December 21, 2015

Kids Classic Gal (Janie)---NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal (PDS) who is double bred Dandy Seeker.

December 21, 2015

Kids Classic Gal (Janie)---NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal (PDS) who is double bred Dandy Seeker.

December 10-15, 2015

My postal delivery girl brought me a small box yesterday and, I wondered what I had ordered. I was surprised when I opened it and inside was a Christmas card from the Halvorsons along with 3 caps. Two of them said “Ima Cool Skip” and one of them,”Kids Classic Style”. The one Cool Skip hat even says Jerry Wells Stallion Station on it. To some of you, it may sound silly for someone to get excited about caps but to me they really mean a lot. First of all, Ima Cool Skip is my all time favorite broodmare sire. I remember when Dudley Pillow would breed 25 mares a year to him when Skip was at Southgate Farm in Louisiana. In fact, I had mares hauled to Dudleys and he would take them to Southgate and get them bred. Cooleah (Olivia) is the product of one of those breedings. My good friend, Grace Berton hauled 2 mares from California to Dudley’s place and he took them to Southgate to get them bred. Sir Cool Skip is the result of one of those breedings. I continued to breed to Ima Cool Skip when he went to Halvorson Ranch in Oklahoma. Remember at that time, there was no shipped semen and you had to take your mare to the stud farm. That was when I met Wayne and Rebecca Halvorson and we have remained friends ever since. Wayne even flew to Wisconsin in 1999 and bought Cool Miss Tardee from us. She was a yearling by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee and a full sister to Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) Cool Miss Tardee won many awards under Wayne’s guidance, including a World Championship. When Curtis Pilot moved Skip to Robbie Rainier’s place in Missouri, I continued to breed to him and became friends with Robbie and his staff. I still remember the day that Robbie called to tell me that he found Skip dead in his stall. I renewed my relationship with Wayne and Rebecca when they started standing Kid Classic Style. They have always been wonderful to work with. Over the years, I have dealt with some stallion owners who do not treat you the best and even though I was happy with the foals by their stallions, I did not choose to rebreed. After all, this horse business is supposed to be fun. Thank you, Wayne and Rebecca for the wonderful gift------it means a lot to me.

Today, the florist came and delivered a beautiful poinsettia plant. It brought tears to my eyes as it is from Rodger Shabel. It has been many years since I saw Rodger. The last time was at James Kifers when Mike, Donna Davis and I went to see his horses. By that time, Rodger no longer had any horses but he came over to visit anyway. In fact, it was raining and I still have the big golf umbrella with Pepsi on it that he gave me. I started thinking back to so many friends that I no longer have contact with but who were a big part of my life. For those of you who don’t know, Rodger had some great horses including Statutory and She So Irresistible. He still lives in Alabama with his wife Vickie and I am sure he is still associated with Pepsi Cola It is sad to think that so many people who were so great for the horse business are no longer involved in it. I am thankful for the many memories that I have of them and how much fun we had “back then”. I am going to call Rodger and tell him just how much
 I appreciate him thinking of me at Christmas.

I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Today, I received a big box from Larry and LuAnn Krieger of Sodus, Michigan and in it was this beautiful tapestry of Fred and several bags of homemade cookies. A note came with the cookies telling me that they were "vitamins" and they would be good for me. Of course, I believe that and have devoured at least a dozen of them already this morning and guess what, I already feel better. lol I don't know how to express my gratitude to the Kriegers and everyone else who has been so good to me. I am sure they wouldn't want me to cook or bake for them as many of you know, I am not a good cook.

Speaking of great friends, I met some fantastic ones when I sold Marsha (A Cool Intention) to Lesley and Ben Johnson from Canada. They brought me this beautiful candle globe when they came to pick her up. I decorate it for the changing seasons and love it. Lesley reminds me of myself when I was young. She loves her horses and is so determined to be successful in the horse business. Not only does she have Marsha, but she also bred Mea (her mare) to Fred (Classically) for hopefully a palomino 
filly next year.

October 25, 2015

Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool)-------really don't know if they are enjoying the muddy paddock they are in. I suppose since they are both prima donnas, I will have to bring them in the barn tonight. Both mares are going to be bred to Fred (Classically) next year.

