lynn.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

This is the NH mare out of Shanes Lady Romantic sired by Shanes Bake. That means that her dam is by Skips Shane and her sire is also by Skips Shane. My friend Vicki Benker bought her from me and took this picture when she was in Florida.

This is the NN yearling mare out of Shanes Lady Romantic sired by Exceptionist. We lost her when she was in Mississippi. Connie Mason, I don't know if you have ever seen the produce of Shanes Lady Romantic. She is now owned by Terry Bradshaw and is in foal to Initials Only.

Sometimes I get so caught up on a mare's bottom side of her pedigree that I forget to talk about her sire. This is Juliet (Malibukini's) sire JMK Malibu Ken. He was sired by My Yella Fella and out of Shanes Barbi Doll who was by Skips Shane out of Classy Barbi Doll by Ima Cool Skip. There is certainly a lot of Ima Cool Skip in Juliet's pedigree.

September 28, 2016

Five miles down the road from our place is Winnebago Mental Hospital and I am wondering if I should have Mike check me in. I don't know what happened to me this morning----maybe it was because I am bored because I can't do anything due to my shoulder surgery or maybe it is because I am addicted to horses but----I BOUGHT A HORSE!!!!!!

Meet "Pearl" It is not a good day for pictures as it is raining and windy. But, I just couldn't keep you waiting so Leah Gloudemans took a few pictures of her. She is a 7 year old NN Reserve World Champion mare. I don't know much about paints but she is a tovero and she also rides. I called APHA and she has a total of 87 halter points and she also has color, trail and lunge line points. I bought her from Big Daddy Quarter Horses and believe me, it was a "spur of the moment" deal. As soon as I the doctor lets me hold my camera, you will be seeing a lot of pictures of her.

Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversify) 7 year old APHA mare by Diversify out of Socked int he Kisser by Kiss My Zippo.

Cookie (Move Over Darling) thinks Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversity) is her mother, I think. After all, her mother is Juliet (Malibukini) who is gray.

September 26, 2016

Fred (Classically) and Cookie (Move Over Darling) are enjoying the cool windy weather today. Leah Gloudemans took this picture of them as I still can't lift my camera. They act like mother and daughter instead of father and daughter. The other day, my husband Mike forgot to lock Fred's stall door and in the morning he was loose in the barn aisle. He must have had quite a time. He had two manure piles in front of the bathroom, tipped over all 4 bar stools, had the hay cart tipped over and his treats on the ground. Then he must have been admiring himself in the mirror as it was all slobbered full. I guess he thought he had a "night on the town."

On Saturday, Mike and I had a visit from Richard Van Straten. He is an old time friend of mine and my family from Shiocton, Wisconisin. Shiocton is right in the midst of "cabbage country". In fact, Bear Creek is the home of Flanagan Brothers Sauerkraut. That is a company that was started in 1900 by two brothers and continues to this day. The area between Bear Creek and Shiocton is the finest cabbage growing area in the world. I grew up in New London which is not too far from there and the Flanagans and Downs were good friends of my family. Dick brought a huge head of cabbage( some of them weigh 20 pounds) and some of his family's home made sauerkraut. Wonder if Cookie (Move Over Darling) would like to try a bit as she will be going to her new home with the Kaisers in Germany soon and sauerkraut is certainly a German "thing."

September 18, 2016

I am excited about the foal that this Appaloosa mare is going to have by Fred (Classically). I think the IGCS mares should cross great with him.

Big Green Bay Packer game tonight and Fred (Classically) is dressed in his Packer halter, playing with his "purple Minnesota Viking ball" I will be sitting in my recliner watching the game. Go Pack Go!!!! As you can see, Fred has demolished the ball so hoping the Pack will do the same to the Vikings.

September 16, 2016

Exactly one year ago today I had my shoulder surgery and two weeks ago I had it done again. The doctor warned me that if I am not "good" and hurt the tendon again, he may not be able to fix it. As usual I have been overdoing it. He told me that I cannot lift anything heavier then a soda can with my left arm. I didn't tell him that I have been taking a few pictures holding my camera. So, the pictures you will see for the next two weeks were taken before my surgery. I have been sleeping in my recliner and thanks to Luann and Larry Krieger from Sodus, Michigan, I have this gorgeous Green Bay Packer throw that Luann made for me. It is so warm and soft and I love it. I am looking forward to watching the Packer--Viking game on Sunday in my recliner covered with my beautiful blanket.

September 14, 2016

Well, it looks like Cookie (Move Over Darling) is not going to be a steeplechaser. Last Friday we heard a big crash and something scared her so she ran through her paddock and tried to jump the stone wall. She is fine other than a few scratches. I decided that she needs someone next to her, so we put her next to her dad, Fred (Classically) He loves babies. She sure did show off for him. I guess it is like your child trying to make your dad proud of you. Cookie is owned by Marko and Judith Kaiser and she will be going to Germany this fall. I am going to miss her as she is the sweetest foal to be around.

September 11, 2016

Since I was unable to make it to the Breeders Halter Futurity because of my recent shoulder surgery, my friend Melodie Argyle sent a "to die for" gift home with Joe St Clair for me. I am sure a lot of hours went into making these jams and she couldn't find anyone who is going to enjoy them more than me. I have never heard of some of them. I have a jar of blueberry, watermelon slush, lemon, blueberry cherry, Texas peach mango, citrus marmalade, cherry apple boysenberry and then 2 very special ones. One is Best Ever apricot orange strawberry ice cream topper and the other I think is jalapeno. Now being from Wisconsin and not a cook, I really don't know. I do know which one I am going to try first----the ice cream topper. For those of you who don't know Mel, let me tell you a bit about her. We met years ago and there is no person I know who will go out of her way more than she will to help someone. I remember when she drove to Alabama to help some friends who suffered through a tornado. She didn't have good tires on her car but felt she had to go and help. Lanis Noble, Vicki Benker and I had the opportunity to have breakfast with her and her husband Viron when we were in Texas and he is one great person. Mel is an outstanding photographer and she took some great pictures of Fred (Classically) when he was in Alabama as a two year old. I love this one with the ball. Even though she has had some major health issues, she has kept her faith and is doing great. I am looking forward to seeing her at the World Show this year.

September 10, 2016

Look what a surprise I received today. Huckleberry bread and chocolate chip cookies from Jan Phillips of Montana. Jan has her beautiful appaloosa mare, Para-Belle in foal to Fred (Classically) for next year. Needless to say, both Jan and I are hoping for a colored palomino filly with a blanket. I have never eaten huckleberry bread and am anxious to try it. Mike and I have already sampled the chocolate chip cookies and love them. I kind of think my "non-sweet" diet is ruined but you only live once so why not enjoy the things that make you happy.

September 7, 2016

Looking through my old pictures, I found these pictures of An Obsession. He was exported to Australia and has made quite an impact on the Australian horses. He is sired by Kids Classic Style and out of Cooleah by Ima Cool Skip. He of course is NN as they cannot import NH horses to Australia. He was 2 weeks old on these pictures.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Well it looks like my "friends" are taking good care of the cookies in my absence at the BHF. Just a thought----maybe they are packing them up to bring home to me.

September 6, 2016

Sitting here on Labor Day thinking about how things have changed over the last year. I lost several good friends including Bob Lee, who was a very influential part of my "horse life" Many of my other friends have undergone surgeries and bouts with various illnesses and I just had surgery on my shoulder again last Thursday. I decided that I needed to cut back on my work so I have reduced my "horse number" to 5 breeding age mares, 1 recipient, old Dandy Dee Gal, Fred (Classically) and Wilma (Classically Kool) my yearling filly. Needless to say, I am bored as I am used to being very active but I know I need to slow down or I will end up back in the nursing home. I hate that I will not be able to go to the Breeders Halter Futurity this year but I am sure going to enjoy going to the World Show in November. I have wonderful friends who go out of their way to help me with the horses and also bring delicious food and as you know, I love to eat. I am a very lucky person. My wonderful veterinarian took Wilma to her place to take care of her. I call her place "Camp Fox" as Katherine Fox and her husband, Lance have a beautiful home in New London and there is no on I would trust more to take care of my filly than her. She keeps me updated as to how Wilma is doing. The filly now has a friend, Cinnamon and I think Wilma thinks she is her "recipient mother Bucky" as Bucky was a buckskin and Cinnamon is a dun. As you can see on this short video, Wilma is enjoying camp life. She may not want to come back home.

Click on the link to see video.  VIDEO OF WILMA AT "CAMP FOX."

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 16 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. She is a half sister to Fred (Classically) and she and Fred are the parents of Wilma (Classically Kool).

September 4, 2016

Sitting here bored because I am not supposed to do anything after my rotator cuff surgery last Thursday. I guess I will never learn to be a "lady of leisure" I am so happy that Barbie (Intentionalee) made it to her new home and thinking about how I have owned so many of her female lineage. I still have her mother, Janie (Kids Classic Gal) and her grandmother, PDS (Dandy Dee Gal) At one time I also owned her great grandmother, Ima Seekers Gal. This was all a great famly of good headed mares from the Dandy Seeker by Goldseeker Bars family. If you click on each picture, it will tell you more about them.

Soon Barbie (Intentionalee) will be at her new home in Texas. Brenda J Schmidt and her husband picked her up and is delivering her to her new owner. Barbie is NN, stands 16.1 and is sired by My Intention and out of Kids Classic Gal (Janie) If I weren't cutting down on horses, I never would have sold her. After all, I own her mother (Kids Classic Gal) her grandmother (Dandy Dee Gal) and did own her grandmother (Ima Seekers Gal) She is truly the result of my breeding program. Her new owner plans to breed her to HR Secret Star and I will be so anxious to see that cross. It is hard to believe that Barbie is no longer going to be a Packer fan and now will be a Dallas Cowboy fan. Or should I say she is going from being a Wisconsin Badger fan to being a Texas Aggie fan.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

August 31, 2016

Thinking about how some people don't think NN horses have muscle and took this picture of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) yesterday. She is 16 years old and sired by Ima Cool Skip and out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. My good friend, Donna Davis posted this picture a few days ago of her NN granddaughter of Rebecca, Lil Miss Fancy and I took this picture of Wilma (Classically Kool) my yearling NN daughter of Rebecca. All three of these mares are NN and all of them have as much muscle as you would want on a horse.

August 29, 2016

Since I am having my shoulder surgery on Thursday and don't know when I will be able to lift my camera (some of you will be happy for that) I thought I would take a few casual pictures of Cookie (Move Over Darling) She is 5 panel NN and sired by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) She was born palomino but turning gray like her mother. She is owned by Marko Kaiser from Germany and is staying with me until she gets old enough to make the trip. She is the sweetest filly to be around and the Kaisers are going to love her.

This is Bill Stanforth's NN filly by Fred.


I sent Wilma (Classically Kool) my yearling filly by Fred out of Rebecca back to "Camp Fox" this morning. I found out Friday that I need surgery to repair my shoulder again. Evidently I was not a good girl and overused it before it was completely healed. There is no one I trust more with Wilma than Dr Katherine Fox so she graciously agreed to take her to her house again. My wonderful neighbor, Katie Samuelson came over and helped load her on the trailer. Both Dr Fox and Katie have always been there to help me and I really appreciate them. I guess I will just take a deep breath and see what is ahead for me. The doctor said that he doesn't know if he will be able to fix it but at least I will not be living in constant pain. I snapped a few pictures of Wilma before I sent her "off to camp" I am now enjoying the wonderful loaf of banana bread that Dr Fox brought me and missing Wilma already.

August 25, 2016

Look at this beautifu appaloosal filly by Fred (Classically) out of Pickadilly LIly owned by Julie and John Kreider.

Juliet (Malibukini) gray and PDS (Dandy Dee Gal) enjoying our pretty weather today.

Mother and daughter Janie (Kids Classic Gal) and Barbie (Intentionalee) enjoying our beautiful day.

August 21, 2016

The "Prima Donnas" Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) enjoying the cool rainy weather today. Jackie is the only mares that is pregnant for next year. I bred two but Time To Play Girl absorbed her foal. (Must have been a stud colt and she knew I didn't want one of those) I think Jackie knows how anxious I am to see that baby and is trying to hurry the seasons along as she has grown a full coat of winter hair. I am still trying to get Rebecca to cycle and if she does, I will still breed her and embryo transfer her. I would keep the foal anyway so I don't care when it would be born.

Wilma (Classically Kool) yearling NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) She is a half brother, sister cross with Miss Bunny Tardee being the dam of both sire and dam.

Cookie (Move Over Darling) 2016 gray 5 panel NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) She is owned by Marko and Judith Kaiser from Germany.

