March 6, 2020

I just had to share this post that Rich Fortner posted in his group. Many of us loved Skipa Star.

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March 5, 2020

Well, I guess I am not able to keep my birthday a secret this year so I guess I will write a little something about my life. I was lucky enough to have had wonderful parents who brought me up to appreciate good values and to respect others. I had a great childhood living in the small town of New London, Wisconsin where there was no crime and it seems as though everyone knew every one else. I must have been born with a "love of horses" because I far back as I can remember, horses were a big part of my life. From the time I got my pony Ginger to the present, there was never a day that horse hasn't been in my life. And, I think that will be the case until I die. My grandfather was a blacksmith so perhaps that is where I got my love of horses. Thinking back, Dixie a grade palomino was my first big horse, followed by Butterscotch another grade palomino mare. I still remember going to Vic Quakenbush's in Appleton, Wisconsin and my father bought a 2 year old registered quarter horse for me. She was a red dun and her name was Hank's J Liz,. She was sired by Wolf Hank by Hank H by King P234. Her dam was Rocksprings Sis by Honey Boy Cruse. I showed her at all the open shows in our area. In fact, my parents wanted me to go to a private college but I couldn't take my horse there, so I convinced them that I should go to Oshkosh State College where I was able to keep LIz at the fairgrounds. Well, enough of my early life with horses. As you all know, horses are still a major part of my daily routine, although I have cut the numbers down considerably. I plan to try to get that "illusive embryo" out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and also breed her daughter Wilma (Classically Kool) this year. And hopefully I will be lucky enough to get another out of Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) I no longer have the desire to make a lot of money with my horses, I just want to try raise a few foals that I enjoy looking at. I am so thankful for all the friends and support I have had, especially since losing Mike who was my biggest supporter. Rest assured, I intend to continue to post on Face Book and I do have many lifetime stories that I can tell you. Maybe I will even get the courage to disclose some of the happenings from my past. But we shall see about that.

March 2, 2020

I just had to share this great post from Cindy Buchanan. I grew up idolizing Hank Wiescamp and just being able to see actual pictures someone took at his place made my morning.

Skippers King and Ed Carson, January 1976

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March 1, 2020

Remember when I told you about the sturgeon spearing and the Polar Plunge into Lake Winnebago? In case you didn't know, Lake Winnebago is the largest fresh water lake in Wisconsin and it is right across from Ellis Quarter Horses. It is 30 miles long and 10 miles wide and encompasses 137,700 acres. Well, today my neighbor Stacy Schmitzer Frakes posted this picture of what someone carved into the ice. She said the letters are 250 feet high. I am sure that is is visible to the many airplanes landing at Appleton National Airport as the planes fly over Lake Winnebago to land there.

February 27, 2020

Today I am going to tell you about The Solid Gold Futurity. John Narmont of Illinois started the Solid Gold Futurity in 1984. It was held every year in Springfield, Illinois. John was able to get the state of Illinois' legislature to appropriate funds to finance it. He convinced them that it was a major boost to the economy of Illinois because of the many people who came from all over the United States to participate in it. I think that some of our current futurities such as the Breeders Halter Futurity, the Big Money Futurity and the World Conformation Futurity resemble it other than the Solid Gold was financed by the state of Illinois. There was a lot of advertising going on with the event. I remember that many people had license plates with the name "Solid Gold" on them and I still have a gold pin with a picture of the state of Illinois and Solid Gold Futurity on it. Since the prize money was sponsored by the state, participants could win a lot of money and they also had gorgeous trophies that they awarded to both the horse that won and the stallion owner whose stallion sired that colt. There were some pleasure classes but most of the event centered around halter. Most of the classes had over 50 entries and some had a lot more. It was nothing to stand out there for hours while it was judged. I remember my good friend, Russ Nagel had to go to the bathroom during a class and someone had to hold his horse while he was gone. I think they had 5 judges but I am not sure anymore. All in all, it was a big big event. It was nothing for someone to bring several babies and come away with close to $20,000. I know that my good friend, Donna Davis would usually leave with over $15,000. At that time we owned Impressivist and he had many entries in the futurity. I can count 7 trophies in my office from it---most of them for being the stallion owner. I remember the wonderful times we had in Springfield and some of the great horses I got to see there as babies. One in particular was Noble Tradition. Jim Fuller had him there and he was incredible I think he won under all 5 judges. I also got to see Sheza Perfect Clue as a baby. I remember all the muscle definition on her and also that she was a bit shakey in her legs. Another colt that was there as a baby and who I really liked was Touchdown Kid. He did not place real high but he was so balanced and so pretty that I couldn't help but like him. I am sure there are many more great ones that got their start at the Solid Gold Futurity. I was just told that Sparkling Conclusion won it as a yearling and I also remember Lois Layne winning it as a yearling. At the time of the futurity, I was breeding several mares to Tardee Impressive and dealing with Bill Morris. I had also talked on the phone to the owner of Tardee Impressive and had planned to meet him while in Springfield. Well, Bill Morris was showing a colt in the ring and as he stood along the rail waiting for the placings, I leaned over and was visiting with him. I asked about Jorge Valdez and he told me that I wasn't going to meet him that day as the federal agents had just arrested him in Springfield and taken him to prison on drug charges. Boy, was I in shock. Those were fun times and I hope that our new futurities can help revive the horse business and bring more excitement into it. . I know it will never be like it was "back then" but our industry certainly needs a boost.