October 13, 2015

I gave Olivia (Cooleah) a little extra feed this morning. She has been a great producer for me. Remarkable who is sired by My Intention won the limed open 3 year old stallion class at the Quarter Horses Congress yesterday and was also named Reserve Three Year Old Stallion. Wayne Bell owns "Remarkable" and Linda Pigg has done a fabulous job of fitting him. I am looking forward for her next foal by Fred (Classically). Among her other produce have been A Classic Edition, An Obsession, A Cool Intention and Russ Ells' mare who just produced "Bunny."


October 8, 2015

Throw Back Thursday. Look what I found while looking through some old pictures----a picture of Miss Bunny Tardee and me that was taken by Marcie Stadstad in 1996. The old Tardee mare was only 10 years old back then and being a woman, I am not telling how old I was. Unfortunately I lost all of my old pictures when my computer crashed and I cannot find the CD that they were on. As you know, Miss Bunny Tardee was the dam of Classically (Fred) and he is her last foal. He was an embryo baby. I loved this mare from the first time Homer Danielson brought her dam, Bunny Nightshade to breed to Impressivist on her foal heat and she had Miss Bunny Tardee at her side. Say what you want about first foals not being good, Miss Bunny Tardee was not only a first foal but she was also born to a mare that was bred as a 2 year old. As a foal, she was small but she always had that gorgeous strong back, incredibly high neck and a lot of heart girth. She was sired by Tardee Impressive so she had every right to carry the amount of muscle she had. After Bunny Nightshade (who by the way was by Sonnys Nightshade by Sonny Dee Bar) got in foal, Homer took her home. The next time I saw the filly was at the Iowa Futurity where she placed but the class was won by another of Homer's fillies that was sired by Impressivist. There is no way that should have happened but Miss Bunny Tardee was still small but I still thought she was the best baby there. By the time she was a yearling she had developed into a beautiful "potential show mare" Some of the big trainers wanted to show her but she hurt her eye and Homer took her to Iowa State. The eye became infected and they ended up having to remove it. This made her a broomare and Homer bred her to Impressivist when she was 2 years old. The filly that was born had a hole in her heart and we ended up having to put her down. Homer had brought her here to foal. I was able to buy Miss Bunny Tardee from Homer for a very reasonable price as he owed us money for stud fees and mare care. And, of course, being a woman, I had a little "secret money" that Mike didn't know about. I feel very lucky that I was able to own this mare. Her foals always had her strong back and tremendous heart girth. She produced 2 World Champions, along with several other great horses. . My program would not be what it is if she hadn't come into my life. Both Fred (Classically) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) are out of her and both are NN. I took a big chance breeding the two of them together but I had confidence that doubling up on Miss Bunny Tardee was a good thing and it would give me many of the attributes of the old mare. I love it that the sire of Rebecca is Ima Cool Skip and the sire of Fred is Kids Classic Style as it adds even more muscle to the equation. As you know, I am elated over the result------Wilma, who by the way, still needs a registered name. I am sure that the "family"---------- Fred, Rebecca and Wilma have a permanent home with me.


October 27, 2015

Juliet (Malibukini) 16.3 mare by Malibu Ken out of Shanes Lady Romantic by Skips Shane.


September 27, 2015

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) left and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) enjoying what is left of our nice weather.

September 24, 2015

It has been a week since I had shoulder surgery and believe me, you don’t realize how much you miss not having the use of two arms. The surgery went well and I was lucky that the rotator cuff was not damaged. However, they had to remove it in order to repair the torn tendons. That means that my arm is in a sling which is secured to my side so that I don’t tear the stitches until it heals. No picture taking, no handling horses, “no cooking or housework” which those of you who know me well, know that I don’t do the cooking and house work anyway. It is driving me crazy to see a pile of manure in a stall and not be able to handle a fork to pick it up. In 2 weeks I see the doctor and hopefully I will be able to “return to my normal routine” I know that is wishful thinking but at least I can hope. I truly appreciate all my friends who have called, messaged me, and even brought and sent me lots of great food. I am a very lucky person to have so many wonderful and caring friends. This is a picture I took of Wilma right before my surgery. I love this NN filly. I think I would even love her if she were by another stallion and out of a different mare, but the fact that she is by Fred (Classically) and out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) is so special for me. Wilma is definitely what I have been breeding for all these years.

September 16, 2015

Beautiful day today in Wisconsin. My orange tree from Lorna Revord is doing great. I have had it over a year now and the flowers she planted in the pot she got in New Mexico are really blooming. Even the little Hawaiian boy that she put in it is enjoying it.

This is Wilma, my pride and joy. She is NN and sired by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) They are half brother--sister, both out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. I have waited so long to get a filly out of Rebecca so I plan to keep Wilma as her replacement. She was 5 months old on September 16.