August 19, 2016

It is raining here today and Wilma (Classically Kool) was having fun running around. I tried to take some pictures of her but she was too close for my lens. I thought I would post them because, after all, she is a quarter horse and these pictures only show 1/4 of her. She is getting so big. She is my yearling half brother, sister combination by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) Both sire and dam are out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

August 17, 2016

Time To Play Girl, NH mare by Time To Touch out of Playgirls Playgirl by Playgirls Conclusion. I love this mare. She was one of the two mares I bred this year. She was checked in foal but evidently absorbed as she was in heat last week. Consequently, I will only have one foal next year as Rebecca just never cooperated. Maybe only having one foal will be good for me. That baby will get a lot of attention, especially if it is a filly.

Six years ago today, we buried Miss Bunny Tardee and every day when I come out of my house, I look at her monument and think back about all the good times and memories I had with her. She was born in 1986 and was sired by Tardee Impressive out of Bunny Nightshade by Sonnys Nightshade by Sonny Dee Bar. She was my “once in a lifetime” mare and I am so happy that I have Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Fred (Classically) to carry on her heritage. “Tardee” was bred by Homer and Clark Danielson of Iowa and when Homer brought her dam to Neenah, Wisconsin to breed her to Impressivist, I realized that even though she was only a week old, she was the kind of horse I liked. The Danielsons bred her dam to Tardee Impressive as a 2 year old and she had Miss Bunny Tardee as a three year old. The filly was small but she was so compact and had a lot of muscle. The Danielson’s also had a filly by Impressivist out of Pandarita Three that they were very excited about. That filly, was Grand Champion filly at the Iowa Breeders Futurity in 1986 and Miss Bunny Tardee was 4th. Now, in my opinion there was no comparison in fillies. The Impressivist filly was a big growthy filly, very classy but in my opinion the little Miss Bunny Tardee was the better filly. As a yearling Miss Bunny Tardee came into her own. Several big time trainers wanted to show her; however, she hurt her eye and Homer took her to Iowa State to have it fixed. She ended up getting an infection in it and as a result, they ended up having to remove her eye. The Danielsons then decided that they would breed her as a 2 year old to Impressivist. When she was 3 years old, they brought her here to foal and the filly she had was born with heart problems and had to be put down. Of course, having that mare on our place, made me want to own her. I was able to work out stud fees and “secret money” that Mike didn’t know about and finally ended up with her. I could spend all day just looking at that massive mare and it was amazing that she had grown from a small first baby into a 15.3 massive mare. At that time, you had to haul your mare to get her bred and I bred her to Noble Tradition, Mr Conclusion, Obvious Conclusion, Kid Clu and Ima Cool Skip. Finally when shipped semen became available, it was much easier to get her in foal She was a great producer for me and two of her foals were World Champions. Her last and final baby was Fred (Classically) who was an embryo transfer. As much as I loved this mare, I am thankful that I have both Fred and Rebecca to remember her. The picture of her was taken when she was 24 years old.

Janie (Kids Classic Gal) bay, Bucky (Winfatuation) buckskin and Barbie (Intentionalee) sorrel waiting for feed and when finished enjoying the pasture. They would think they were in heaven if it weren't for the terrible flies.

August 14, 2016

My poor mares are trying to avoid the flies. They are terrible and biting. At least they have winter hair which should help some.

I was looking at Buddy and Carol Brown's timeline and came across this picture of Emotions with Barbara Lunardi riding her. I loved this mare. She was way "before her time" Would love to have one just like her in this day and age. I hope Carol doesn't mind me posting this picture.

August 11, 2016

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 16 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. I think she is tired of me taking pictures of her.

Mares enjoying the pasture on a beautiful day in Wisconsin.

August 10, 2016

I have some wonderful friends. I absolutely love this sign that Larry Krieger from Sodus, Michigan made for me. He welded it out of steel and it is heavy. My friends Randy and Barbara Ruhlman picked it up in Michigan and delivered it to me. Then my very capable friend and helper Leah Gloudemans painted it. Last but not least, Richard Kaufmann figured out how to hang it on the front of the barn and he came the other day and put it up there. I don't think there is anything that Dickee can't do and sometimes I feel as though I impose on him too much. After all, he keeps telling me he is "retired".

August 9, 2016

Yesterday my great friend, Russell Ellis underwent surgery. He will be in the hospital a few days. I sent him this picture frame from his "number 1 friend" and he replied that now all we have to do it find a picture for it. Well, I have the perfect picture. This is a picture of Lanis Noble and I at the World Show and Russ "doctored" it up and put a picture of his face over that of Lanis. Don't you think this picture deserves to be in that frame?

August 8, 2016

Juliet (MalibukinI) NH 16.2 plus daughter of Malibu Ken out of Shanes Lady Romantic. She is a line bred Skips Shane mare. I did not breed her this year. She is the dam of Cookie (Move Over Darling) the filly who is going to Germany.

The 5 panel genetic test results finally came back on Cookie (Move Over Darling) I don't think I have ever had a baby that eats as well as she does. It is probably a good thing as she is going to have a long trip when she goes to her new home in Germany.

August 7, 2016

I got up early this morning to get my chores finished and the horses outside so that I could go to the Winnebago County Fair and watch my neighbors, the Cowlings show their calves. I couldn't believe how many people were there. It would make our horse shows look really small. I loved seeing the parents, grandparents and children get their calves ready and show them. It was quite a spectacle. I learned that when a calf gets tired or angry, it just lays down. Well, little Rainbow who I took a picture of yesterday, wouldn't get up so she missed her class. I did get some great pictures though and wondering if perhaps raising calves may be more profitable than raising colts. But, I couldn't bring myself to do that because I love horses too much.

I bought a New Holland hay inverter last January because the old one didn't work well. Guess what, it is working so both Mike and Bob Luebker are inverting hay this morning. I sure hope the weatherman is right and it isn't going to rain until Thursday. It would be great to get some good 3rd cutting alfalfa in the barn.

August 6, 2016

We are cutting hay "again" today so I drove to Quik Trip to pick up some sandwiches for Mike and Bob Luebker. On my way back, I noticed that our neighbors, the Cowlings were teaching calves to lead. The Winnebago County Fair is going on and tomorrow is the "little tots" showmanship. Jack Cowling took a break from farming and was teaching the calves to lead. Now, personally, I thought that if it were a colt, I would have started halter breaking them before the day they were to show. Perhaps calves are faster learners than colts. I think I will go to Oshkosh, Wisconsin tomorrow and watch Landon and Laynee Miller show their calves. It is so wonderful to see children working with animals instead of watching television and playing with all their modern technological gadgets.

Janie (Kids Classic Gal) with her winter coat. She is NN and sired by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal, a double bred Dandy Seeker mare.

August 5, 2016

Beautiful day in Wisconsin and Mike is cutting our 3rd crop alfalfa. Now if it just doesn't rain for several days, we should have some nice hay. Of course, Leah and I offered to help as we have another haybine but evidently he doesn't think women can cut hay. So, it is going to take him twice as long to cut.

August 3, 2016

I don't know how you friends who live in the South and have the heat and humidity survive. I know it is cold in Wisconsin in the winter but at least we can dress appropriately to handle it. These temperatures that we are having lately are not fit for man or horse. I feel so sorry for the horses that are outside. I have fans in the shelters but they aren't smart enough to stand under them. Look at poor Barbie (Intentionalee). She has winter hair and is sweating which attracts flies to her. I still haven't found a good fly spray that works.

My horses are silly. Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) have a cool shelter to stand in and also have a big fan in that shelter. So, where to they stand----outside in the sun. Jackie has a full coat of winter hair so she sweats more than Rebecca. This heat and humidity is supposed to break tomorrow in Wisconsin. It sure has been miserable.

July 31, 2016

What could be prettier on a beautiful Wisconsin day than watching 3 mares graze in the pasture. Janie (Kids Classic Gal) is the bay, Bucky (Winfatuation) is the buckskin and Barbie (Intentionalee) is the sorrel. All three are NN.

I had such good intentions today of taking pictures of Cookie (Move Over Darling) for her owner, Marko. I probably took about 50 of them before I realized that I didn't have the card in the camera. Here are a few but by the time I took these, she just wanted to eat.

July 30, 2016

Each year the EAA Air Adventure comes to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for their annual get together. Just as many of us go to our various breed association world shows, airplane enthusiasts come to this. This year there are over 500,000 people and over 10,000 planes. It is really exciting as some of their flight patterns are over our place and I get to see some great airplanes. I especially like it when the war birds fly over in their formations. This year, one of the featured attractions is the Martin Mars water bomber. There were only 6 built during World War II and this is the largest. They were used to carry troops and freight between Hawaii and the mainland. After the war, they were converted to water bombers. The water capacity is 7200 gallons of water which will cover 4 acres. During the EAA, you cannot get a hotel room between Milwaukee and Green Bay or if you are able it will cost a lot of money. This is the week that my friend, Vicki Benker decided to come and visit me. So, she is staying in Lake Geneva with another good friend, Mary Mancini. The girls came to visit me on Thursday and I will give you a report later how we "ate our way" around Lake Winnebago.

July 28, 2016

This is a memory that popped up from 2010. Miss Bunny Tardee after a bath. She was 24 years old on this picture. She still had that gorgeous back and heart girth that she gave to Fred (Classically) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) She was sired by Tardee Impressive and out of Bunny Nightshade by Sonnys Nightshade by Sonny Dee Bar. She stood 15.3 and was about that wide too.

July 27, 2016

Cookie (Move Over Darling) with her new hot pink slinky. I am trying to train her mane to lay down.

July 25, 2016

I may be headed for "cookie overload" if that is possible. My good friends, Larry and Luann Krieger from Michigan sent me a whole box of home made cookies. They bred their mare to Fred (Classically) this year. My friend, Vicki Benker is coming to visit me this week and we will take our "annual ride" around Lake Winnebago. She is coming with Mary Mancini and I wanted to be thin when they got here but I have absolutely no will power and have already eaten 5 cookies. They sure are delicious.

July 22, 2016

Can you tell which one is by Fred (Classically)? This beautiful pair belong to Katie Samuelson. Charity is the weanling palomino NN filly by Fred and Sparkles is the mini mare.

July 21, 2016

This horse business really has me frustrated. I know that I have sold all of my babies this year but Marie-Eve Jolin has this gorgeous 5 panel NN stud colt by Fred (Classically) out of a daughter of The Top Secret and he is not sold yet. I wonder if it is because he is in Canada? I would think that would be good for US citizens as our dollar is worth so much more than the Canadian dollar.

July 20, 2016

Scott Francois sent me a picture of his yearling AQHA, APHA yearling stallion by Fred (Classically) out of Miss Sizzlin Te, a Skipper W bred mare. This horse is 5 panel NN. It is too bad he doesn't have a spot which would give him regular Paint papers. He is a big colt and would make someone a really good stud.

July 17, 2016

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz)

We met some wonderful new friends this year. Victoria and Kelly Lynch moved to our area and they fit right in with our other friends. Victoria works in Chicago and she has some of her girlfriends come and visit and we call them the "Chicago girls" Well, this weekend, we got to meet Victoria's mother and also her brother, Avery, his wife, Nora and their two daughters, The girls had a great time visiting the horses. Of course, Fred (Classically) was his usual "ham" and Cookie seemed to love them. I think when Cookie gets to her new home in Germany, Marko and Judith's children will love her.

Janie (Kids Classic Gal) NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal a double bred Dandy Seeker mare.

July 13, 2016

Remember the orange tree that Lorna Revord sent with Dennis Macarthur a few years ago and how I thought I was taking such good care of it-----bringing it in the house in winter and putting it back outside during the summer? Well, also remember the picture of it when all the leaves fell off and the tree got brittle and dead? Well, look at it now---it came to life and the flowers around the base are even blooming. The little Hawaiian girl in the base is smiling now.

Barbie (Intentionalee), Bucky (Winfatuation) and Janie (Kids Classic Gal, 3 NN mares.

Jaliet (Malibukini) gray and Time To Play Girls, sorrel.

July 11, 2016

A few pictures of Wilma (Classically Kool) today. She is getting so tall and she kind of looks like a rider right now. But I know she is going to get her body back. She is a May yearling by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) She is a half brother--sister cross and all three are NN.

