January 14, 2021

I am waiting for the "bad weather" to come tonight and was thinking about some of the horse sales that we had years ago.   A friend of mine, Janee Anderson Howells  sent me several old sales catalogs and I also have many of my own.   I thought periodically you would enjoy seeing some of them and we could discuss the sale.    I will start with this 1984 Wiescamp--Schoemaker Breeders Sale.   Interesting to note, that my good friend, Dr Bob Story was the chairman of Sales Management and that Joe Taylor was an advisor.   Leon Freeze, Ron Berndt and Scott Strong were the ring men.   The night before the sale there was a cocktail party and there was also a shuttle service to and from the sale.   Look at the prices that some of these horses brought back then.  In the future, I will post other great sales that we had in our industry.  I think the mare Skipperette whose photo was taken in 1954 be competitive today.   In any event, I would love to have her as a broodmare.

January 13, 2021

Today let me tell you about my website, www.ellisquarterhorses.com.   I am not very computer literate.  "Back then" friends thought that I should have a web site as I was standing a stallion and selling horses.   So, a good friend of mine and a "computer guru"  Rexine Kellerhall designed one for me.   She is a very talented person and I loved the web site.  The only problem was that it was through a server that I became good friends with and I actually bought my stall cameras from him.  Well, lo and behold he didn't pay for the services and one day out of the clear, my web site was gone, along with all of my pictures.  
Of course, I couldn't get in touch with him as his phone was disconnected.   I didn't know what to do.  Then out of nowhere, I received a message from Vicki Brilley Livasy, someone who I had never met before and she offered to revive the web site.   And, she has been updating and designing it ever since.  I absolutely love the way she adds little graphics to the pictures.    I don't know if there are many people that I know who have more ambition than Vicki. You horse people probably know her as the owner of Double L Acres.     She stands two very outstanding stallions, I Am The One and Telechrome and does a fantastic job with them.  She collects the stallions by herself and also breeds her own mares.   And, for those who know her, she is always upbeat and willing to help anyone besides being a very good business woman.   A few years ago, she became part of our "Village" and we love it when we can go places and see horses.   Hopefully this year, we can start doing it again.   If you aren't familiar with my webpage, please take a look.   The updates are on "Sandy's News" and the picture she used of Wilma (Classically Kool) to introduce the page is awesome.   If you are interested, the older news  is readable if you click on 2020 news and before.

January 10, 2021

Thinking back to horses that gave me the greatest thrill in my life and 3 of them come to mind.   The first and the best was the birth of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) in 2000.  I will never forget standing in the stall as Miss Bunny Tardee delivered her.  When she stood up, I saw all that muscle and that hanging hip and all I could think of was that I was the luckiest person in the world to own her.   Well, she is still here with me after all these years and I still feel the same way about her.    The next big thrill was when Skeeter (Miss Impressive Step) backed off the trailer.  A customer traded her as yearling to us for 2 months of fitting on his weanling filly by Impressivist.  What an outstanding filly she was with her short back and all that muscle and being NN besides.   I never thought when we made the deal, I would get a mare that looked like she did.   Her owner thought she was too small.   Skeeter was by Sir Impressive out of a Big Step bred mare.  She was NN and we sold 3 colts out of her for a total of $575,000.    Unfortunately we lost her to colic at an early age.   The last time was when I bought Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) sight unseen from Kelly Schuring.   She had told me I would not be disappointed and when she backed off the trailer, I  immediately loved her.   She was sired by Misters Pizzazz and out of Crystal Mingo by Mr Conclusion.   We lost her to a freak accident and only were able to get one foal out of her.  I am sure many of you have horses that have left a lasting impression on you just as these three have for me.

January 6, 2021

Another beautiful day in Wisconsin and Leah Gloudemans and I couldn't help but take more pictures of the horses with the hoarfrost in the background.   This is a picture of THREE  of my favorite horses.   Wilma (Classically Kool) on the left and Patty ( Ticky Tacky Patty Wacky) on the right.  And the third favorite is the one hiding in Patty's belly which is out of Wilma and by My Intention.   Jim and Georgia Snow promised me a filly and I sure hope they keep their promises.   As you know Wilma is a half brother sister cross and in looking at her pedigree, I discovered that Kid Clu is also a half brother, sister cross as Obvious Conclusion and Conclusives Lace are both by Conclusive.

January 5, 2021

Our Wisconsin weather has been great so far this winter.    It has not been very cold and the last few days, have been beautiful.   The hoarfrost has been on the trees and it has been foggy during the day.   Leah Gloudemans and I thought it would be pretty scenery to take pictures so out we went in the snow.   As you know Leah is an excellent photographer so I gave her the camera and I kept the horses away with a whip.   This is Pebbles (Cool to be Classic)  She is now a 3 year old and is a half brother-sister cross as she is by Fred (Classically) and out of Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee)   Both parents are out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.   Pebbles is getting to be a big girl.

January 1, 2021

As I walked outside this morning and looked at the closed gates with the fog surrounding them, I thought  "At last 2020 is over and a New Year begins"   I don't think I want another year like 2020 has been.    I spent several months nursing my two old mares and unfortunately lost Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee)  Then the virus came and I chose to isolate as I can not afford to leave these animals and this place.    It has been a long haul and I don't know how I would have made it without all of you, my friends who I keep in touch with through Facebook.  Many of you I have never met but I do feel as though I know you.   Thank you for that and as I opened the gates to our place,  I hoped and prayed that  2021 will be a fantastic year for all of us.

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