September 8, 2015

We have not had a very good hay year. We gave one of our third crop cuttings to our neighbor because it got rained on and turned black. We have had so much humidity this week but yesterday Mike was able to bale the other field of third crop alfalfa. It did get a little rain on it but the horses seem to like it. It was a good thing he did because last night we got almost 3 inches of rain. The horses seem to enjoy being outside today even though they are tearing up the grassy lots. I took a couple of pictures of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) even though there was no sun.

Look what I got in the mail today----Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) is now registered both AQHA and APHA. I can hardly wait until next year to breed her to Fred (Classically)

September 5, 2-15

What a wonderful gift I received today. My good friend, Larry Krieger from Michigan made this gorgeous sign for us. He made it several years ago and it has taken all this time to get it. He and LuAnn have been friends of mine since they bought Coolness, a full sister to Olivia (Cooleah) from us many years ago. LuAnn sent 2 bags of her famous cookies too. I am so lucky to have so many good friends and I truly appreciate them. Wait until I get the sign sandblasted (it is metal) and painted white. It will adorn the front of the barn. You know that I will be posting pictures of it.

September 3, 2015

I was talking to a friend this morning and she told me that the Select World was on the internet. I turned it on just in time to watch Remarkable become the Reserve World Champion 3 year old stallion He was shown by Wayne Bell. His sire is My Intention and he is out of Cooleah (Olivia) Good old Olivia has added another world champion to her produce record.

August 29, 2015

Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) NH mare by Misters Pizzazz by Mr Conclusion out of Crystal Mingo by Mr Conclusion.

A different kind of picture---this is Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 2000 NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. She is waiting patiently at the gate to come in the barn and eat. If I tried, I couldn't stand her up any better.

August 27, 2015

Poor Wilma----little does she know that when she comes in the barn tonight, I plan to wean her and turn her recipient mother (Bucky) out with the other mares. I hate to do it, but she is over 4 months old now and it is time for her to be a "big girl". She is NN and sired by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool)

August 20, 2015

1978, Mike and I sold Royal Tailwind to Warren Ploeger but we retained 8 breedings a year to him. In 1981, An Elegant Lady was born to Miss Gypsy Roan. Gypsy was a roan mare by Kays Roan and she crossed really well with Royal. I remember she taught me about producing mares not necessarily being show mares. When she was in Iowa being bred, Warren used her to fill the aged mare class at a show and she placed last. But, I bet she out-produced most the other mares in that class. “Pebbles” as we called her had quite a start in life. Joe St Clair was working for Dr Dennis Briggs and his wife Carol at that time. We were worried about her foaling with no one there so we hauled her over to the Briggs which was about 2 miles from here. That night Mike and I went out to eat with the Briggs and Gypsy decided to foal. The filly was not positions right and Joe called Dr Robert Gay and he arrived and they delivered the baby. Of course, there were no cell phones at that time and when we came back, there was this beautiful roan filly. Pebbles developed into a gorgeous classy filly so we decided to show her that the World Championship show in Oklahoma City. Our friend, John Schulz owned Reds Double Sonny and John Lawrence was taking him to the show. John decided to take his trailer so we went with him to the show. We also hauled another mare by Royal Tailwind that I had sold to a man and he was going to have someone haul her home from Oklahoma City for him. However, a funny twist to this story------his trainer who was a beautiful girl flew up her and bought the mare for him and she was an expensive mare. When we got to the show, we met the new owner who had his son with him. He took us aside and told us that he did not want his wife to know he had bought the mare and his son would tell her, so he couldn’t even go over to the stalls and look at his new purchase. We ended up hauling her back to Wisconsin and he had to make arrangements to send her to a trainer from here. Back to An Elegant Lady and the World Show. The plan was to have John Lawrence, a good friend of ours who normally showed our babies in the futurities, show Pebbles in the weanling filly class. Of course, we were excited. I remember Mike and I and “our group” sitting in the coliseum and watching the class. It was quite a large class and I remember thinking that I sure hoped she placed. As they started calling out the places, I was happy every time they called out a number and it wasn’t her. However, when they got below 8th place and they still hadn’t called her number, I started to worry that she wasn’t even going to get a ribbon. I thought please let her get something and as each placing was announced, I kept getting more discouraged. Finally they called her number and she placed 4th. We were overjoyed----after all coming from Wisconsin with a home fit baby and placing 4th was unbelievable for me. When we went back to the stall, there was a couple waiting for us and they wanted to buy the filly. We ended up selling her for what we thought was a great price. We celebrated and even bought Mike a Stetson hat for $150.00. He wore it at the show but never wore it after that. I guess I just can’t make him into a “cowboy”. Over the years, I have raised several World Champions but that was the only time we actually took a horse to the World Show. I think I attended every World Show from then on but I started leaving Mike at home. The reason for that was that he is not a “horse person” like I am and he got bored watching the sale and the show. It also made me nervous knowing that he was waiting for me to do things with him. Thus, every year, I go to the World Show and meet all my “horse friends” and we have a great time. I am looking forward to going again this year. I am sure I will have a good time and I can’t wait to visit with all of my “horse friends” and see some great horses.