February 23, 2020

Nothing like starting them young. Today Charles Lauer brought his daughter Charlie Pitzen and Magnolia, her and Ryan's 4 and 1/2 month old daughter to see the horses. Of course, Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) was enjoying the attention. I think she wanted to eat Magnolia's nook..

February 22, 2020

Today I am going to tell you the "story" of Henrietta (Miss Carri Clue) She was a 1998 NH mare by Clueman who was and HH by Obvious Conclusion , out of Miss Bunny Tardee. Her dam was Prophetic Win who was by Obvious Prophet out of Impress Me Win by Impressive. I bought Dottie (Propehtic Win) as a yearling at the World Show. She was owned by Cliff and Robin Bales and had places in the top 10 in her class. Jil Hinds and I were hurrying to get to the airport and happened to walk down Jason Smith's aisle. Well, Dottie was cross tied and I took one look at her and fell in love. She was not big but had a gorgeous head, her neck could have been longer but it tied in high and her back was outstanding, as were her heart girth and hocks. Robin wanted to buy a weanling filly but felt terrible about selling Dottie. So I bought Dottie on the spur of the moment----you know how you are on a "high" when a horse you raised wins the World and that is what happened. A Mr Conclusion colt we raised was WC Weanling stallion. When I got home Mike had a fit about me buying a horse and all I heard for months was "we didn't need another horse and why did I spend all that money to buy her?" When Dottie was 3 years old, I decided to breed her to Clueman (Big Al as everyone called him) Now, back then people didn't know much about HYPP and Clueman was HH and Dottie was NH. Since we owned both mare and stallion and I wanted to cross them with each other, I decided to do it. Well, this is where Miss Carri Clu got the name of "Henrietta" We were live covering Clueman and believe me, he was not an aggressive breeder. He would look everywhere instead of at the mare. I think he enjoyed the cats playing in the hay more than he did breeding. At that time, Dr Travis James Henry was our vet and he was helping us with the breeding. Dottie was ready but Al was not very interested. Finally he decided that he would breed her. Dr Henry was holding the mare and when Big Al went to jump, he scared her and she bolted forward. We tried everything to get her to stand. Finally the stallion mounted her and again the mare started to move forward. Dr Henry grabbed her ear, twisted it and even resorted to biting it. Thank heaven we got her bred. From that time on, we decided that when the foal was born, it would be named either Henry if it was a boy or Henrietta if a girl. When Dottie was in foal, Carri Ehrich came to visit and decided she wanted to buy Dottie. I gave her one price for the mare alone and another for the mare in foal. She decided to just buy the mare as the foal could be HH. I didn't blame her because what are the odds of breeding NH to HH and not getting an HH foal? The next year Carri called to tell me that Dottie had a filly. I asked her what she looked like and all she could say was that she was pretty and had huge forearms. We immediately tested her for HYPP and she tested NH. I brought the filly, now called "Henrietta" back to Wisconsin from Iowa after she was weaned. She stayed here and then as a yearling, I had some big time trainers visit and they tried to buy the yearling. I sent pictures to Carri as I figured she should have first chance if I sold her. Henrietta, who was named Miss Carri Clu after Carri, made her way back to Rock Rapids, Iowa. There she became a great producer for Carri. The mare was not huge but she had so much pretty and so much muscle. She was the dam of Exceptional Candy, who was NN and had more muscle than most NH horses. When Carri decided to get out of horses and raise Bernese Mountain dogs, she sold Henreitta to Barb Deale . Barb kept her a few years and sold her to Brandon Kay where she lived out her life.