July 10, 2016

I have a very talented friend and neighbor, Carol Capener. She gave me a horse that she made and told me that it looks just like Fred (Classically) It does kind of resemble him at least with the wild mane. Carol owns horses and is a very generous person as far as helping others. She has donated several of these "stick horses" to Beaming, a non-profit organization for children. Another good friend, Katie Samuelson runs it. Beaming does so much good for children with special needs by developing relationships between children and horses. Carol is also a willing helper in Beaming. I am proud to call both Carol and Katie good friends of mine.

The two weanlings by Fred (Classically) a few days after I weaned them. Just wanted to show Russell Ellis that my "little Freds" aren't letting other babies beat them in the race like his does.


The mares are feeling good today.

July 9, 2016

Well, I think I am going to have to stop selling horses or else get bigger pants. Look what Vicki Livasy sent me today--------the mailman told me that he thought they were cupcakes and I told him that I hoped he hadn't eaten them. They are the biggest cookies I have seen and since there were some broken ones, I was "forced" to eat those. The box weighed almost 6 pounds----wonder if I will gain that much eating them. I have such great friends and customers and Vicki is one of the best.

Intentionalee (Barbie) NN mare by My Intention out of Janie (Kids Classic Gal) She thinks it is winter and has grown winter hair.  Her mother, Janie (Kids Classic Gal) doesn't want to get cold either. She has grown winter hair too.


Look what we are doing today. Mike and Bob Luebker are cutting our second crop hay. It is ready and since the weather man keeps changing his mind as to when it is going to rain, we decided to listen to our "hay adviser" Craig Sandmire instead. Our other hay adviser Dennis Drephal told me to cut last week but we listened to the doggone weather man instead. Well, it needs to get cut, so we shall see what happens.

July 8, 2016

My good friend, Scott Francois sent me pictures of his late March yearling filly, Classic Fancy Yellow by Fred (Classically) this morning. He called a few days ago and told me that he was kicking her out in the pasture with his other horses because he thinks she will be a better two year old and he wants her for the "long run" I think this is great filly and if she were mine, I definitely would not have kicked her outside (even though I know it is probably the best thing for a young fast growing horse) Scott says he will get her back up in September or October. I sure wish he would have brought her down to me to get some good pictures before he turned her out. She has already been kicked and bitten by her mother.

Lazy day in Wisconsin. Barbie (yawning) Bucky and Janie.

This is Janie (Kids Classic Gal) She is 12 years old now, NN and everyone who comes to visit loves her. I raised her and still own her mother, Dandy Dee Gal (PDS) and I also owned her grandmother, Ima Seekers Gal. Janie is sired by Kids Classic Style and the year she was born, she was a second embryo out of PDS. The first became a World Champion but I always kept Janie. She has been a great producer for me. She doesn't look as good now as when she was a young mare and I will post pictures of her over the years. She is undoubtedly the prettiest mare I own. The pictures progress from baby to yearling to older and the last one I took on July 4.

July 5, 2016

Bucky (Winfatuation) and Barbie (Intentionalee) enjoying our beautiful 4th of July weather in Wisconsin.

Time To Play Girl by Time to Touch out of a daughter of Playgirls Conclusion. I turned her out in the pasture today as her colt left this morning. She is in foal to Fred (Classically) for 2017.

July 4, 2016

This will probably be the last picture of Gigi (Lah De Dah) before she leaves tomorrow for her new home with Vicki Livasy. I will miss her but Vicki promised me she will breed her to Fred (Classically) next year. I can't wait to see the resulting foal as I think the cross will really work. Both Gigi and Fred are NN for both PSSM and HYPP but they both have a lot of natural muscle.

Janie (Kids Classic Gal) Barbie (Intentionalee) and Bucky (Winfatuation) enjoying the beautiful weather.

Tomorrow Chipper leaves for his new home in New York. Leah Gloudemans came today and we braided his mane so I could take a few pictures of him. He is sired by Fred (Classically) and out of Time To Play Girl by Time To Touch. He is NN for both PSSM and HYPP. I think he will make his new owners a great sire in the future.


What a beautiful 4th of July morning. Cool and sunny in Wisconsin and this beautiful bird was down by our water quarry. It sure was a beautiful sight when it took off over the water.

July 3, 2016

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 16 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

Marie-Eve Jolin sent me these pictures of her 5 panel NN chocolate stud colt by Fred (Classically) out of her good Top Secret mare. I love him and I think he will make someone an outstanding stallion. I can't believe the gorgeous color with the white mane and tail. He is eligible for the BHF also. And, the good thing is that he is in Canada and the exchange money rate is good for us.

July 1, 2016

I can't believe my mares are growing winter hair and it hasn't even been hot yet. I guess that hair and the mud helps them prevent the flies from biting them. I do feel sorry for them.

After over and inch of rain last night, the pastures are muddy and of course, the horses love to roll in the mud. I have my sweatshirt, vest and jacket on because it is cold. However, I understand we are going to reach record high temperatures later in the week, so I better enjoy this.

June 30, 2016

Well, remember the cookies that arrived yesterday from Leanne Powell-Bandy? For those of you who know me, you should realize that there are none left. I did give one to Leah Gloudemans and Bob Luebker ate two; however I enjoyed the rest of them. Never fear though, today Lisa Schmidt-Kortbein stopped out to help her friend, Tessa load hay and look what she brought me------2 delicious cookies from the Carmel Crisp Shop in Oshkosh. I think I should wait until tonight to eat them as I am kind of "cookied out" right now---although they are pretty tempting.

The last of our first cutting hay is baled. Mike finished yesterday and let me tell you it has been a long spell of hard work. Bob Luebker, who always helps us has been on day shift so it has only been Mike and I. Well, I am not that much help other than hooking up wagons and bringing water and fuel. One thing about my husband is that he is not a quitter. I don't know how many hours on the tractor he has spent in the last few weeks. I kept telling him to put sun screen on but he still is pretty dark. Now for a reprieve until our second crop is ready.


Bill Stanforth sent me a picture of his 4 month old (yesterday) filly by Fred (Classically). Her name is Classically Miss Jewel. I sure love the back on this filly. Bill waited a long time to get her and I think he will have a lot of fun with her.


Beautiful Wisconsin day and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) are enjoying some green grass.

June 29, 2016

They are here!!!!!!!!!!!! but don't know how long before they are gone. The wonderful oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Leanne Powell-Bandy and the wonderful note that came with them arrived today. I am so thankful that Olivia and Otis found such a wonderful home and I have found such wonderful friends in Leanne Powell-Bandy and Kent Heflin. I look forward to many years of watching them achieve their goals with their horses.


We are so lucky to have a friend like Richard Kaufmann who knows how to do just about anything. He came out and got our baler working again. The knots weren't tying and Mike kept breaking bales.

One last picture of Otis and Olivia (Cooleah) before they left for their new home with Leanne Powell-Bandy. I could 't ask for better owners or a better hauler for them. Thank you all and hopefully I will be able to go to Idaho and visit them next year. I would love to see that country. After all, I spent 2 years in Montana teaching when I was young and I loved it there.

Look at these two pictures. The yearling is Wilma (Classically Kool) and the baby is Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) The picture of Rebecca was taken 16 years ago and I just took the one of Wilma 10 minutes ago. They are mother and daughter and they are both NN. What makes me so excited about Wilma as a future broodmare is that both her sire, Fred (Classically) and Rebecca are out of my "all time favorite" mare, Miss Bunny Tardee.

Weaning is going very well, thanks to Ann Ann Hunnicutt Lanning and her weaning dates. Of course, the fact that these Fred (Classically) babies are pretty mild mannered helps too. Today was the first day that they were outside and I weaned them on Sunday. As you can see, they are taking it pretty much in stride and eating everything I give them.

Kids Classic Gal (Janie) NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal.

June 27, 2016

The two "prima donnas" this morning. Jackie (Luvin PIzzaz) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) enjoying our cool beautiful weather in Wisconsin.

Friends have been bringing me gifts other than food. A few days ago, Zac Newsome, a young neighbor of ours dropped off a dozen roses and a case of New Glarus Spotted Cow beer for us. This is a beer that is only brewed in Wisconsin. Zac would help us unload hay during the summers. He is now in college and doing quite well. I asked him what the occasion was and he said he just appreciated the fact that we had work for him in the past. I think this young man is going places in the world.

Another friend, Brooke Overton had asked me if I wanted a horse statue and I told her that I definitely would. Her mother, Carol gave it to me Friday night and what a wonderful surprise it was. Can you believe that I now have a sold out edition of "Lightning Bolt Colt"? It is from the collection of The Trail of the Painted Ponies. In Lakota Sioux mythology the horse is a thunder Being who brings storms to Mother Earth. With storms come rain and change. Choctaw artist Dyanne Stongbow imagined a thunderstorm centered in the horse's hind quarters breaking up as it moves toward its head into the sunny skies of a new day. I will cherish this statue and someday when Brooke's daughte, Kota gets old enough, I will return it to her.


June 26, 2016

I had a call a few days ago and had a nice long visit with Sharon Welker from Illinois. Of course, we talked about horses and discussed some of the old time horses she had bred to and I decided that we have the same taste in horses. Two of them were Skips Brink and Scotch Bar Time. Skips Brick was owned by Russ Smith in Iowa and he was not a tall horse but he sure had a lot of muscle and hip. My friend, Dudley Pillow bought a really nice mare from him named Lil Miss Brick. I never bred to Skips Brink but did breed to Skip Beware, his sire. Scotch Bar Time was a really great stallion by Sonny Dee Bar and he was owned by George Stauffer in Wisconsin and regrettably I didn't breed to him either. But great memories of both of these stallions as Sharon and I spent almost an hour talking. The Welkers bred to Sonny Deluxe and I also really like that stallion but never had the chance to see him. All three of the stallions we talked about produced both halter and performance horses. All in all, it was fun just visiting and talking about the "good old days."

Leanne writes..."What an emotionally charged day. I wake up this morning (and of course roll over and check my phone lol) it's a message from the hauler saying that Cooleah (Olivia) and Otis are on board and traveling really well. I'm overjoyed, but only for a moment. I then think about Sandy, how sad she must be. I message her to let her know I'm thinking of her.  So now, I'm off to a happy place again. in the kitchen baking cookies for Sandy. I know it will take some time to heal Sandy Ellis, and I know there is an emptiness in your heart.  Hopefully these cookies will fill some of that up!! They are made with pure love!!! (and a little chocolate)"

Oh Leanne Powell-Bandy, what an emotional and wonderful post. I feel so relieved knowing that Olivia and Otis are going to such a wonderful home. I will be happy once they have "landed" Brenda is doing a great job of hauling them and I am sure you will see them soon. Your tribute to your mom was beautiful and I hope you have a great birthday. Your mother would be proud of you knowing how much you thought of her. God bless you and thank you so much for the "comfort food" you are sending me. I just feel terrible that I was in too much of a hurry when Brenda picked up the horses that I forgot to send the Wisconsin cheese with her. I owe you some and it will be coming. In the meantime, I guess it shouldn't go to waste, so I will eat it and think of you. lol

And, the last one I weaned, but not the least is Chipper. He is NN for PSSM and HYPP and is sired by Fred (Classically) out of Time To Play Girl by Time To Touch. He will be going to his new home out East shortly. I look for him to be a great sire in the future with the quality of mares they plan to breed to him.

Since I weaned today, yesterday I took pictures of the "victims" This is Cookie who will be going to her new home in Germany. Cookie is sired by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) She is going to be a big girl just like her sire and dam. She is turning gray and she now has a name. The Kaisers named her "Move Over Darling" as they really like Doris Day movies.

June 25, 2016

Very difficult day for me today. I sent Cooleah (Olivia) and Otis to their new home in Idaho. As the old mare walked on the trailer, all the memories I have had of her over the past 20 years of her life came back to me. From the time, I delivered her out of The Magnolia Kid (Maggie) to the many foals I helped deliver out of her. She has always been the sweetest mare to have around and I question my decision to let her go. But, as both she and I are getting older, I need to cut down on my work and I am sure that Leanne Powell-Bandy and Kent Heflin will give her a great hom and they she will produce some great foals for them. . But it is still hard and I am trying to hold back the tears. I took a few pictures of her and her colt by Fred (Classicaly) yesterday. I will always have wonderful memories of her.

June 25, 2016

I have a big announcement to make. Lah De Dah (Gigi), the 3 year old NN mare is going to a new home. Vicki Brilley Livasy of Double L Acres bought her. If I were younger and hadn't had all my surgeries, I never would have sold her but I have to be realistic and slow down on my work. I love this mare and I am so happy that Vicki is getting her. She will have a forever home with her and I am betting Vicki raises some outstanding foals out of her. It is so hard to find mares with back, hips, hocks and pretty like this mare has. I guess the thing that makes it easier for me is that she promised to breed her to Fred (Classically) next year. To me, this is a dream come true as I so want to see a foal out of the two of them.  Hate to see her go, but I know she will have a fabulous home with Vicki.

