February 4, 2019

This is my view today. I wasn’t going to mention anything but having time to think about it , I hope this post will help prevent a similar thing won’t happen to you. So here goes: 10 days ago, the weather in Neenah, Wisconsin was 30 below zero with the wind chill. I was finishing my outside chores and was graining the last two mares in their outside shelter. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon and it was bitterly cold. We have 2 big feeders in the shelter, one on each side. I dumped grain in one of them and one of the mares started eating. The other mare followed me to the other feeder when the mare who was eating decided to chase her. The mare tried to avoid me but she was too close so she bumped me with her shoulder and knocked me to the ground. I really didn’t hurt that much but I couldn’t get up. By then the mares were running around the shelter and I was afraid I would get stepped on. No way could I move. Thank God I had my phone with me. Sometimes I don’t take it but recently I have been keeping track on how many steps I am walking. I am also lucky it didn’t break as it was in the rear pocket of my jeans on the side I fell on. I called my neighbor, Jack Cowling who lives about 2 miles from me. He eventually found me laying in the shelter. I was like “dead weight” and in terrible pain when I moved my leg. He called his wife, Karen Cowling and she drove her SUV down and they were eventually able to get me in the vehicle and take me to the Emergency room at the hospital. I don’t think I have ever been in so much pain and be so cold. Xrays showed that I broke my femur so I had surgery Saturday morning and they put a rod in my leg. After a few days in the hospital, I was moved to this Rehabilitation facility. I am doing really well and think I will be home this week. I am telling you this in hope that it will make you remember to always have some way to contact someone when you are alone. I am sure that even if I would have been able to crawl to the shelter door , I wouldn’t have been able to open it, crawl all the way to the house, open that door and call for help.

January 21, 2019

Going through some old photos and came across this article today. I loved Tardee Impressive. In fact, the mare that is the foundation of my program is by him---Miss Bunny Tardee. I bred to him when he was at Bill Morris' in Texas, and also Bob Lee and I bred to him when he was in California and at Will Woods in Texas when the government stood him. Back then, there was no shipped semen, you had to take your mare to the stallion.

January 18, 2019

Remember when I told you last week about Exclusivist and that I would continue the story. Well here it is: I Am The Mister was a 1997 sorrel stallion by Mr Conclusion out of Miss Impressive Step by Sir Impressive. If you remember, we sold half interest in Exclusivist to Joe Edge and he became a Reserve World Champion and was sold for a lot of money. When Joe bought half interest in Exclusivist, he also gave us a free breeding to Mr Conclusion. At that time there was no shipped semen, so when Ann Hunnicutt Lanning's brother picked the mare and colt up to take to Edgewood Farm, they bred her for us. On April 3 of the following year, I Am The Mister was born and he was gorgeous. By this time, Mr Conclusion had been sold to the Perrys in Florida so I sent pictures of the colt (in fact the same picture I posted with this story) to Mr Perry. He called me and was interested in buying him. Evidently Joe Edge heard about the colt and contacted me about buying him too. I guess I thought at the time I should contact the present owner of the stallion. Well, Joe proposed the same deal on this colt as he had done with Exclusivist and he didn’t even come to see him this time. He paid us $50,000 for half interest and assumed all the expenses of hauling, fitting and showing him. He again sent him to Ted Turner to be readied for the World Show, even though the colt was an April foal. One day Joe called to tell us that he had a buyer for the colt for an unbelievable amount of money. I thought we had gotten a lot for the last one, but this was $50,000 more. I was all excited when I went to the World Show and the colt that the new owner named I Am The Mister was named World Champion weanling stallion. He was prepared and shown to perfection by Ted Turner Jr.. Joe Edge was very good to me. He gave me the trophy and the World Champion buckle and even the prize winnings from the show. I suppose you wonder what happened to I Am The Mister. Well, Joe and us were paid for half of him and the person who bought him ran into financial trouble. Before we could collect the other half, the colt died. We did have our half insured for the amount that we originally sold the colt to Joe for so we did quite well on the sale. It is too bad that they lost this colt as he would have made his mark on the industry. Horses have been very good to us over the years. I never had a lot of money with which to buy mares----in fact Miss Impressive Step was given to me as a yearling in exchange for 2 months board on a mare and filly that the owner had at our place to breed to Impressivist.

Bitter cold in Wisconsin so posting this old picture of Miss Bunny Tardee and her daughter Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) breathing frosty air. Great memories from the past.