February 19, 2020

Looking at all the newborn foals on Face Book, I thought perhaps I should think about breeding my mares. I have had them under lights but haven't even set up the ultrasound to check them. Of course, I have been dealing with getting Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) sound enough to embryo. But I also have Wilma (Classically Kool) who I plan to breed this year. Today was going to be the day, however when I talked to Leah Gloudemans this morning and she reminded me that the wind chill is _11 today, I think perhaps I will postpone that project until a better day temperature wise.

February 18, 2020

Today let me tell you about Dandy Dee Gal who we called (PDS) In the summer of 1996, I was having trouble with my barn automatic fly system so I called Larry Johnston from Iowa who sells them. In the course of our conversation I asked him if he knew of any good mares as he traveled to many horse farms in the Iowa area and maintained their systems and I also knew that there were many good mares in Iowa. He thought a bit and then told me that he had seen a really good young mare at Bernard Fairchild's in Linn Grove, Iowa. Bernard had the stallion Dandy Seeker and I always loved the Goldseeker Bar bred horses. I called Bernard and his son, Dave sent me a video of Dandy Dee Gal. At that time, Dandy Seeker was dead and the Fairchilds were promoting his son Dandy Dee Bar. This stallion was producing some great pleasure horses. I really liked the mare on the video but thought that I needed to go and see her in person. I talked Mike into going on a "vacation" to Iowa and we made the trip to Linn Grove. We arrived that evening and went out to see the mare. In my lifetime there have been very few times that I looked at a horse that gave me an "inner thrill" We were in an old barn and when Dave led Dandy Dee Gal, that is how I felt. There in front of me was this 15.3 mare with a beautiful head, short archy back, and huge hanging hip. I knew then and there that I wanted her but I had a little problem. PDS as they called her (which stood for Pretty Darm Special) belonged to Arlene, Bernard's wife and another problem was that she was priced higher than I could spend. I told the Fairchilds that we were going to go to our motel but would be back in the morning. Mike and I had a nice meal (at Taco Johns) and all the while I was plotting as to how I could buy the mare. In the morning we went back to the farm. When they got the mare out again, I liked her even more that I did the night before. After visiting with them, they told me they would take $12,500 for her. That was a problem as I did not have that much money to spend. Of course, Mike who was not a horse person was not award of our conversation as he was in the vehicle studying his politics. You know how us "horse women" are ---I had some "secret money" but I did not have that much. The Fairchilds were wonderful people and after a lot of begging, they agreed to sell me the mare for $10,000. What a happy girl I was on the way back to Wisconsin and Mike had no idea as to what I paid for her. PDS turned out to be a great producer for us, producing a World Champion along with many other really good horses. I had to put her down at age 24 as she had trouble getting up and I was afraid she would get down outside in the freezing weather and we wouldn't be around to find her. I still have one of her daughters, Janie (Kids Classic Gal) and she has the beautiful head and big hip PDS always put on her foals. On a side note, when I got PDS home and sent pictures of her to Dudley Pillow, he decided we needed to take a trip to Linn Grove Iowa and look at the other horses that the Fairchild's had. By that time, he was enthused about the Leo Goldseeker horses and Dandy Seeker and Leo Goldseeker were half brothers, both by Goldseeker Bars. Dudley and I met in Iowa and went out to see the horses. It was very cold the time of the year that we went and I don't think Dudley had ever experienced cold like that. Dudley ended up buying the dam of Dandy Dee Gal (PDS) She was a 16 plus mare by Dandy Seeker and she had a split in he hoof. from an injury. Dudley gave her the nickname "Two Toes" Her real name was Ima Seekers Gal. He also bought another filly by Dandy Dee Bar. We eventually ended up buying "Two Toes" from Dudley and he told me she was not longer Two Toes as her hoof at grown out. Those were times when you could find good horses at different places in the Midwest. Iowa and Nebraska had a lot of great ones that most people didn't even know existed. Today the only new horse flesh I see is when I go to the Breeders Halter Futurity or the World Show or on Face Book. Some day I will tell you about my other "escapades" buying horses but this is enough for today.

February 18, 2020

It is 30 degrees "above" zero today and Fred (Classically) is enjoying this heat wave by taking a nap in the snow.

February 14, 2020

The other day I told you about Sturgeon spearing in Wisconsin. Well, if you are not into fishing and want to participate in some of our winter activities, perhaps you would like to do the "Polar Plunge" It takes place today and tomorrow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin which is 5 miles from me. The Plunge is to raise money for the Special Olympic Wisconsin and what they do it cut a large whole in the ice on Lake Winnebago. Groups of people jump into the freezing water and people donate for the "cause" Take note of my thermometer this morning before you leave your warm home and rush to participate in this event.