June 24, 2016

Guess what----my orange tree that I thought was dead, is coming back. I have nurtured it ever since Dennis Macarthur brought it to me two years ago. I take it in the house in the winter and it lives outside during the summer. I thought it was totally dead but then some small growth appeared at the bottom and it is "reviving" Makes me happy and the little Hawaiian girl looking over the Southwestern pot is happy too.


We are in the "weaning period" and I intend to wean my foals tomorrow or Sunday. Since Cooleah and Otis will be leaving for their new home on Sunday, they are going to get a reprieve. Cookie, the gray filly has really pulled Juliet (Malibukini) down in weight and the filly is fat. I have never seen the mare so thin and I have them on about full feed. Hopefully she will gain her weight back once the filly is weaned.

June 23, 2016

Gigi (Lah De Dah) and PDS (Dandy Dee Gal) both NN mares. One is 3 years old and the other is 25.

Isn't it amazing how fast foals grow up? This is a picture of Wilma (Classically Kool) a year ago today and one that I took a few days ago.

Yesterday Mike saw 2 whitetail fawns while he was baling hay. They ran different directions and Mike was afraid the one who crossed the road would get hit by a car. But guess what, they are both back in the field today and are they ever having fun. They are running around just like foals do. Sure hope their mother comes back and takes care of them.


Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin PIzzaz) enjoying the tall grass on a beautiful day.


June 22, 2016

I was given an autographed copy of a book that a neighbor wrote. Her name is Nicole Brickner and she trains out of Vinland Stables, which is right down the road from me. Funny thing, I don't think I ever met Nicole but believe me, I am very impressed with this book she wrote and I intend to get "out of my zone" and drive 2 miles down the road to meet her and thank her for giving it to me. The book is very well written and very informative.

June 19, 2016

Thank heaven for good friends. Mike and I are not too equipment smart and we have a great friend, Richard Kaufmann who knows everything about anything. Well, we bought a used John Deere 337 baler last year and a New Holland 166 Inverter and didn't have a clue how to use it. In fact, Mike used the old rake and baler on the first field. Well, Dickee came out today and gave us a tutorial on both machines. In fact, he even helped bale and invert the windrows. I don't know what we would have done without him---I guess still use the old equipment.

 "Fraulein Kaiser" (Cookie) has no idea that in a few days she will be without her mother as I plan to wean this weekend. She is the gray NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini). This filly is really fat and I have never seen Juliet lose so much weight while nursing a baby. I guess she really likes this one.

June 19, 2016

Today I am going to show you an example of "my addiction" to horses. As you know I need to cut down on numbers but two years ago, I bought this mare. She was a yearling and I loved her conformation so in a moment of weakness, I bought her. Her name is Lah De Dah and she is by Heza Stemwinder out of a good daughter of Touchdown Kid. She is NN for both HYPP and PSSM. She was shown once and won the Breeders Halter Futurity in Iowa. There was a lot of interest in her at that time but they questioned if she would get big enough. Well, she is now 3 years old and stands over 15.3. Mike even loves her disposition. We call her Gigi. I like everything about her. Imagine how she would look if she were fit on as right now she is just a companion for old PDS (Dandy Dee Gal)

Today is Fathers Day and unfortunately my father is no longer with us. He was such a great influence on my life and I am sure I inherited my "love of horses" from him. In fact, his father was a blacksmith. My dad came from very humble beginnings and worked in order to put himself through medical school. I think I get my work ethic from him as he always stayed busy. Back then, doctors did everything. He performed surgery, did general practice, eye exams, dispensed medicine and I certainly remember the many house calls I would go on with him. He loved hunting and fishing and also in later life, loved playing golf and bowling. I idolized him and will always be thankful for the great upbringing he provided me.. I have had a wonderful life thanks to him and of course, my mother had a lot to do with it too.

Ok---look what Mike is doing at 7:00 at night----raking hay. I told him all day that he should rake, but he told me that there is a chance of rain tonight. Guess what, the weatherman changed his mind so Mike is going to rake as much as he can tonight. Just goes to prove that men should listen to their wives.

June 18, 2016

Juliet (Malibukini) and her filly by Fred (Classically) enjoying the beautiful Wisconsin weather. Weaning time is coming very soon so she had better enjoy every day she has with her mother.

Look what I got today----------beautiful flowers from the people who bought Chipper. The note reads "Give Fred and Playgirl a kiss" Selling horses is sure a rewarding experience when you get flowers for one, a beautiful book of my ancestry from another and Leanne Powell-Bandy promised me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Otis. Life doesn't get any better than that.

Three neglected horses enjoying the pasture. Barbie by My Intention is the sorrel, Bucky by Windcredible is the buckskin, and Janie by Kids Classic Style is the bay. I think they are growing winter hair and it is finally getting hot here in Wisconsin.

June 17, 2016

The last foal has been sold. Chipper will be going to his new home after he is weaned. He was born Feb 24 and is by Fred (Classically) out of Time To Play Girl. He is NN for both HYPP and PSSM. I am expecting great things from him as a future sire as the program he is going to has some fantastic mares. I still have inquires about buying foals by Fred so if you want to sell yours, please private message me the information and pictures and I will try to help you.

Time To Play Girl by Time To Touch and her 2016 almost 4 month old colt by Fred (Classically)

Time To Play Girl, NH mare by Time To Touch out of a daughter of Touchdown Kid. She is back in foal to Fred (Classically) for a 2017 foal----filly I hope.

Look what we are doing today---cutting hay. Mike and Bob Luebker started this morning after listening to the weatherman again. Let's hope this time, the weather man is right and we are not going to have rain. Bob had to go to work so Mike is finishing. Only one catastrophe so far-----Mike ran over the hose on the haybine but we have another haybine so he is still cutting.


June 12, 2016

Guess what we are doing today? Baling hay!!! We have had so much rainy weather lately so last Tuesday we watched the weatherman and he said no rain all week. Well, we cut a field of hay and guess what-----it rained that night. So yesterday during that heat and humidity Mike and Bob Luebker raked and today we were lucky. No humidity, a light breeze and sun. Thede Handyman Services and 2 of his friends are here unloading while Mike is baling and Bob is hauling wagons. I just hope we don't have to collect and ship on Fred tomorrow because they may have the wagons parked in the arena so the hay doesn't get wet. On another note, we bought a John Deere 337 baler last winter but we don't know how to use it. Sooooooooo---Mike is baling with the old International Harvester. I hope by the time we cut another field the boys study up on running that new baler.

I bet my dear departed friend Jerry Vawter would love the hind leg on Jackie ( Luvin Pizzazz) Isn't that right, Gwen Clarke Vawter? I remember he always loved a lot of inside muscle on his horses. This mare is by Misters Pizzazz and out of Crystal Mingo, both of whom are by Mr Conclusion. I can hardly wait to see her baby by Fred (Classically) next year.

Well, I have a big announcement. Otis, the NN stud colt by Fred (Classically) will be going to his new home in Idaho. He has been sold to Leanne Powell-Bandy. I am very excited about his future as I have followed Leanne and Kent Heflin and their horse "endeavors" for quite some time now. Years ago, Kent bought the dam of Miss Bunny Tardee from Homer Danielson and when he came to visit me, I was very impressed with him. In thinking about my age and horse situation and Kent and Leannne, I made a big decision. I decided to give them Cooleah (Olivia) The colt will travel better with his mother and I do not intend to breed her anymore as I can only handle a few foals a year. She will have a wonderful home and I am sure they will get a few foals out of her as she does not look 20 years old. It was a very hard decision for me and I put a lot of thought and tears Into it but I feel as though I made a good decision.

Look what 2 good looking young men just delivered to me----some of Debbie Schmitz's homemade beef barley soup and CHOCOLATE chip cookies. I am so thankful for such great friends. I can't wait to try them.

This is Lisa Westmorland's almost 3 month old filly by Fred (Classically) out of Intimidating Skipette. She is 6 panel NN. Lisa has an orphan that she spends a lot of time with taking pictures but I really think she needs to show us some more pictures of this baby girl.

June 8, 2016

Look what Marko and Judith Kaiser from Germany sent me. They are the ones who are the proud new owners of Cookie, the gray filly by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini). My maiden name is Schmallenberg and this beautiful book depicts the countryside and the small village of Schmallenberg, Germany. That is where my ancestors came from and I had no idea just how beautiful it is. Now, the only problem I have is that the book is written in German which I cannot read. I guess I will have to find someone who can translate it for me or wait until the Kaisers come to visit and read it to me. I truly appreciate such a thoughtful gift. Marko said that he didn't think chocolate or cookies would make it through customs. After all, it took weeks for the book to get here.

My old 25 year old mare, Dandy Dee Gal or PDS as we call her. I bought her from Bernard Fairchild many years ago. She is by Dandy Dee Bar and out of a daughter of Dandy Seeker making her a half brother---sister combination as both parents were by Dandy Seeker. . She is such a sweet mare and she has been so good to me. She is the dam of Janie (Kids Classic Gal) and many other good ones including one World Champion. And, Janie is the mother o Barbie, Intentionalee. She is showing her age but still has a little zip left in her. She has arthritis and when she lays down, we have to push on her shoulder and pull on her halter to help her get up. I am so afraid that when winter comes, she will not be able to handle it.


Look at this beautiful 5 panel NN stud colt by Fred (Classically) that Marie-Eve Jolin owns. He is that beautiful chocolate color and I absolutely love his back. He is out of a real good daughter of The Top Secret and he is eligible for the Breeders Halter Futurity. Marie-Eve Jolin has him for sale and he will be a good deal for someone as the dollar difference in Canada is in our favor.

I wrote this 2 years ago today and we lost Molly the following August. I still get teary eyed when I think of her and we have never replaced her with another dog. She was like a child to Mike and I as we have no children. I know we should move on and get another dog but we just haven't done it. Such great memories of Molly.

Sandy Ellis May 29, 2014 · I didn't have time this week to write a Throw Back Thursday story so instead I am posting a picture of Molly, our dog. Molly was born in 2000 so she is getting up there in age and recently she has stopped chasing her ball and she lays around a lot. It is so sad to see her this way when I remember how active she was. Every night until lately we would watch television and throw the ball down the hallway and she would run after it and bring it back to us. When Molly was born she was a "mutt" since her father was a Miniature Australian Shepherd and her mother a Welsh Corgi. Now that cross is called a "designer dog" and they sell for really good money. Both Mike and I love Molly----she is like a child to us as we have no children. We don't take trips unless we can take her with us or one of us stays home to be with her. She sleeps beside our bed every night. Recently we are afraid that her kidneys are starting to fail and I dread the thought of life without Molly. I hope that we have many more years with her but reality tells me that is only wishful thinking. We will continue to enjoy her while she is with us and she will have the best care possible in her old age.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) enjoying the cool beautiful day we are having in Wisconsin. Rebecca has leg wraps on and a Soft Ride boot as she has an abscess in her foot.


Luvin PIzzazz (Jackie) AQHA and APHA mare in foal to Fred (Classically) for an early 2017 foal.

June 4, 2016

Look at this beautiful picture of Fred (Classically) that Marko Kaiser's daughter from Germany painted. Marko is the proud new owner of Cookie, the gray filly by Fred out of Juliet (Malibukini)

Took some pictures of Otis, my NN (who knows what color) stud colt by Fred (Classically) out of Olivia (Cooleah) who is by Ima Cool Skip. This colt is a 3/4 brother to A Classic Edition and An Obsession. Cooleah is 20 years old and I didn't breed her back so he could be her last foal. Otis is really getting to be a pretty color----it is getting a gold tone to it.

Leah Gloudemans and Otis "bonding" Leah has really taken over the stallion collection and processing at Ellis Quarter Horses. I don't know what I would do without her. She is very talented in many ways.

June 2, 2016

A wonderful letter from Bill Stanford, who bred his daughter of Sir Cool Skip to Fred:

Hope breeding season is coming to an end and you can get a little more rest and have a few more sweet treats. Jewels is growing and just turned 3 months old. What a disposition on a foal, she is as dream to work with and follows you around like a puppy dog if you are out in the field with her. Blacksmith filed her feet about two weeks ago and no big issues. Sending you a couple of pictures so you can see what my show prospect is looking like now. Face book posts don’t do her justice as I am not a real good photographer. I sent you a copy of the picture that I cut her butt off. Ha Ha Your foals look fantastic as usual with the breeding program you have and just happy to be a small part of it.     Thank you, Bill

May 31, 2016

Two pretty NN mares. GiGi is 3 years old and the other is Dandy Dee Gal, age 25.