January 10, 2019

Time goes so fast. Today this memory popped up on my Face Book and it seemed as though it only happened yesterday. It was definitely a "life changing" event in my life. Throw Back Thursday-----Exclusivist and Joe Edge. In 1995, Miss Impressive Step foaled a sorrel stud colt by Mr Conclusion. He was gorgeous and as you know I like to take pictures. I sent pictures to Edgewood Farm and lo and behold Joe Edge called me and was interested in coming to see the colt. Being just a nobody in the quarter horse world, I was a nervous wreck to have him visit. Well, the day arrived and Joe and a friend flew into Oshkosh and we picked him up at the airport. He had his sandals and shorts on and was so down to earth. We borrowed my brother-in-law's Cadillac as we only had an older small car. I had nothing to be nervous about as Joe was very down to earth. I am sure he thought the car was ours; however, we didn't know how to operate the reclining seat so I touched the button and the seat reclined so I rode with the seat back. Joe really liked the colt and offered to buy half interest in him for $50,000. The deal was that he would pay all expenses on him from that time on, plus give us a rebreed to Miss Impressive Step. Ann Hunnicutt Lanning's brother who was also so down to earth, drove to Wisconsin and picked up the colt and Miss Impressive Step. Over the next months I really got to know Joe and Bill and Ann Hunnicutt Lanning and what wonderful people they are. That fall Joe had Ted Turner Jr. show the colt that I named Exclusivist at the World Show and he was Reserve World Champion to Clu Heir. After the class, Joe came up to me and told me that Ted had a buyer for the colt for a lot of money. We sold him and unfortunately he died before he was able to make his mark on the quarter horse world. There is another chapter to this story as Miss Impressive Step had another stud colt but I will tell you about that in another Throw Back Thursday. The sale of Exclusivist did a lot to help us financially. We fixed up our place as we pay for things as we get money to do it. It also proved that a small horse breeder from Wisconsin can raise a colt that can become a World Champion.

January 9, 2019

Sudden change in weather in Wisconsin. Very windy and cold with a wind chill below 0. Horses were inside for 2 days because I didn't want to get deep hoof prints in the mud. They were a bit lively today and it is icy. In keeping with the black and white photos, I snapped a picture of Wilma (Classically Kool) She is now 4 years old and is NN. Sired by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) I had always heard that when you inbreed horses (Rebecca and Fred are half brother-sister) the resulting foal is small. Well, that is not the case with Wilma as she now measures 16.3 at the withers and even taller at that hip.


January 6, 2019

Sitting here this morning, I started thinking about my childhood and how much things have changed. “Back then” everything seemed much easier---we had no cell phones, computers, no gun violence, no political fighting. Of course, people had their ups and downs but I wish the younger generation could experience what I did as a child. I have always loved horses. I remember playing on the floor with miniature soldiers and Indians, of course they were on horses. I also remember “galloping” (actually running) slapping my side, making believe I was riding a horse. On the Christmas when I got my pony, I think I was the happiest little girl in the world. This is how it was back then. We kept Ginger, the pony in a barn behind our house. Other people kept their ponies in their garages in town. I remember that my dad would call the cab and Ginger would ride in the back seat when I wanted to go somewhere. Since he was a doctor, we took Ginger into the New London, Wisconsin hospital. I still remember walking her down the hallway and going through the swinging doors into the kitchen. The nuns were the cooks and Sister Jean would give Ginger cookies. We also took her on the elevator to see some of the patients. I taught Ginger many tricks and sometimes we would have a “circus” and different people would show off their pets. I also remember taking Ginger in the back seat of our car all the way to Larsen, Wisconsin as my aunt was a teacher in a one room schoolhouse and she wanted to show her to her students. Those were good old days and when I look back at how simple life was, I am happy I was able to experience it. I think this world would be a better place if things were still like they were back then.

January 5, 2019

Took a picture this morning of Pebbles who is by Fred (Classically) out of Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) and Gabriel the donkey. It is hard to believe that they were both the same size. But, then again, I suppose it is a new year and Pebbles is now a yearling.

I absolutely love the two NN mares I bought from Wade Yager and Heather Olson! I was looking at them today and I don't think I could have found any I like better. The one with the blaze is Righteous Indulgence and she is by Righeous Mister and out of The Sharpest Edge by Mr Conclusion. The other one is TF Kids Covergirl and she is by Kid Coolsified out of the great mare, Fashions By Mister by Mr Conclusion. Not only are they nice to look at, but they are also great to handle and both love attention. I really never intended to buy any mares but after selling the three mares to Pam N Jim Jacobs, my "horse addiction" took over. Now my numbers are back to 7 mares, Fred (Classically), Pebbles and the donkey. I think I can handle that.

January 4, 2019

Leonor Yberri posted this picture of Sterrling. If you remember him, he was out of Malibukini who was by Malibu Ken and out of Shanes Lady Romantic. His sire was I Gotta Cool Secret. He has been living in Mexico and Leonor says they are very pleased with his first foal crops. She also told me that she plans to fit and show him at a big show this spring. I had never visited with Leonor before but we had a wonderful conversation and she is truly a great horsewoman. It makes me happy to find a new friend who loves horses like I do. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with her and of course, following Sterrling. After all, he is part of "my family."

Malibukini, the dam of Sterring. She stood 16.3 and this is a picture of took of her the day she left for Terry and Tammy Bradshaws. Of course, you all know Sterring's sire, I Gotta Cool Secret, owned by Bill Huckabee.

January 3, 2019

Ellis Quarter Horses in Neenah, Wisconsin this time of the year.

January 1, 2019

As I look at Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) in the beautiful snow this first morning of 2019, it is hard to believe that she is now 19 years old and I am even older. Life has passed so fast and who knows what the future will bring. A year ago, I never thought I would be alone on this day and I guess most of you live life the same way. I know one thing-----I am thankful for all the friends and support I have. I know I could not continue to live life the way I am without it. I wish each and every one of you the best New Year ever and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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