February 13, 2020

Last Saturday Sturgeon spearing started on Lake Winnebago which is across the road from our place. This year, due to the warm winter weather the ice was not very thick on the lake. There are only 2 lakes in the United States that allow sturgeon spearing and Lake Winnebago is one of them, along with the upper lakes around here. The season lasts 16 days or until the fish quota is reached. People eat the caviar out of the sturgeon. The sturgeon are primitive fish that eat from the bottom of the lake. For those of you who have never heard of them, they are the largest freshwater fish in North America. They can live to be over 100 years old and can be over 6 feet long and weight 150 pounds. "Wisconsinites" set up shanties with heaters in them and of courses some beverages and food and drill a hole though the ice.. Then they put their decoys in the water and wait for a fish to swim by so they can spear it. Our local bars have bands and entertainment and it is a big event here. Today and tomorrow we are going to have cold weather with maybe a wind chill of 25 below zero. The "spearers " will like that but I will be happy when the temperatures. return to the above normal ones we had this year. I noticed that there are not the normal number of shanties on the ice and the other events, like snow mobile racing is not going on. Still the big tents are set up and there is a lot of partying going on.

February 10, 2020

Isn't this a pretty 5 panel NN mare by Kid Coolsified out of Fashions by Mister by Mr Conclusion? She is one of the mares I bought from Wade Yager and Heather Olson last year. Guess what her name is? Heather of course.

This is the other NN mare that I bought from Wade Yager and Heather Olson. The two came together and since I named the one Heather, I started calling this one "Wade" Well, I decided she is too pretty to call Wade so Leah Gloudemans named her Clara. I don't know that I am too fond of that name but----. Clara, whose real name is Righteous Indulgence is by Righteous Mister and out of Fashions by Mister by Mr Conclusion. I like the fact that my good friend, Bob Lee showed her in the Iowa Breeders Futurity as a baby.


Guess who has a blanket on this morning. I guess when it is below zero with the wind chill and a horse has been under lights it is only right to blanket them? We shall she if Wilma (Classically Kool) has her blanket in one piece or in shreds when she comes in tonight. I did spray half a bottle of Rap Last on it. Maybe that is the reason she is sticking out her tongue. That stuff is deadly.

I rarely throw things away and came across this business card from Kerner Country Farm. Years ago, right after Mike and I were married, Ed and Sandy Kerner and their trainer, Johnny Brown came to see some gray fillies by Bar Fly Bailey. He was a AAA AQHA Champion stallion I owned when I met Mike. They didn't buy anything but we became friends. At that time they owned a gray stallion and his name has slipped my mind. A few years later, they stepped up and bought a great halter mare and Mr Peppy Burner. I remember calling Sandy when these two horses were Grand at the Denver Stock Show. Well, over the years they purchased some great mares to compliment Mr Peppy Burner. I flew to Michigan when Dudley Pillow wanted to buy a daughter of The Barn Burner and took a video of her and all their mares. I still have the tape but it is on the old beta format. I did not like the mare that well for the price, and Dudley did not buy her. It is interesting where and how you make new friends through the horse industry and how their lives and our lives change from the time you meet them until now.

February 9, 2020

Beautiful winter day i n Wisconsin. I bet Betty (My Secret Luv) wishes she were in her new home in Germany today.

February 9, 2020

About a week ago, Erin Matte sent me this picture of Skips Shana sleeping. I asked her how old she is and she told me 26. It seems like just a few years ago she was born. Erin asked me why we called her "Jakette" and I told her the history of her ancestry. Jakette was sired by Skips Shane and was out of Impressivista, a 1985 mare by Impressivist. We raised Impressivista who we called "Beta" and she was out of Tiffany Tailwind, a 1975 mare by Mr Tailwind out of Jakes Jewell. Here is the story. Jakes Jewell was a 1962 bay mare by Little Jake Hudson out of Brooks Nell. I was teaching school in Fort Benton, Montana and wanted to buy this mare in the worst way. Back then, there was no DNA on horses and some people who had multiple herds would just go and draw markings on the foals and register them out of mares who were not their dams. I was told that Jakes Jewell who was registered out of Brooks Nell was actually out of Jackys Baby, a World Champion Barrel horse. I imagine they registered her that way because Jackys Baby was out of a thoroughbred mare thus she would be appendix. I took out a loan to by Jakes Jewell who was barely halter broke. I knew her sire, Little Jake Hudson well. He was an old horse when I was around him. He was owned by the Western Ranch Company and was sired in 1944. His sire was Ace of Diamonds and he was out of Koonz Quarter Mare He was a match racehorse in Louisiana and I was told he had outrun Miss Panama. I remember Jake as a small, very heavily bodied horse with an ugly head. You would think that Jakes Jewell would have become gentle after being handled all those years but we still had to keep a catch lead on her in order to catch her.