Our good friend, Dickie Kaufmann installed a new LED light on the end of one of our barns. We had an old mercury vapor light there for years. It sure makes a difference. Now, if I can only convince him to put some more lights up for us.

August 15, 2015

Years ago, Jerry Vawter sent me a sketch that he did of "The Perfect Horse" Thought you would enjoy it. I think it is awesome.

July 26, 2015

Lazy day in Wisconsin----the heat and humidity has come and the horses are not enjoying it. Good to have them outside early because they will want to come back in around noon. Of course, Wilma is relaxing in the cool grass with a few "bird friends."


July 25, 2015

Looking through some old pictures, I found this photo of the hind leg of Miss Bunny Tardee. She was by Tardee Impressive and out of Bunny Nightshade by Sonnys Nightshade. She is the dam of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Fred (Classically) Both of them are NN but both have a lot of muscle and big hind legs.

Finally second cutting hay finished. Now to unload it and find room for it. And, it is hot and muggy in Wisconsin.

July 25, 2015

I think I am going to "give up" on my plane pictures. I am tired of watching the sky and running out with my camera every time I hear an airplane. Today I snapped a picture of Bucky (Winfatuation) the 16.1 surrogate mother of Wilma and also the only flying things I got pictures of were birds.

July 22, 2015

My airplane sighting for today-----wonder where the 10,000 planes at the EAA are flying? Evidently not over our place.


July 22, 2015

What do you think I am doing today? Well, the reason I am taking pictures of my horses is because I am waiting for airplanes to fly over our place so I can photograph them. The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) is having their annual meeting in Oshkosh, Wisconsin which is about 7 miles from us. Each year more than 10,000 planes and 750,000 people descend on the small community of Oshkosh for their annual convention. It is like the World Horse Show for airplane enthusiasts. People come from all over the world and you cannot find a motel around our area to stay in. People also rent their homes to visitors. In the past I have taken pictures of the Good Year Blimp and the War Birds. Hopefully when the actual show starts at 4, more of them will fly over our place.

Below is an aluminum replica of he B-17G American heavy bomber that helped turn the tide of the battle in World War ll. It is one of the features of the EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh Wisconsin this week. They are giving rides on the plane and I imagine it is quite an adventure. However, the price is $475.00 a ride. They are flying over our place and out over Lake Winnebago.


July 21, 2015

 Mike is doing what he really enjoys, cutting grass. He has a new Cub Cadet (sorry Mindy) and he loves it. Sure a change from being a senator.

It couldn't be a prettier day in Wisconsin---80 degrees, no humidity, beautiful sun, and a light wind. The babies are really enjoying it. Classy (Classically out of Time to Play Girl) is eating and of course Wilma (Classically and Rebecca) is doing what she does best----resting with her mother.

July, 2015

Mares just enjoying the sun at Ellis Quarter Horses...Luvin Pizzazz, 16 hand NH mare by Misters Pizzazz by Mr Conclusion out of Crystal Mingo by Mr Conclusion.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) has a friend. Luvin Pizzazz (Jackie) my new mare arrived on Friday night. She is by Misters Pizzazz out of Crystal Mingo. Both her sire and dam are by Mr Conclusion. She stands 16 hands tall and is NH. I love her and want to thank Carl and Kelly Schuring for selling her to me. I think Fred (Classically) will love her too.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool)

Luvin Pizzazz (Jackie)