Cooleah (Olivia) 20 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip and her 2016 NN colt by Fred (Classically)

Time To Play Girl and her 2016 NN stud colt by Fred.

Lesley Johnson's NN stud colt by Fred.

I am baby sitting with Larry and Anne Lemke's yearling NN filly by Fred (Classically) while they are gone to a horse show. She is triple registered---AQHA, APHA and PHBA. You know me, there is sun today so I took a few pictures of her. Her name is Amazingly.

I am so happy that Chipper has been sold to wonderful people who will use him as a breeding stallion. He is a gorgeous NN colt by Fred (Classically) out of Time To Play Girl by Time to Touch. I foresee big things for him in the future. I never posted many picture of him because he got the diarrhea as a baby and I had a terrible time clearing it up. He eats like a "horse" now and is really filling out.

May 30, 2016

Cooleah (Olivia) NN 20 year old mare by Ima Cool Skip out of The Magnolia Kid by Kidnap Bar. She is the dam of A Classic Edition, An Obsession, their full sister that Russ Ellis owns, A Cool Intention of Lesley Johnsons. Malibu Sunrise owned by Marie-Eve Jolin and Otis, the NN chocolate palomino colt by Fred (Classically)

Look what came to visit Otis on Memorial Day. He seemed fascinated by the bird and the bird didn't seem to care.

Drannon Edmison posted pictures of the flooding at his ranch in Texas. And, I thought we had it bad. I do feel sorry for the mares as they are standing in mud but they do have the opportunity to go in the shelter or out in the pasture. More rain on the way this week. Bucky is the buckskin Wincredible mare, Janie (Kids Classic Gal) is the bay mare and Barbie (Intentionalee) is the sorrel mare.

Cookie, who will soon have a registered name is thankful that she missed the weaning period. She is a good eater and her dam, Juliet is a good mother. It doesn't look like she is hurting for groceries. She is sired by Fred (Classically) and is out of Malibukini.

May 29, 2016

Lorna Revord, look at my pathetic orange tree that you brought me 2 years ago. The poor little Hawaiian dancer looks kind of lost in the beautiful Navajo pot you put it in. And, don't think I haven't tried to take care of the tree. It came in the house all winter and was out on the patio during the summer. I guess I will have to talk my wonderful neighbors Mo and Kimmy Biggar into replacing it with something else unless I sell a horse and you bring me another tree when you come to pick it up and take it to it's new owner.

May 29, 2016

"Fraulein Kaiser" (Cookie) by Fred (Cassically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) this morning after a rain bath.

Otis, stud colt by Fred (Classically) out of Olivis (Cooleah) is tired out after his first day outside in the rain.

What wonderful friends I have. Yesterday my neighbors Kim and Mark Biggar came over and planted the flower pots. "Mo" as we call him and Kimmie both studied horticulture and they do such a fabulous job with plants. I am so thankful. I guess I will be taking some horse pictures in front of the new plants.

May 27, 2016

Barbie (Intentionalee) has a new home. You know how I "hoard" horses. Well, I decided that has to end so I sold her to someone who has wanted her for a long time. She will stay with me through the summer as it will be cooler here in Wisconsin. She is 4 years old, NN, 16.1 and by My Intention out of Kids Classic Gal (Janie) I never wanted to sell her but as I get older I am not even breeding all of my old mares anymore and she deserves to do something other than look pretty in my pasture.

And you wonder why I always want my mares to have fillies?? This is Otis by Fred (Classically) pestering his mother, Olivia (Cooleah).

May 25, 2016

I thought while the weather was nice on Friday, I would take a few pictures of Barbie (Intentionalee) She is 4 years old, NN, sired by My Intention out of Kids Classic Gal (Janie) who is out of Dandy Dee Gal (PDS) I measured her at close to 16.2 but would say 16.1 as I may not have been exact. She is one who just lives here too. I have never tried to breed her and I suppose I should sell her. These are not the best pictures as she was eating and moving her mouth funny, besides not knowing how to set up. I think you can get an idea of her great back, heart girth and hip. She is really a nice mare.

I decided to cancel my trip to Texas this week so I told my friends that I am back to eating 5 Kit Kats a day. Well, look what Shelley Lauer just delivered. Shelley and her husband, Charlie are always cooking for us and bringing food. Charlie is an expert on the grill and we look forward to his cooking. And, of course, Shelley can make anything and it is good. Now, after my 3 Kit Kats that I already ate today, I have these delicious Manderfield goodies to eat tonight (if they make it that long) I hope that at least there is one left for Leah Gloudemans when she comes to collect Fred tomorrow. Leah is on the "Jimmie John" diet but I bet I can convince her to eat one of these.

May 22, 2016

Wilma (Classically Kool) 13 month old NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool). She is a half brother-sister cross.

I keep posting pictures of the horses and I bet you wonder what my husband, Mike is doing since he retired from being a senator. Well, he loves to mow the grass and soon he will be cutting and baling our hay. He keeps our place looking really nice. Mike decided to take on the project of painting fences and boy is it a project as we have a lot of white fence. The last time we did it, we spray painted it and didn't scrape the boards. Well, this year, he is scraping and painting by hand. I snapped a couple of pictures of him mowing grass and relaxing after hours of painting. As you can see, we need a lot of paint, especially since he gets so much on himself.

May 20, 2016

Yesterday, my good friend, helper and neighbor, Katie Samuelson brought her filly by Fred (Classically), Charity to our place so that I could take pictures of her. I had tried it once before but the filly has hair like a rug. The last time, Katie gave her a bath and it was even worse. This filly is getting better and better each time I see her and she is going to be that pretty golden color. Charity is NN and eligible for the Breeders Halter Futurity, the Go For the Gold Futurity and she is also PHBA registered. I can't wait for her to lose some of that "fur" so I can get some good pictures of her.

Click on pictures below to enlarge.

Otis, 3 month old NN colt by Fred (Classically) out of Olivia (Cooleah) He is a 3/4 brother to A Classic Edition and An Obsession. I decided that he needs a new home as Fred is the only stallion I can have. Message me if you are interested. Good home is a must.

Well, I guess I am going to have to change the name of "Cookie" to "Lebkuchen" or "Pheffernuse" even though I don't know how to pronounce those words. They are German for cookie. My little gray girl is going to go to Germany. I wonderful family bought her. I am so excited for her future as this is the sweetest filly and they have big plans for her. They are going to love her and she is going to have a wonderful home. Now I am not only going to have to visit Australia to see my friends, but I have been invited to go Germany too. My maiden name is Schmallenberg and there is a city named that in Germany. Marko promised to take me to see it. I think it is going to be a new and exciting relationship for my horse business. I guess I should probably retire and just go and visit the horses I sold to different countries. I almost forgot Mexico as I would surely like to see Sterling again.

May 18, 2016

Yesterday I took a few pictures of Chipper, the NN colt by Fred (Classically) out of Time To Play Girl by Time To Touch. He finally got over the scours but he is still not carrying the weight that the other foals do. He is so correct and going to be huge. I hesitated to post pictures of him until he is heavier but you know me----if I take pictures, I post them.

I may be prejudiced but I think I have the best clients in the country breeding to Fred (Classically) Look what I got today----------this beautiful gift from Jim and Pam Jacobs. They are from Washington and are breeding their 2 appaloosa mares to Fred. I keep thinking that I don't want to stand Fred next year and then something like this happens. I am such a lucky person to have friends like this.

Since we have such beautiful weather in Wisconsin right now, I thought I would take some pictures of some other mares. This is Barbie (Intentionalee) She stands over 16 hands and is NN. Her sire is My Intention and she is out of Kids Classic Gal (Janie) She just lives here because I cannot breed that many mares.

Click on pictures below to enlarge.

The old and the young. PDS (Dandy Dee Gal) who is 25 years old and Lah De Dah, my three year old mare by Hesa Stemwinder. Both are NN mares.

What a surprise from Rosie Hayson. Not only did she remove the chain on Fred's picture but she also sent me this gorgeous picture of Molly. For those of you who knew Molly, we lost her 2 years ago when she was 14 years old. It has been very hard for Mike and I to replace her so we haven't. Molly was a combination of a miniature Australian Shepherd and a Welsh corgi. Rita Crundwell gave her to us. She was "supposed" to be a purebred Corgi but Rita's male mini Aussie bred her and she had a litter of pups. At that time, they were known as "mutts" but since then, they have become "designer dogs" known as Auggies. Rosie is from Australia and she surprised me with a beautiful painting of Fred (Classically) a few years ago. She is a very very talented artist and last night when I received this pencil sketch of Molly, it brought tears to my eyes. She said she was just learning to do pencil sketches but as far as I am concerned, she has the art mastered. I hope that someday I will be able to go to Australia and meet all my wonderful "Aussie" friends.

May 17, 2016

Scott Francois sent me a couple of pictures of his yearling double registered stud colt by Fred (Classically) This colt has run outside all winter and Scott just brought him him and started handling him. He is 5 panel NN and eligible for the Breeders Halter Futurity. This colt is from Fred's first foal crop.

May 16, 2016

Wilma (Classically Kool) this morning. She is NN and by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) She is getting to be a huge girl and she is only 13 months old. Notice the two white spots on her side near her heart girth? One of them is now 1 and 1/2 inches long so there is a chance that when she finishes growing it will reach the 2 inch size and she will be able to be double registered. She also has one above her hind stocking. She sure tried to be a paint. She is sweating because we had a blanket on her as it was cold again this morning.

Otis, NN 3 month old colt by Fred (Classically) out of Olivia (Cooleah) I still don't know what color he is going to be. I think a chocolate palomino. But with the cold weather we are having, the horses are not shedding very fast. I am so pleased with the strong backs that Fred is putting on his foals.

Cookie, 3 month old NN gray filly by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) They finally were able to get outside today after our "freezing" weather the last week. Cookie is just another example of the strong backs that Fred is putting on his foals.

May 11, 2016

Cooleah's (Olivia's) stud colt by Fred (Classically) He is NN as both his parents are NN. I don't know what color palomino he will be but he sure is pretty. He is 3 months old now and I took this picture Sunday night.

What wonderful friends I have. Yesterday, look what was delivered to me from Dorie Couture-----chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered carmel pretzels. I wouldn't let Mike eat any of the strawberries last night. I told him that he had to wait until I took a picture of them. Picture taken, 4 strawberries gone already and Mike hasn't had any. They are so delicious and I bet Katie Samuelson will even approve as they have to be healthy for me. Thank you Dorie----this gift was something that I didn't expect but that I really appreciate.

May 10, 2016

In 2011 I decided that we needed a barn cat. Dr Fox found this beautiful kitten and we "adopted" her. Well, guess what, we have had "Kiki" for 7 years now and she has never been in the barn. My husband is afraid she would get hurt in the barn. In fact, the cat only goes outside in our back yard as Mike thinks she will run away. Not much chance of that as he buys her special treats. I think he thinks Kiki has repaced our dog, Molly that we lost. Yesterday of all things, this is where I found the cat------sleeping on the outdoor swing set. Thank heaven we do have 2 wild cats that have found us and our mouse situation seems to be under control. Of course, they have a heated water dish and are on full feed of cat food in the other barn. I sure hope he doesn't try to catch them someday as we sure don't need 3 house cats. And, I am so thankful that the outside cats are neutered as they have been there for 2 years and no baby kittens.

May 8, 2016

I could hardly believe my eyes yesterday. Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) actually jumped of the ground. I couldn't believe that big lazy girl at 16 years of age could get her heavy body off the ground. I suppose she wants me to enter her in the "leaping in the air" contest.

It is pictures like this that make standing Fred (Classically) enjoyable. Lesley Johnson from Canada sent me this picture of her and Dale, her 2016 NN colt by Fred. You can tell the how much Lesley loves this baby.

Juliet (Malibukini) 16.2 daughter of Malibu Ken out of Shanes Lady Romantic, which makes her a double bred Skips Shane mare. She is the dam of my gray filly by Fred (Classically).