February 6, 2020

We are all aware of how high health care is today. Even if you have insurance, you may still have to pay a portion of the bill which is devastating to so many. Two of my nieces, Alyssa Verhasselt and Aubrey Baehman Schramm sent me this article from the Waupaca County Sheriffs post on Face Book. If you remember, my father, Dr Schmallenberg was a doctor in New London, Wisconsin and this article shows the charges that he gave to a patient after an accident. It also shows the charges to fix the vehicle and pictures of the accident. Quite a change from charges today.

February 2, 2020

I am so sad to hear this news. I had such wonderful conversations about horses with Jim Duncan over the years. We will all miss him.

February 2, 2020

"Global warming" has really ruined some of our local events in Wisconsin. It is hard to believe that the temperature may hit 50 today. Yesterday was the "Walk Across Winnebago" and due to the warm weather, the ice was not thick enough for people to walk the 10 miles across from the lake. However, this did not stop people from celebrating and still having a great time. The Walk Across Lake Winnebago originally started in 2003. Over the past several years it has continued to grow into an afternoon of laughter, friendship, craziness, and fun! The Payne's Point Hook & Spear Fishing Club monitors the ice conditions and plows the road if there are 12 inches of ice or more. Since 2010, they have donated $50,000 to The Neenah Animal Shelter, $2,930 to the City of Menasha K9 Unit, $23,535 to City of Neenah K9 Unit and $6,000 to the Neenah-Menasha Water Rescue. This year, Walk Across Lake Winnebago''s goal is to raise funds for the Neenah-Menasha-Water Rescue Team. Yesterday the buses still carried the people "around" the lake to Bobbers Bar in Hilbert for a few Bloody Marys and other beverages. Then the buses came back to our two local bars, Mikees Paynes Point Bar and the Vicnland Still and Grill, where both places had bands. I am sure a fun time was had by everyone. I am wondering with this warming trend, what Sturgeon spearing will be like on Lake Winnebago this year.

February 1, 2020

I just realized that A Classic Edition is continuing her winning ways through her son and grandson. Dan Fox just posted the following: "A Classic Edition (Cassie) lives on thru her 1st generation FR Final Edition (2 yr. old Palomino World Champion in 2019). “Duke is being trained by Marty Oak Simper for Ranch Riding and Performance Halter Stallions for the AQHA World show. Cassie’s second generation and grandson is CR Peace Maker (Bruno). Bruno is a tremendous 3 yr. old bay stallion that stands 16.3 by Solaris out of Shes Got The Guns out of A Classic Edition. CR Peace Maker is trained by Luke Castle. This is going to be fun this year showing these two great studs. Cassie lives on." I am sure you all remember A Classic Edition. She was by Kids Classic Style and out of Cooleah (Olivia) A Classic Edition amassed 902 halter points and 94 performance points She was an AQHA Champion, had Superiors in Performance Halter, Heading, Heeling, Calf Roping. I think it is outstanding that a mare can be such a great show horse and now a producer through her sons and grandsons. I look forward to following CR Peacemaker r, Dan's young bay stallion and will certainly be supporting him in the future.

January 28, 2020

I am so proud of Bob Luebker. Many of you don't know him, but he is and always has been a force behind Ellis Quarter Horses. He showed up at our place while he was still in high school and has been helping us for over 17 years. When he came, he knew nothing about horses but now he is very capable of handling any of them. Despite the fact that he has always had a full time job, he has continued to be here daily to help us over the years, coming from his 12 hour shift at the mill to doing his work out here. Yesterday, he sent me this letter of recognition that Presto Company, the place he works, honored him for his innovation. I am so proud of him and happy he has been recognized for his work. I would not be able to continue what I am doing without the help of Bob and Leah Gloudemans.

January 26, 2020

Pebbles (Cool to be Classic) coming 2 year old NH filly by Fred (Classically) out of CJ Miss Cool Tardee.

The two "golden girls" yesterday morning enjoying our beautiful Wisconsin weather. Both are full sisters by Fred (Classically) out of Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) Pebbles (Cool to be Classic) on the left is now a 2 year old and Betty (My Secret Luv) on the right is now a yearling.