This is what Ann Lanning had to say about the pedigree of my new mare Luvin PIzzazz (Jackie). Bill and Ann Lanning managed Mr Conclusion all the while he was at Edgewood Farm and they are "experts" on the pedigrees of his offspring Ann Hunnicutt Lanning Hi sorry to be so slow in getting back to you in answer to your questions about the family of your LOVELY new mare, LUVIN PIZZAZZ. She is so nice...... and what a great addition to your great broodmare band. She certainly has some strong breeding behind her as you pointed out. To share a little bit of information with you on some of those horses in her pedigree...... Her sire, MISTERS PIZZAZZ, (who I named - was raised by EWFarms)....... and his sire was MR CONCLUSION. The dam of MISTERS PIZZAZZ was JACKIE TE. "JACKIE" was a Reserve WC as a 2 yr. old and again as an Aged Mare. She also proved herself to be a good producer with her offspring earning in excess of 500+ pts. On the bottom side of your mare's breeding, CRYSTAL MINGO was also a daughter of MR CONCLUSION. She was raised by the Dwayne Lewis family of Kearney, Nebraska. CRYSTAL MINGO was another good producing mare and her offspring accumulated more than 600 pts. ANCHORS MISS MINGO earned 2 WC Youth titles as a 2 & 3 yr. old mare (shown by Kimble Lewis) and they bred her to MR CONCLUSION....and that hopefully gives you a little bit of history on the horses in your mare's background. Again I'm sorry it took me a while to get back to you but I had to put my "thinking cap" on and dig back in my memory a little bit. LOL

TTT (Time To Playgirl)

Juliet (Malibukini) gray mare, NN and  TTT (Time To Playgirl), sorrel mare, NN
Both are in foal to Fred (Classically) for 2016.

Juliet (Malibukini)

Barbie (Intentionalee) left and Star (Call One for Me) right.  Both NN mares!

The mare with the ragged halter on is Call One For Me, a 2007 NN mare by Call Me Phenomenal out of KBS Obvious Cowgirl by Obviously a Cowboy and out of Kitty Bar Bright. The mare behind is Barbie (Intentionalee) 3 years old and also NN by My Intention out of Kids Classic Gal by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal by Dandy Seeker. Both mare are at least 16 hands tall.


June 19, 2015

We are cutting hay today and raking the field we cut on Wednesday. We should have cut it 3 weeks ago but it has been raining every other day and the alfalfa is getting old. We decided to take a chance even though the weather man predicts rain (but he has been wrong before) Mike is raking and Bob is cutting. Mike loves doing hay. It is so relaxing for him and now that he is retired from being a senator, much less stressful.

 One of the most beautiful sites for a horse person.  The hay is baled and it is beautiful!!!


June 16, 2015

My poor mares have to deal with nothing but mud. Juliet (Malibukini) and Time To Play Girl in their dirty shelter as it is too wet to drive in there to clean it. I weaned the filly on Time To Play Girl last Tuesday.

June 16, 2015

Sterling arrived at his new home yesterday. It seems so different without him here. He is now owned by Rancho La Chimenea and he will have an opportunity to prove himself as a show horse and a breeding stallion. He i NN and sired by I Gotta Cool Secret, out of Juliet (Malibukini) The ranch is located in Sonora, Mexico and they raise quality quarter horses and paints, champion Charbray cattle, registered Red Brangus cattle, and big game, including desert bighorn sheep, desert mule deer and desert whitetail deer. Ranco La Chimenea was featured in a 2007 issue of Western Horseman magazine. They are also the first ranch in Mexico to be accepted into the AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders Program. Thank you Enrique Molina and Ricardo Platt for giving Sterling the chance that he deserves. This picture was taken after his long trip from Wisconsin so he looks a bit tired but I am sure that in a few days he will be back to his own self.

"Polly Peony" is just starting to bloom. Roseanne Albert sent this plant to me years ago when I lost my beautiful Kid Clu filly to a freak accident. She kept the "sister plant" and she emailed me today to ask how I was doing. Funny thing, I had just taken a picture of the plant. Miss Bunny Tardee and Molly, our dog both have their monuments beside the plant. I sure do miss both of them.

Beautiful day in Wisconsin before it rains again tomorrow. What could be more enjoyable than to watch Rebecca and Fred's little girl enjoying her day outside in the sun.

Fred's little girl is Rebecca's (You Bet Im Cool) embryo. We implanted it in the buckskin mare last year. Not only does she get her body from Fred but she also gets it from her mother, Rebecca. And, to think that all three of them are NN.

June 22, 2015

AQHA is celebrating 75 years of being an association. 25 years ago, they sent me this 18 by 24 framed picture celebrating their 50 year anniversary. The reason they sent it to me was that Impressivist, who we owned was pictured on it. Can you find him on the picture?


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