May 8, 2016

Mothers Day today and what am I doing? Taking pictures of horses since they are the only "children" I have. This is PDS (Dandy Dee Gal) She is 25 years old and the matron of our place. She is NN and sired by Dandy Dee Bar by Dandy Seeker and out of Ima Seekers Gal by Dandy Seeker. I bought he 20 years ago from Bernard Fairchild of Linn Grove, Iowa. The Fairchilds owned Dandy Seeker and I always loved that stallion. I asked the person from whom we bought fly spray system parts and he told me that Fairchilds had a really good mare so I contacted them and Mike and I drove to Iowa to look at her. We never had a lot of money to spend on buying horses, so I saved a little "secret money" When we got there that afternoon, I walked in the barn and when they led the mare out of the stall, I about died because she was so gorgeous. I didn't want to let them know how much I liked her and of course, wanted to take a second look the next morning. Well, she looked even better the next day and I "negotiated" with Bernard to buy her. After all, I only had so much money to spend. She has been and will be a "permanent resident" of Ellis Quarter Horses. She has been a great producer for me. She always put a gorgeous head on her foals and look at the back on her at 25 years of age. She put that and her big hip on her babies. She is a World Champion producer and I still own one of her daughters, Kids Classic Gal (Janie) and Janie's daughter Intentionalee, by My Intention. All of them are NN. I wondered how PDS got her name and Bernard looked at me that day with a twinkle in his eye and said "she is pretty darn special" Well, she has always been that to me. She is really showing her age and sometimes when she lays down, I have to call Joe to help get her up because of the arthritis in her knees. But when she does get up, she jogs off with that pretty little jog. I am dreading the time when I have to "let her go".

Another of the old girls. This is Cooleah (Olivia) and her stud colt by Classically (Fred). Olivia is by Ima Cool Skip and out of The Magnolia Kid by Kidnap Bar by Magnolia Bar. I raised Cooleah 20 years ago. I bought her mother from Clarence Bruell in Illinois and raised some good foals out of her. I bred her to Ima Cool Skip three times and got 3 NN fillies. They were all good producers and I kept the last one, Cooleah. She has been a great producer for me. Her daughter, A Classic Edition has been High Point Halter Mare in the nation many times besides being a World Champion many times. Her son that I sold to Australia, An Obsession is an Australian Champion and a great sire in Australia. This will probably be her last foal as I am getting too old to have that many foals and she will not go anywhere else. Otis is quite a fancy colt. He looks NH instead of NN and he has quite a personality. I sure hope someone gets him that gives him a chance to make his mother proud.

Wonder what color Otis will end up being. I never had a chocolate palomino and he is not shed enough to see how gold he is.

Luvin Pizzaz, NH mare by Misters Pizzaz out of Crystal Mingo. Both sire and dam are by Mr Conclusion. "Jackie" is registered by AQHA and APHA. She is in foal to Fred (Classically) for a 2017 foal (hopefully a filly).

I guess it wouldn't be Mothers Day for me if I didn't post a picture of my girl, Wilma. She is growing so fast she looks like a hunt seat horse. She is a late April yearling and I have let her "be a horse" as I will keep her for a broodmare. She is NN and by Fred (Classically) and out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool), making her a half brother, sister cross as both are out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. I love her even though she is not the brightest horse in the world.

On a personal note, I am going to post a picture of my mother. She died at an early age but I was able to enjoy her throughout my youth and she was there when Mike and I got married. Her maiden name was Dorothy Ehlke and she married my father Herman Schmallenberg who had just graduated from medical school. He built our house in New London, Wisconsin and they moved in after the wedding and he practiced medicine in New London for 50 years before retiring. I have 2 sisters and I lost my brother in a car accident years ago. Mike and I have been married for many years and it is our only marriage. We have no children----only horses and a cat. We lost our dog, Molly a few years ago and have never replaced her. I don't think there could be a dog that could ever do that. Now you know a bit about my personal life. Happy Mothers Day to all my wonderful friends.

May 8, 2016

"Otis" chocolate palomino colt by Classically (Fred) out of Cooleah by Ima Cool Skip. This colt is NN as both parents are. He is also a half brother to A Classic Edition, multiple World Champion and High Point Halter Mare in the nation and An Obsession, Australian World Champion stallion. He is going to make someone a great stallion.

May 7, 2016

Remember Sterling? He is by I Gotta Cool Secret and out of Juliet (Malibukini). My gray filly, Cookie is his half sister. She is by Fred (Classically)  Sterling is being show by Stacey Sample and prepared by Leonor Yberri in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 16 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. She is a half sister to Fred (Classically) as they are both out of Miss Bunny Tardee and both NN. Tomorrow I will post pictures of their daughter, Wilma (Classically Kool) I have not bred Rebecca yet this year but hopefully this next week, I will try to get a full "sister" to Wilma. I sure hope so. As you can tell, our weather is beautiful and I have been taking advantage of it to take pictures.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin PIzzaz) are putting their applications in to be members of the BBC (Big Butt Club) I hope they will be accepted. After all, it is an exclusive club.

May 5, 2016

Is this enough body on an NN filly? This is Cookie, my gray filly by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) She was born February 11.

May 3, 2016

Many of you know that I had 3 foals this year and someone inquired about the sorrel stud colt out by Fred (Classically) out of Time To Play Girl. I had trouble getting the diarrhea under control with him so I have had the mare on grass hay and very little grain. Consequently the colt just doesn't have as much bloom as my other two have. Just recently he has seemed to be fine (I am holding my breath that it stays that way) I took a few pictures of him yesterday. He is a big colt. I also got his HYPP results back and he is NN. He is great legged and very big, If he keeps coming the way he is, I will be able to get better pictures soon.

April 30, 2016

No sun and 40 degrees but I took a few pictures of Cookie, my palomino turning gray filly by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) She is going to be a big girl.

April 29, 2016

Still cold here today and no sun but for the first time I was able to get the mares and colts out on grass. Not the best pictures but this is Otis. He is NN and sired by Fred (Classically) out of Olivia (Cooleah) He is going to be a chocolate palomino. He was born February 10.

April 20, 2016

Well, after all the food that my friends have been bringing me, I thought for sure I would diet a bit today. Then my neighbor Ellen Allen brought over these warm delicious chocolate chip cookies. There was a whole batch of them but when our "collection crew" of Leah Gloudemans, Katie Samuelson, Bryanna Knoke and of course me got finished eating them, this is all that was left. After all, it takes a lot of energy to collect and process Fred. Of course, we had to share one with Fred as he was such a good boy today.

April 19, 2016

Marie-Eve Jolin posted pictures of her 2 month old stud colt by Fred (Classically) out of Perpetual Hit by The Top Secret. We are wondering if he is a "chocolate palomino"? I may have one the same color. Whatever color he is, he is a good one. Love his back and look at all the class he has.

Debbie Schmitz's sent a "cute courier--her husband Kurt" yesterday with some delicious chocolate chip cookies. I intended to take a picture of them. She had them shrink wrapped so that I could freeze some of them. Needless to say, they did not need shrink wrapping as there were only 4 left this morning and now they are down to 2. If my wonderful neighbor Sandy Landsverk wouldn't have sent over some of her potato salad, they would have been gone before now. but I am "pacing myself" One of these days, I have to quit eating so much.Katie Samuelson tells me I would feel better if I ate healthier but to be honest, I feel great and if the truth were known, Katie brings me food that isn't so healthy too.

April 18, 2016

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) the dam of Wilma (Classically Kool) Rebecca is sired by Ima Cool Skip and both she and Fred (Classically) are both NN and both are out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

April 17, 2016

What a beautiful day for visitors. Bill Lauf and Jim Gallup came to visit from Wenona, Illinois and we had gorgeous weather to look at the horses and Fred (Classically) I wish that Jim's wife Sharon could have made the trip with them. Bill is an old friend and I met him through Clarence Bruell. Years ago, my friend, Dudley Pillow sent me to look at Clarence's mares in Sparland, Illinois. I took a video of them and Dudley ended up buying 5 of them and I bought The Magnolia Kid. The funny thing was that Dudley could have bought her too but for some reason he didn't like her and she was the one that I liked the best. Old Maggie was good to me over the years. She produced 3 NN daughters by Ima Cool Skip. One of them Larry Krueger now owns. Coolage was another one and she was the granddam of Exceptionist. The third is Cooleah or Olivia as I call her. She is still here and she is the dam of many good ones, including A Classic Edition and An Obsession. Her palomino colt by Fred this year is awesome. I can't wait to get new pictures of him. Bill knows I like to eat, so he brought a lot of treats, including 2 loaves of "cake" made with oranges and dates. Needless to say, it is delicious and Bill and I made quite a dent in one of the loaves already. Then he brought something that I have to slice and cook in the oven at 325. I guess I will have to take the plastic dishes out of the oven as that is where I store them. Bill also brought a lot of pictures of Clarence's horses and a painting that Sharon, Clarence's wife painted. I wish I would have taken a picture of the painting to show you----it is so realistic. I guess I have rambled on long enough so I will show you pictures of Bill with Olivia (Cooleah) who is now 20 years old and also of Bill with Fred. And, knowing me, you are going to see pictures of the "cake" and the sugar cookies he brought. You will have to wait to see how the baking goes as many of you know that it not something I am good at. Hopefully, I won't be posting a picture of burned cookies.

My computer seems to want to write in a language that I don't know and I don't know how to change it back to English. This is Wilma (Classically Kool). She is NN and is sired by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) Both of her parents are out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. Fred is sired by Kids Classic Style and Rebecca by Ima Cool Skip, making Wilma a half brother, sister cross. This filly is just over a year old and she is a big girl. Our weather has been nice the last two days so the horses can get outside. Wilma is a bit thin but since she has a permanent home with me, I really don't care to put the weight on her. I just hope I can get Rebecca to cooperate and I can raise a full sibling to Wilma.

Look what I saw in the field next to us. It must be spring.

April 16, 2016

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Everything is coming alive and growing. I wish my good friend Bob Lee could be on earth to enjoy it. I walked down by our water quarry and took some pictures of birds that were there. There were geese, ducks, sandhill cranes and a bird in the tree. There was also a beautiful bird with a big white head that I didn't recognize. These are a few pictures that I took of them.

April 10, 2016

Friday they buried one of my longtime friends, Bob Lee. Yesterday as I stood in the arena watching mares and babies, I kept thinking of Bob and the many wonderful times we had. It was back in the 80’s when I first met Bob at the Iowa Halter Futurity. We immediately became friends and over the years would always get together at that event. Bob loved his horses and he had some good ones. Years later, when Mike and I were in Omaha, Nebraska visiting Mike’s sister, I called Bob and we drove to Red Oak, Iowa to see him. Mike wanted to get back home, so Bob and I looked at his mares at 6 in the morning. The weather that was way below zero. I still remember the day and the beautiiful countryside in Red Oak. I loved Bob’s mares and he and I started thinking about a way that we could partner on the foals out of him. He sent me a letter which I still have in which he told me the stallions that he would like to breed to. They were Tardee Impressive, Mr Conclusion and Obvious Conclusion. After a lot of discussion, we came up with the plan to breed them to Tardee Impressive. Not only did we breed the 4 partner mares, Bob bred two others and so did I. At that time, Tardee was standing at Bill Morris’ in Texas. Bob took them there and Bill gave us a good deal on that number of mares. When Tardee moved to California, we even hauled mares to California to breed. Unfortunately from all our breedings, we only got 2 fillies. One we sold for good money and she garnered many points before she died the following year. The other was a palomino filly and I traded my half of her for Bob’s half of Azzari.

No matter what Bob did in life, he always came back to horses. One day, he called me and told me that he was going to move to Oswego, Illinois and he and his best friend Lea Ann Koch were going to raise horses together. Since then, the partnership of Bob and Lea Ann has accomplished so much in the horse world. Bob would drive Lea Ann’s mother to church on Sunday and he would call while he waited for her and we would discuss horses. He loved raising foals and was so excited about the gorgeous babies they raised and believe me, Bob was capable of matching mares and stallions to get exceptional foals. I would always get pictures on my Face Book message of a new foal that he was proud of. He was so excited about their young stallion, I Am Relentless who was Reserve at the Congress last year and he couldn’t wait to raise some babies out of him. In our many conversations, he recently told me that he was having a lot of stomach problems and they could not figure out what was wrong with him. One day, I got a call from him and he told me that he really didn’t want to tell me over the phone but he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Being the fighter he was, he was determined to beat it. Unfortunately that was not possible and he was taken from us. I will truly miss Bob and I will cherish the many wonderful memories we shared together. I still find myself thinking of picking up the phone and calling him and then realizing that he is not there. I did not attend the funeral and I am sure Bob would understand. I would rather live with the wonderful memories I have. Bob Lee was a great person and he had some awesome friends who cared for him, including Tim Busse. We will all miss him.

April 5, 2016

Janie (Kids Classic Gal) NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal who is a double bred Dandy Seeker mare.