January 25, 2020

It is hard to believe a year ago I had an accident that changed a lot of things in my life. It was the first time in all these years that I was really injured by a horse. It was Friday night, January 25 and I had gotten cleaned up to go out with friends. The last "chore" of the day was to grain the outside horses. One of them is very friendly and the other is a dominant mare. I fed the one and was walking over to the other feeder followed by the friendly mare, when the other mare decided to bite her in the butt. Since she was so close behind me, she swerved but hit me with her shoulder, knocking me to the ground. Now, it wasn't just any normal Wisconsin day---the wind chill was almost 20 below zero and I was out in one of the outside shelters. When I hit the ground, I remember thinking that I would just get up as I really had no pain. Wrong deduction as my right leg was like a dead weight and I could not move it. My thought was to crawl under the feeders as the horses were running around and I was afraid I would get stepped on. However, I could not drag myself on the ground. I happened to have my cell phone with me. Normally I would not have had it but I had been counting my steps. It was thrown from my pocket and luckily it didn't break although the ground was so hard. I called my neighbors, Jack and Karen Cowling who live about 2 miles from me and at first they had trouble finding me as we have several buildings. After a quick trip to the ER, ;followed by surgery for my broken femur and several days in the hospital and then several weeks in a recovery center, I came home but life has been different since then. Perhaps I am blaming my aches and pains on the accident and it really is just "old age". Anyway, I am thankful to be alive and still enjoying my horses. Although I have really cut the numbers down, I can't imagine life without horses in it. I guess my experience should be a "wake up call" for all of us. Enjoy every day as you never know when something will happen that will change everything. I truly believe that I would not be alive today had I not had my cell phone with me a year ago.

January 23, 2020

What a wonderful surprise that Leah Gloudemans took this awesome picture of Janie (KidsClassic Gal) for her “picture of the day”

January 19, 2020

Remember when my good friend, Vicki Brilley Livasy did the cute graphics of Fred playing for the Green Bay Packers? Well, hopefully we won't need Fred today as the Packers face the San Francisco 49ners. To say the least I am a bit nervous as they killed us the last time we played them. Green Bay and San Francisco have been two of the more successful teams in NFL history. They played each other 6 times in post season play and tonight will be the 7th time. In 1995 in the NFC Playoffs, the score was Packers 27--Niners 17. In 1996 NFC Playoffs the score was Packers 35, niners 14. In 1997 NFL Championship game the score was Packers 23, niners 10. In 1998 NFC Wildcard game the score was 49ners 30, Packers 27. In 2001 NFC Wildcard the Packers defeated the niners 25 to 15. Then in 2012 NFC Divisional playouff, the 49ners beat the Packers 45 to 31. I think it is our turn but as I said earlier, I am a bit nervous. On draft day in 2005 Aaron Rodgers was asked if he was disappointed that he was passed over by San Francisco and his response was "Not as disappointed as the 49ners will be that they didn't draft me" Now is the time and the place to make that quote come true. GO PACK!!!!!

January 14, 2020

I am by myself today and have had some time to think about many things. Looking out my office window at the beautiful snow cover, I think about how Ellis Quarter Horses came about. In my lifetime, I have bought 3 stallions and they all contributed to the improvement of our place. First of all, when I was teaching in Montana, before I met Mike, I bought Bar Fly Bailey who at that time was a AAA race horse. That was when I still rode horses and and I made him an AQHA Champion with his points being in racing, western pleasure and halter. When I moved back to Wisconsin and met and married Mike Ellis, we bought 15 acres of bare land and proceeded to build Ellis Quarter Horses. I was breeding Bar Fly and selling the colts to generate income. Kay Moody Daniels from New Mexico contacted us and wanted to buy him. We sold him for the whopping sum of $15,000 and with the money bought 15 acres of land. The next stallion I bought was Royal Tailwind. I fell in love with him as a baby and my father gave us the $3500 to buy him. He injured his leg and the scar prevented him from showing. When his first 3 foals arrived, Warren Ploeger from Iowa came to visit and was so impressed with the fillies, he offered to buy him. That was a great deal for us as we were able to pay my dad back and also in the deal got 8 free breeding a year with $5.00 a day mare care. With the money, we bought more land and added an indoor arena to the existing 36 X 81 building. I spent my summers hauling mares back and forth between Neenah, Wisconsin and Schaller, Iowa as that was before shipped semen. One day on my way back from Warrens, I stopped at Homer Danielson's place in Iowa. Homer had been with Warren when he bought Royal. Well, I fell in love with a baby colt by Impressive. Looking back, I think the thing that drew me to the colt was that he was out of a Mr Tailwind mare. Well, this was not a cheap colt as the stud fee on Impressive was $10,000 at that time. Mike and I didn't have a lot of money but I convinced him that the colt was a good investment and he agreed to talk to my father about lending us the funds to buy him. I still remember the night we took dad out to eat and Mike being a great politician convinced him that this horse would make money for us. The price on Impressivist as we named him was $40,000. Well, it all turned out good as I was able to sell two young fillies within a few months and pay my father back. Impressivist was a very photogenic horse and Dick Waltenberry is my neighbor and he took awesome pictures of him. We ran monthly ads in the Quarter Horse Journal and bred over 100 mares a year to him for two consecutive years. That was also before shipped semen. The foals were winning the futurities and we made many friends that I still have contact with to this day. A few years later we were approached and asked if we would sell the stallion and after much thought, decided it would be the best thing for us to do. We sold him for a lot of money and Lanis Noble who bought him became one of my best friends. With the funds from the sale, we continued to improve our place and also bought more land. Those were the days when horses brought good money and were easy to sell. I think about someone trying to do what we did back then and I think only in a rare instance can it be done. Times have really changed. I do wish the horse business could be like it was but as I get older, I realize that in my opinion it will never be.

January 14, 2020

I have had quite a morning. I told you about Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) tearing her meniscus about 6 weeks ago. I truly thought I would lose her but with the expert therapy of Dr Sarah Peters, she is making a remarkable recovery. Of course, she is not enjoying her "stall rest" but the way she is improving, it won't be long and she and her companion, Gabriel the donkey will be able to go outside during the day. What I failed to tell you, was that I started having trouble with Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) also. She was fine. In fact the picture I posted on August 19, 2019 is of her getting her feet trimmed and she never needed shoes. Well, I decided to turn her outside this fall with Janie (Kids Classic Gal) and noticed after a couple of months that she was getting more and more lame. We brought her in the barn and it was a very sad sight. She progressed to laying out flat and had trouble getting up. We had xrays done of her feet and there is no founder or navicular. She is just getting old and has a lot of arthritis in her ankles. Well, today the best team of "caregivers" I know showed up to help her. Dr Sarah Peters of Forward Equine LLC, Dr Katherine Fox of Equine Unlimited, my wonderful farrier, Scott Bruecker, and Piper, Dr Peter's veterinary assistant came. After 3 hours of xrays and trying different shoes and pads, Bonnie seems to be much more comfortable. I can only hope that she continues to improve and I am thinking I need to embryo her this year instead of letting her carry a foal. I guess, that of the three "old girls" here at Ellis Quarter Horses (Rebecca is 20, Bonnie 19 and I am not going to tell you my age,), I may be in the best shape of the group.

January 13, 2020

Remember when I asked you to vote for this awesome picture of my veterinarian Dr Katherine Fox and her horse, Jewel? Well, the photograph was taken by her daughter Bailee Fox and it won the "Kelly Herd Photography Contest" by over 100 votes. Let me tell you a bit about Bailee Fox. She is a sophomore at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, majoring in New Studio Practice. She is focusing on photography and videography. Now let me tell you how this particular picture came about. Bailee and Kathy came home late one afternoon and Bailee needed a picture for her portfolio. They walked out in the pasture to take the picture. Just as they were getting ready , it started to snow which gave the picture such a beautiful angelic look. The prize for winning the contest is a custom made necklace by Kelly Herd. I am anxious to see the finished product as we all know the quality of his jewelry. I will certainly post pictures of the necklace so that all of you can see it as soon as it arrives.

January 12, 2020

It's a good thing Wilma (Classically Kool) is close to 16.3 tall or I don't think she would be able to walk through the 12 inches of snow that the "most accurate weathermen" predicted for last night. For the last two days, the Packers have been requesting 700 people to show up at 6 AM today and they were paying them $12.00 an hour to shovel the seats in Lambeau Field. I sure wonder what those 700 people did this morning. I bet they were tailgating instead.

January 9, 2020

Guess who has papers? The little soon to be German Fraulein Betty now has a pretty neat name. Marko Kaiser and Judith Kaiser chose her name and I really like it. "My Secret Luv" is a yearling NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee).

January 8, 2020

I have had quite a bit of time to think about my breeding program lately. After breaking my leg last January, I concentrated on breeding the two old mares, Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Bonnie (CJ Misss Cool Tardee) Well, neither of them got in foal. I intend to try again this year but think I almost have to breed Wilma (Classically Kool) She is now 5 years old and is my "pride and joy" I bred Fred (Classically) to Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool), a half brother-sister cross hoping I would raise an individual that will be a great producer as she is concentrating the blood of Miss Bunny Tardee, the dam of both parents. Wilma stands close to 16.3 and is NN and of course is a spoiled brat. Now the fun part is finding a "boyfriend" for her. I will keep you posted as to what stallion I choose for her. This is a picture Leah Gloudemans took of her on Monday.