April 4, 2016

What a surprise. I short while ago, I posted a picture of the beautiful painting that Joyce Reddin did of Impressivist on deer hide. She did that a long time ago when they bred a mare to Impressivist. Joyce noticed that the lacing around the picture had come undone so contacted me to tell me that she would send me new lacing. I offered to pay her but she wouldn’t accept anything. Well, the laces arrived and so did a wonderful note from her daughter Rebekka, along with copy of a magazine and a picture. In 1988, the Reddins were visiting on their way to a dog show. They have world class cattle dogs. Rebekka was with them and they camped in our driveway overnight. Mike gave her a silver dollar and the note from Rebekka said that she still has it and that it is part of her collection of “favorite things” She recorded it as given to her on June 23, 1988. It is hard to believe that little girl has grown up and now gives presentations and teaches fly fishing, along with film photography. She also writes a fan bit which is published internationally and is starting to write a book. Rebekka told me that she is engaged and her brother is married and has 2 children. Things like this make me realize just how many wonderful friends I have made over the years through the horses. I would love to be able to get together with the Reddins. Perhaps Rebekka will invite us to the wedding and wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mike and I could find the time to go to Canada and attend it? Well, I can dream, can’t I?

April 4, 2016

Cooleah (Olivia) NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of The Magnolia Kid by Kidnap Bar by Magnolia Bars. She is 20 years old this year. She is the dam of A Classic Edition, An Obsession and many more great individuals. I intended to retire her this year but on Friday I had "left over" semen so I put it in her. I guess we will see what happens. She loves her babies and I guess she is just like me. I know we should retire but just keep thinking "one more year."

April 3, 2016

I have a confession to make. Fred (Classically) has a “love child” When he was in Mississippi with Monte May, Monte turned him out during the day in a round pen and had mares next to him. One of the mares came in heat and Fred, being the “stud” he is, broke the panel and bred the mare. I hesitated to issue a breeders certificate as the mare was only 14.2 and I had no intention of breeding him. Well, Monte kept telling me how nice this colt was and since I liked Mon him registered. He is now 4 years old and Monte’s daughter Tyler Beasley has been riding him. She told me that he is the best natured and smartest stallion. I asked her how tall he is and she said the last time she measured him he was 15.3. They have started him on barrels, use him for trail riding and also do a little ranch horse pleasure. Soon they will start roping on him. Tyler is a pretty accomplished horsewoman, specializing in barrel racing. She also owns Pretty Pony Custom Tack and she has students that she teaches riding. This stallion is so quiet and sensible that she even had an 11 year old student ride him in exhibition at a show. I am posting some pictures of her barrel racing him, one of the students riding him in the Halloween costume cake walk and one of Tyler riding him with her fiance, Barrett Mashburn. They plan to be married on October 1 and who knows, it may even be a horseback wedding.

April 2, 2016

Spring is here in Wisconsin. Isn't this what April 2 is supposed to look like?

My palomino Fred (Classically) filly, Cookie is not going to be palomino for long. She is turning the color of her mother----gray.

April 1, 2016

Scott Francois sent me this picture of his 8 day old filly by Fred (Classically) out of a daughter of Fearles. Now, remember, Scott is the one who always wants stud colts and gets fillies. It looks like this year is starting out the same as last with fillies.

March 28, 2016

I have such wonderful friends and customers. Don and Pam Eddins from Alabama sent me a delicious honey baked ham. I don't think I have ever eaten ham that good. Pam has her Kids Classic Style mare in foal to Fred for next year. Then, Janet Weiss made the most awesome decorated Easter cookies. They were supposed to last until Easter but arrived on Friday and were gone before the next morning. Then my wonderful friends, Charles and Shelley Lauer brought bread pudding with rum sauce and I truly enjoyed that. I should also add, Charles also brought bratwursts but we ate them before I could get a picture and my neighbors brought chicken noodle soup. To top it off, Ray and Howard Heider, my bachelor neighbors delivered an Easter lily. It was a wonderful day and I truly enjoyed it.

March 27, 2016

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 16 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. She is a half sister to Classically (Fred) and she is also the dam of Wilma.

Probably not the best post to share on Easter Sunday but I do love my manure spreader.  Ask yourself as a horse person, how far would you go to get a good manure spreader? Well, my good friend, Dickie Kaufmann and I braved the cold and wind and went to a farm auction on Monday and look what we came home with. Our old spreader fell apart the day before. I would rather have this than jewelry as it is going to make life so much easier for me. Thanks also to Katie Samuelson for delivering it for me. It is so nice to have wonderful neighbors and friends.

March 25, 2016

Massive snow storm that was supposed to hit us on Thursday wasn't as bad as expected. We had a lot of wind and wet snow. All of our horses were tucked in stalls. I took a few pictures during it. The poor robins thought spring was here and what a surprise they were in for. I gave them some bird food but they seemed to want to stay by the rock wall. Leah Gloudemans took the pretty picture of the geese on our quarry this morning. The way the water was steaming made for a gorgeous picture. Warming trend this week so maybe spring is here after all.

Bet you can't guess who the sire of this colt it? Too lazy to stand up and eat.He is out of Cooleah (Olivia).

Lesley Johnson took this incredible picture of her Fred (Classically) 8 day old colt. She is really getting her photographic skills mastered.

March 23, 2016

Losing my dear friend, Bob Lee brings a reality to life. You better enjoy every day of it because you never know when your days will be over. I am really going to miss Bob. He and I had happy and sad times over the years. He truly loved horses and you always knew his opinion on everything he told you. He was a great friend to have.

March 20, 2016

I am posting a picture that Joyce Redden from Canada painted for me of Impressivist. It is 25 by 20 inches and the horse is painted on hide. I think it is deer hide. The frame is made of birch branches. I have always loved this painting and admired the talent of Joyce who was able to capture the horse and believe me, you can’t make any corrections on leather. I met Cliff and Joyce many years ago. It was in the 80’s when we were standing Impressivist. Those were the days when there was no shipped semen and people had to bring their mares to be bred. I met a lot of good people back then as we bred over 100 mares a year for 2 years. Many of them are still good friends, like Ronnie Salmons. I remember he called me and told me he was bringing his mare but if he didn’t like the stud, he was taking her back to Missouri. Well, Ronnie bred for several years and we became great friends. One year, he unloaded the mare and she foaled that night here. Ronnie still calls me every Christmas. Cliff and Joyce hauled their mares from Canada to be bred. Joyce raised world quality Australian Cattle dogs and one time they spent the night here while on their way to a big show. Remembering some of the people who came, June Danner’s name comes to mind. She and her son brought some good Appaloosa mares and it is neat that this year we are breeding one of her produce to Fred (Classically) for John and Julie Krieder. I can’t even mention all the friends I made back then and still have today. It is memories like this that make all the work worth while.

I put semen in one of my mares so far this year and she is pregnant. Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) and her palomino filly (I hope) by Fred (Classically)

March 17, 2016

St Patrick's Day was the anniversary of Mike and I meeting many years ago. Let me tell you how it happened. I had been teaching school in Montana and was home. Two of my girlfriends kept wanting me to go out with them and I finally gave in and accepted their invitation. We went to the Left Guard in Appleton, Wisconsin where many of the Green Bay Packer players would "hang out" Mike was there with Fuzzy Thurston and Max McGee and they were sitting across the bar from us. Mike had gone because he was going to pick up Sue Thurston and her 2 sons and take them to Madison the next day to meet Fuzzy and attend the High School Basketball finals. I thought Mike was kind of cute and evidently he thought the same of me. I danced with someone and he danced with Sue and he always tells me that he told her about me "No, she is too tall for me" Well, those Packer players were persistent and Max came over and brought me over to meet Mike. He asked me to go to Madison the next day to the tournament. So, he picked me up and we then picked up Suzy Thurston and her two sons. That was his first clue about what he was getting into. My mother asked as we left, "what should I tell people if they call about the horses"? He should have learned then that horses were my "addiction" We went to the tournament and got separate rooms at a motel and had a great time. That was the beginning and we got married on July 17 of the following year. This year, I was so tired from taking care of these horses that I didn't even want to go out and celebrate. I think both Fred and I are running out of steam. Mike did get me a beautiful card and the cutest little plant. I guess when he got me, he got a life with horses as well.

Katie Samuelson has been a big part of our breeding program this year. She is such a capable person and she is always willing to help. Not only does she own and operate the Vinland Still and Grill, a popular bar and restaurant in our area but she also is the coordinator of Beaming, Inc. Beaming is a non-profitable organization that provides therapeutic riding lessons for special needs children and also for veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress. Besides all that, she runs a full time horse facility. I don't know how she does it, but somehow she finds time to come and help us collect Fred (Classically) The thing that I really like about Katie is her upbeat attitude, and believe me, I need that. Leah Gloudemans and Katie are the "calming forces" behind our breeding operation. Yesterday she decided to sit on Fred while he was resting up for his collection. I wonder if this picture should be posted on the "Halter Horses That Ride" group or perhaps start a new group called "Sleeping With Your Horse."

March 16, 2016

Lesley Johnson has her baby Fred (Classically) colt. He is a beautiful palomino stud colt. I couldn't be happier for her.

March 15, 2016

Spring must be coming because I saw two Sand Hill Cranes in our field. Sand Hill Cranes are very noisy birds and they made a trumpeting sound. They migrate south in the winter. They live in pairs and usually stay that way for life. They hatch their young once a year. They can get as tall as 4 feet in height. It seems as though we have a pair here every year. They must like our place. The horses are getting used to them.

March 14, 2016

Debbie Smitty posted more pictures of her 5 panel NN yearling stallion by Fred (Classically) today.

Bill Stanforth sent me this adorable picture of his 2 week old filly by Fred (Classically) out of Jamaican Rose. Bill is excited about her and I can see why. He says she is so sweet and so smart------she does everything he asks of her. I hope he isn't spoiling her too much.

March 13, 2016

Last night I celebrated my birthday. I was sick for the actual day so 4 of our friends went with us out for a wonderful steak dinner. We even stopped at a place afterwards that had karaoke. Charles Lauer is a wonderful singer and we cheered him on as he sang Johnny Cash songs. His wife, Shirlee and Charlie's wife Shelley and I call ourselves the "SSS girls" Who in the world knows what that stands for other than all our names start with an "S". If I would have stayed there longer, I might have sung a "Patsy Cline" song. I had told them NO GIFTS but of course, those girls don't listen. I got a huge bag with Coach on it and thought, no way are they giving me a Coach purse. Something even better was in it---------the most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten. I am trying to finish them or hide them before Katie Samuelson finds out I have them. Katie and Lynn are trying to teach me how to eat healthy. I did notice that there was a carrot on top of one of the cupcakes though. I wish Cindy Buchanan could see these masterpieces as she is always telling me how great the cupcakes in Texas are. I think we may need a contest as I can't imagine them being any better than these.

March 12, 2016

I am "baby-sitting" for Larry and Anne Lemke while they are in Las Vegas at the AQHA Convention. Larry is one of our national directors. Their yearling filly that I am taking care of is by Fred (Classically) out of their good daughter of Call Me Phenomenal. I call her the "golden girl" She is NN and registered Paint, Quarter and Palomino. Guess they got everything in one package.

March 10, 2016

Marie-Eve Jolin just posted pictures of "Bowie" her 3 and 1/2 week old stud colt by Fred (Classically) out of Secret Perpetualism by The Top Secret. He is one fancy boy and I think his face marking looks just like his daddys.

March 2, 2016

Dorie Couture sent me a picture of Marcia Vail's late yearling stud colt by Fred (Classically) She told me that he is really growing and she thinks she will have enough weight on him by May or June in order for him to look good. Well, I think he looks pretty good right now. You can sure see his structure and imagine what he will look like with fat over his body. He is very well bred as he is out of an own daughter of Telusive who is out of a daughter of Mr Conclusion. He is also 5 panel negative.

March 1, 2016

Our weather has not been good for pictures but Debbie Schmitz send me this picture of her yearling stud colt by Fred (Classically) He is NN and out of Lily of the Valley, a paint breeding stock mare. Look at the color on him and how much mass he has. He was a late colt too.

February 19, 2016

My good friends Anne and Larry Lemke sent me a "sneak preview" of their yearling palomino filly by Fred (Classically) I really think they are getting better at picture taking as the ones I got in the past only had her head looking at me. They said it was because they couldn't get her to turn around. Well, soon I will see her in person and be able to take hopefully good pictures of her. She is registered APHA and AQHA and PHBA and is the most golden color palomino. I call her the "Golden Girl".