January 7, 2020

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken many years ago by Dick Waltenberry. He and Barb Waltenberry came over to take "baby pictures" of Impressivist foals. This cute black filly, owned by Bob Baumann was there so her dam could be rebred to Impressivist. Dick just happened to snap the picture at the "right time" The Waltenberry's don't live far from me and back them, we had them take all the pictures that we used in advertising, including the fantastic 3/4 front shot of Impressivist. Times have really changed and now Dick is still on the road all the time, mostly doing videos of reining events. Who, knows, perhaps this picture started that change in his photography. ☺️☺️☺️☺️ As many of you know, Barb recently had surgery and is now doing quite well. She is pretty doggone tough and you aren't going to keep her down long. I imagine Dick is still brewing his "home brew beer" He even brought us some years ago. I didn't want to tell me, but I was not a fan. I don't see the Waltenberry's much anymore. With the digital age, Dick recommended what kind of camera and lens I buy so I am now able to take my own pictures. Those were good times and I wish we could get together more often. After a photo shoot, Mike and I would meet Dick and Barb for dinner and of course, Dick would have to have his old fashions. Another great memory for me and I still have all of the photos to remind me of the time.

January 1, 2020

My post from December 2019 about the "caps from Wayne Halvorson" reminded me of another cap that I have. My good friend, Jim Duncan sent me a Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association hat that he had from probably 20 years ago. These were caps that were given to the stallion owner who entered their stallion in the stallion service auction and also to the person who bought the breeding. How it worked, was we held an auction of the stallions the day after the Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association Awards banquet. People could bid at the auction or on the phone and believe me, it was a very busy event. Impressivist topped the auction a few times and brought nearly double his stud fee. You ask why would anyone pay more than a stud fee? Well, the only foals eligible to compete were a foal picked by the stallion owner and the foal born out the person who bought the stud fee's mare. Iowa had an even more fair auction, in my opinion. Both the stallion owner and the mare owner had to name their mare by January 1. These futurities would pay big money with the Iowa one exceeding $15,000 to win it. Our Wisconsin futurity was held in August during our state show and the numbers that showed were tremendous. I remember that it was usually cold that time of the year and we would have winter blankets and hoods on the babies. I also remember that Jim McKillips would sometimes bring mares with foals at their side and show the babies while leaving the mares in the stalls, There were usually about 50 babies in the classes and it would take forever to judge them. The yearling classes were almost as big. I think we had a 3 judge system. It was a great time and many top breeders from all over the country would be there. Some of the people who showed and did exceptionally well were Fred Benker, Gene Wilson, Randy Alderson, Shawn Wacker, Gary Helland, Rick Skelly, Jim McKillips, Russ Smith, and John Lawrence. I am sure I am forgetting a lot of people. Back then my goal in breeding was to win that futurity and finally in 1989 one of our babies did. I still have the buckle and dug it out and took a picture of it for you. I am excited to see some of our present day futurities bringing back people to show but it will never be like it was "back then" in my opinion.

January 1, 2020

Big day today for the Wisconsin Badgers football team and all of Wisconsin. The Badgers are playing in the Rose Bowl Game against the Oregon Ducks. This will be the 106th anniversary of the Rose Bowl Game, which is called the "Granddaddy of bowl games" since it is the oldest. The first Tournament of Roses parade was in 1902 and they added a football game to help fund the parade. Roy Rogers rode Trigger in the parade and at the 123rd parade, 100 palomino horses led the Roy Rogers float. Wisconsin has been in 8 Rose Bowl games, winning 3 of them. A memorable one was in 2012 when Russell Wilson was our quarterback and time ran out before they could get off the final play which could have tied the game. When I was a little girl, the Rose Bowl parade was one of the highlights of my year. I could't wait to watch it and my parents would sometimes let me have a friend over and we would watch it together. Now, there are over 100 floats in the parade and they are covered with roses and flowers but I couldn't care less about the floats. What I wanted to see was the horses and believe me, there were lots of them. Back then, I was not "into quarter horses yet" so I was enamored by the awesome trappings on the horses. Well, times have changed and I am now a big Badger fan, so I will probably skip the parade because I will be taking care of horses but I will be glued to the television when the game starts. The Badgers are underdogs, but here's hoping for a great victory today.

TMike's brother Robert Michael Ellis and Elke Ellis granddaughte, Makenna Ellis is a cheerleader for the Wisconsin Badgers. What an exciting experience for her to be able to attend and cheer at the Rose Bowl;. Now we just need to win the game.

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