Bill Stanforth called this morning to tell me that he has a Fred (Classically) filly out of Jamaica Rose and you don't know how happy I am for him. Bill has really worked to get this filly on the ground and besides that, a vet sexed the fetus and told him it was a stud colt. As you can imagine, there are "happy dances" all over the Stanforth house today. In fact, I am doing some myself. I told him that he waited so long for her that he needs to call her "Worth the Wait"

February 24, 2016

You know I'm tired when I have a colt and don't post many pictures. It was a long night. Time To Play Girl was overdue and I thought for sure she would foal around 6 o'clock. Katie Samuelson came around 9 and we sat here and watched her. Nothing. Katie said we would wait until midnight and then I told her to go home and I would call her when the mare started foaling. Well, that was around 4:30 this morning. You know how I always want fillies but this is one big beautiful boy. Fred (Classically) really put some leg on him. I will take more pictures of him when I get some time. After all, today is a breeding day.

February 19, 2016

Marie-Eve Jolin sent me a "sneak preview" of her 9 day old palomino stud colt by Fred (Classically) out of Secret Perpetulism by The Top Secret. She plans to post more pictures of him. To me, he has all the potential to be a great show and breeding horse. Can't wait to see what he looks like in a few weeks.

Juliet (Malibukini) and her 8 day old filly by Fred (Classicaly) enjoying a nap.

So happy to be there to help deliver my good friend, Katie Samuelson's beautiful palomino filly by Fred (Classically). The baby is huge and she is the first foal out of her mare. We bred her mare and Olivia (Cooleah) the same day last year and she got a filly and I got a stud colt. Katie has been a great help with the breeding and foaling. She is always there for me. In fact, she is even trying to get me to eat healthy----a hopeless cause, I think.

Classical Touch, yearling filly by Fred (Classically) out of Time To Play Girl by Time to Touch. I am waiting for a full "sister, I hope" to her. The mare is overdue. Classical Touch is owned by Big Daddy Quarter Horses and managed by Joe St Clair.

Leah Gloudemans insisted we put the mare and baby out in the snow today so I took a few pictures. Olivia (Cooleah) loved rolling in the snow but I don't know if little Otis enjoyed it. He kept running around with his tongue out. Otis is 9 days old today and Olivia is 20 years old. They are both NN. Otis is sired by Classically (Fred).

February 18, 2016

I hesitated to post these pictures and normally I won't post a blurry one but these Fred (Classically) babies are so friendly and when you are by yourself it is hard to get pictures of them. This is "Otis" named after the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that Donna Davis sent me. He is NN as both his dam, Cooleah (Olivia) and his sire are NN. He is 8 days old today. Better pictures soon, I promise.

Intentionalee (Barbie) 16 hand NN 4 year old mare by My Intention out of Kids Classic Gal (Janie) I owned her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Her dam is by Kids Classic Style and out of Dandy Dee Gal (PDS) who is a double bred Dandy Seeker mare.

February 11, 2016

I guess I shamed Dee Edmison and Jim Duncan into trying to get a better picture because they just sent me this one. Look at the head, neck, back and croup on this baby. I love him and will be looking forward to more pictures now that Dee and Jim learned how to take them. He is 2 weeks old by Fred (Classically) out of Tigherntightfitnjeans by I Gotta Cool Secret. Jim Duncan keeps bragging that his withers are higher than his hip. I think that Fred (Classically) is a great cross on the I Gotta Cool Secret mares. Dee and Jim have another daughter of his ready to foal and I hope this time they get a filly.

February 13, 2016

Rita Bangs is such a talented artist. Today, I received my ornament of Fred (Classically) and I think you will agree that she really "captured" his expression. I am trying to decide where to display it and thought perhaps it would look good on one of my gold trophies. What do you think?

                                                                                                             Click on pictures to enlarge.

February 11, 2016

I was so overtired last night that I had a very difficult time getting to sleep, but when 6 AM came, I was up and in the barn as usual. The temperature is 12 below zero with the wind chill this morning. Around 8 o'clock Juliet (Malibukini) started acting funny. Then, to my surprise she laid down and foaled. I called Katie and she and Bob Luebker who helps me came just in time to see a beautiful FILLY be born. I don't know who is prouder of her------me or her mother, Juliet. It may be some time before I get more pictures. As you notice, no pink halter, no pink bucket, nothing pink at all. I am naming this one "Cookie" as Donna Davis sent me delicious oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies yesterday and since we couldn't name the stud colt Cookie, we decided to call him "Otis" for oatmeal.

January 10, 2016

Olivia (Cooleah) decided to foal at 6 AM this morning. Not the palomino filly I wanted but a beautiful palomino stud colt. I am exhausted. Katie Samuelson was here helping and Olivia had a perfect birth. He is HYPP N/N as both parents are.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

February 4, 2016

10:00 PM and I am ready for the "filly" to be born out of Cooleah (Olivia) and Fred. Katie Samuelson is "on call". She messaged me that she has her phone on and her clothes laid out. I have the pink vetwrap on the tail, the pink halter on the mare and the pink manure rake on the side of the stall. If it is a stud colt, I am going to blame it on the green feeder in the corner.

Olivia (Cooleah) is 327 days in foal today and it looks like tonight will be the night (or at least within the next few days) I have done everything possible to get a filly----pink halter, pink water bucket and I will wrap her tail with a pink vet wrap. She always foals early and this is later for her so hopefully that doesn't mean a stud colt. The old girl is 20 years old this year. She is NN and sired by Ima Cool Skip and out of The Magnolia Kid by Kidnap Bars. She is the dam of some good ones, including A Classic Edition, An Obsession, Cool to be Classic, A Cool Intention and Remarkable. I am thinking that she needs to retire this year and enjoy life without having babies.

My other two pregnant mares. Juliet (Malibukini) gray 16.3 NH by Malibu Ken out of Shanes Lady Romantic. She is 335 days in foal today and looks like she will foal within a week. Time To Play Girl, 15.2 NH mare by Time To Touch out of Playgirls Playgirl. She is 335 day in foal today and she looks a month away.

February 4, 2016

Beautiful cold day in Wisconsin. I snapped a few pictures of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool, on the left) and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz, on the right) while they were relaxing in the sun. Jackie looks like she is molting as she is shedding very unevenly. Both mares are in heat and soon they will be bred to Fred (Classically)

Juliet, (Malibukini) is getting close to foaling. She is due February 12 but she could foal before then ( I think but I have been known to be wrong) I sure hope she has a filly by Fred (Classically) that looks like the colt out of her that we lost last year.

January 4, 2016

I found some old pictures while watching the snow storm and thought I would post this "never before seen" picture of Skips Shane. Dudley Pillow who owned him sent it to me years ago. Shane was a 1991 sorrel stallion by Ima Cool Skip out of Regers Kitty by Leo Goldseeker by Goldseeker Bars. On the bottom side of Regers Kitty was Regers Lady Skip who was by Skip Em Bar out of the great mare Excuse Bay Lady. Monte Reger crossed a lot of Skip Em Bar mares on Leo Goldseeker. Dudley Pillow sent Kitty to our place to breed to Impressivist and I kept her here a few years. She was an awesome mare, everything that I like in a mare. A baby doll head, short strong back, huge hip and heartgirth and great hocks. Her fault, if there was one was that she was about 14.3. Dudley was so excited when Skips Shane was born. He named him after the movie Shane, which he enjoyed so much. Shane was very strong in the head, hip, hocks and back department as both Ima Cool Skip and Regers Kitty had those strong attributes. They were also great legged horses but they were not very tall. Over the years, Dudley bred his Ima Cool Skip mares to Skips Shane and he developed a very uniform group of horses. Dudley was not a fan of the "modern horse" as he thought they had strayed too far from the "real quarter horse" He always wanted me to breed some of my mares to Shane and I did send Impressivista who was by Impressivist down to Mississippi and bred her to him. He thought if I bred Miss Bunny Tardee to him, we would raise a great horse but I never did that. Now, that both Dudley and Shane are gone, I wish I would have. The problem was that I was not going to ship the mare to Dudley's place as he could not ship semen. Of course, Dudley had a solution for that. He told me that he would ship me semen in it's original container, meaning he would ship me Skips Shane. I could never do that knowing how much he loved that horse and if anything ever happened to him while he was here, I would never have forgiven myself. At one time I had 2 daughters of Skips Shane---Shanes Night Lady who is now in Australia and Shanes Lady Romantic, who Terry Bradshaw now owns. My last link to the Shane horses is Juliet (Malibukini) She is by Malibu Ken who is out of a daughter of Shane and out of Shanes Lady Romantic by Skips Shane. I am anxiously awaiting her foal by Fred (Classically)

February 2, 2016

Isn't it pretty??? Just starting to blow now. Our electricity went out but is back on now. The snow is so heavy, I hope it doesn't break the power or phone lines,

January 4, 2016

Cooleah (Olivia) is 318 days in foal today. In the past, I have always been nervous that she will foal before 310 days. This year I suppose since she is in foal to Fred (Classically) she is keeping the baby longer in order to make it a palomino. Sure hope she isn't taking her time and having a stud colt. Hard to believe how fast time goes. Olivia is 20 years old this year. She is NN and is by Ima Cool Skip, out of The Magnolia Kid.

January 30, 2016

Dennis and Sue Drephal have a beautiful yearling filly by Fred (Classically) out of a daughter of Ima Cool Skip. The pictures don't really show how much muscle she has.

                                                                                                           Click on pictures to enlarge.

January 29, 2016

Took a few pictures of Classy today. She is sired by Fred (Classically) out of Time To Play Girl by Time to Touch. She is a big filly and she is owned by Big Daddy Quarter Horses and managed by Joe St Clair. I think Classy has a great future in front of her in the show ring.

                                                                                                            Click on pictures to enlarge.

January 28, 2016

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee doing what she enjoys most---eating.

January 27, 2016

Thought I would get "good" with my camera today so I called Nikon support and they told me the settings to use for taking pictures in snow. Well, I think I am going back to one of my automatic modes as the pictures just don't look as good with these settings. This is Wilma. She is NN, 9 months old and is sired by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) She is the result of a half brother, sister mating as both the sire and dam are out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

                                                                                                             Click on pictures to enlarge.

January 25, 2016

Well you know how much I love quarter horses. Jil Hinds sent me a beautiful bouquet of "horses" and one of them had yellow frosting on it so we named it "Fred" Mike and I ate all the brown ones and I froze "Fred" Well, when I got up this morning, this is all I found left of Fred. I guess you might call him a "quarter horse" I think Mike must have been hungry during the night and found the cookie in the freeze

January 4, 2016

Beautiful sunny day in Wisconsin with the wind chill at 21 below zero. This is a picture of the actual temperature without the wind. Bet you all wish you were here!

January 12, 2016

Do you think it is cold in Wisconsin? Olivia (Cooleah) and Janie (KIds Classic Gal) don't want to be out in the weather very long-----neither do I.

January11, 2016

Found a cute picture that Dick Waltenberry took years ago of a black filly by Ima Cool Skip that we raised. See how lucky we are in Wisconsin---it makes for pretty pictures of horses in the snow!!!

January 7, 2016

The yearlings don't know what to do about the snow. It has been here about a week now and there is no grass to eat anymore. It seems strange to call them "yearlings" To me they are still babies until the new ones are born. This is Classy, the filly by Fred (Classically) out of Time to Play Girl by Time to Touch. She is owned by Big Daddy Quarter Horses and handled by Joe St Clair.

January 5, 2016

These are the beautiful watercolors that Rita Bangs did for me in 2011. They are named for the 4 seasons. Spring is Rebecca and named "Flowering Almonds and Lake Winnebago". Summer is Olivia and Janie and is named "Through Janie's eyes" as Olivia is blind in one eye. Autumn is Annie who is now owned by Jennifer Kelley. It is named "When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall" and winter is Julilet and named "Trotting Through the Snow" I love them and they are a conversation piece when people come in our home.

January 4, 2016

Kids Classic Gal (Janie) NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal---a double bred Dandy Seeker mare.

January 1, 2016

This mare is CJ Miss Cool Tardee (Bonnie) She is NH and is sired by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee, making her a full sister to Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and a half sister to Fred (Classically) I raised her and sold her to my good friend Carri Jones as a weanling. Carri raised Caribbean Kid out of her. Another of my good friends, Joanna Strickland bought her from Carri and we are making plans to breed her to Fred (Classically) this year. I am so excited to see this cross as genetically it should be the same cross that produced Wilma. Wilma is NN as both of her parents are but for those of you who think NH horses have more muscle, imagine what an NH filly out of this cross will look like.


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