December 28, 2017

It is cold and I am bored. All the horses have been in the barn since last Monday due to our subzero weather. I should be cleaning out the closets in my house but don’t feel like it so I am sitting at this computer. It is funny how things happen that remind you of something. Two days ago, my friend, Jim Duncan sent me a Wisconsin Quarter Horse SSA hat that he had from probably 20 years ago. Last night an old friend, Nancy Holman called to ask me something relating to the Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association. So, I thought I would tell you a bit about our Wisconsin Stallion Service Futurity, “back then” It was the highlight of my summer. The “stallion service auction” would be held the day before the annual banquet in January and you could bid either there or on the phone. We had Impressivist at the time and his stud fee would often top the sale and it would bring more than the stud fee. The high bidders would get a hat like the one Jim Duncan sent me. The only foals that could show in the futurity were the one that belonged to the person who bought the stud fee at the auction and the stallion owner who donated his breeding also had one entry. The futurity was held in August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the numbers that showed would be tremendous. I remember that it was usually cold and we would have winter blankets and hoods on the babies. I also remember Jim McKillips would sometimes bring mares with foals on their sides and show the foals. The classes were huge, usually around 50 in a class and it would take forever to judge. I can’t remember if we had 2 or 3 judges. It was a great time and many of the top breeders would be there. Some of the the people who showed and did exceptionally well were Fred Benker, Gene Wilson, Randy Alderson, Shawn Wacker, Gary Helland, Rick Skelly, Jim McKillips and I am sure I am forgetting a lot of people. Back then my goal was to win the futurity and finally in 1989 one of our babies did. I still have the buckle and dug it out of a drawer and took a picture of it for you. I am happy that some of our present day futurities are bringing back people to show but it will never be like it was “back then” in my opinion.

We live between Appleton and Oshkosh, Wisconsin and this was how cold the wind chills were yesterday. All my horses are tucked in the warm barn except poor Fred (Classically) He is in the back barn and I did not turn the heat on there. The reason he is not in the warm barn is that he would play with the light bulbs in the stalls with lower ceilings. As I have told you before, Fred does not like to be hungry or cold. Yesterday he was pretty ornery and there was even some ice on his water pail. I thought should I turn the heat on or put a blanket on him. There is a lot of air in that back barn amd I am pretty "frugal" so I put a blanket on him and sprayed it with Rapblast. This morning, Fred is back to his old sweet self. I guess we all are happier when we are warm.

December 25, 2017

While I was sitting here this frigid Wisconsin morning looking through some old photographs and remembering my childhood, I came across this old box with my writing on it. I don’t know how old I was but this was “my box” that I kept “horse stuff” in. As you can see by the writing it was a very special box to me. I have loved horses since I can remember, probably inheriting that love from my grandfather who was a blacksmith. I used to sit on the floor for hours and play cowboy and Indian with little plastic miniature horses. I even remember making believe that marbles were horses and playing with them. All I ever wanted for Christmas was a pony and when I was 7 years old, my wish came true. Before that, every year I would write letters to “Billy the Brownie” who was on one of the radio stations at Christmas time and ask for a pony. Then there was the disappointment when Santa didn’t bring me my wish. I can also remember the day “Ginger” came into my life. I was upstairs and when I came down on Christmas morning, my parents took me to the old barn that was on our place and there in a makeshift stall was the most beautiful pony in the world, at least in my eyes. She was about 5 months old and I still remember her standing in the “make-shift” stall looking at me as I walked in the barn. The night before my father had put a space heater in the barn to keep it warm, and it almost burned the barn down. I am sure that many of you have similar stories to tell about your first horse but Ginger will always be foremost in my memory. I may not look too happy on the picture but then what little girl would want to stop playing for her pony to pose for a picture? Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful friends. You bring so much happiness to my life. I hope 2018 will be a great year for all of us.

December 25, 2017

While I was sitting here this frigid Wisconsin morning looking through some old photographs and remembering my childhood, I came across this old box with my writing on it. I don’t know how old I was but this was “my box” that I kept “horse stuff” in. As you can see by the writing it was a very special box to me. I have loved horses since I can remember, probably inheriting that love from my grandfather who was a blacksmith. I used to sit on the floor for hours and play cowboy and Indian with little plastic miniature horses. I even remember making believe that marbles were horses and playing with them. All I ever wanted for Christmas was a pony and when I was 7 years old, my wish came true. Before that, every year I would write letters to “Billy the Brownie” who was on one of the radio stations at Christmas time and ask for a pony. Then there was the disappointment when Santa didn’t bring me my wish. I can also remember the day “Ginger” came into my life. I was upstairs and when I came down on Christmas morning, my parents took me to the old barn that was on our place and there in a makeshift stall was the most beautiful pony in the world, at least in my eyes. She was about 5 months old and I still remember her standing in the “make-shift” stall looking at me as I walked in the barn. The night before my father had put a space heater in the barn to keep it warm, and it almost burned the barn down. I am sure that many of you have similar stories to tell about your first horse but Ginger will always be foremost in my memory. I may not look too happy on the picture but then what little girl would want to stop playing for her pony to pose for a picture? Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful friends. You bring so much happiness to my life. I hope 2018 will be a great year for all of us.

December 24, 2017

The deer are eating their meal in the field next to us. Must be getting ready to pull Santa's sleigh and deliver presents tonight.

December 23, 2017

Tomorrow at 9 o'clock am, CST , my favorite Christmas movie will be on Turner Classic Movies. It is a 1947 movie called "It Happened on Fifth Avenue" If you get a chance to watch it or record it, I am sure you will enjoy it. It was nominated for an Academy Award but lost out to another wonderful Christmas movie that came out the same year, Miracle on 34th Street.

December 14, 2017

I have this beautiful graphic on a tee shirt. A gift for Mike and I from Robyn Theobald. I no longer have any of these horses. Sold the sorrel daughter of Ima Cool Skip (Evidently Cool) to Joy McGuffin, the middle gray (Shane’s Lady Romantic) to Tammy Bradshaw and the gray on the right (Shane’s Night Lady) to Jackie Hardwicke.

December 10, 2017

Look what I came across this morning. Remember when Cindy Buchanan posted a picture of her showing in her "fancy" pants and I mentioned that I had a very similar pair? Well, I found a picture of me in those pants. You know how they say that if you keep clothes long enough they will come back in style? Well, I don't know if these stretchy colored jeans will ever be seen again.

December 9, 2017

Sitting here on a cold December day, I was looking at the horses I still have. Three of the seven are out of Miss Bunny Tardee so I guess she was the foundation of my program. The two mares we have out of her are both by Ima Cool Skip. Let me tell you about Cool Miss Tardee, the first foal of this cross and the only one shown. She was born in 1998 and was HH. She was born with so much muscle but she had the thin neck and board back that the old Tardee mare would put on her foals. When she was a yearling, I sent pictures to Wayne Halvorson who was standing Ima Cool Skip for Curtis Pilot who owned him. Wayne contacted me and told me he was flying to Wisconsin to see her. Wow, imagine my excitement and nervousness. Here I was a "little nobody" and Wayne Halvorson was coming to see my horses. I still remember the day and after looking at the filly and taking pictures, we had lunch at Chilis in Appleton and I took him to the airport. Well, he called back and Curtis Pilot bought her. That started a wonderful friendship between the Halvorsons and me. Cool Miss Tardee accumulated a total of 301.54 halter points, became both a World Champion and the High Point Senior Halter mare in the nation. I loved going to the World and let me tell you, I don't think there is anyone who could whistle louder than Rebecca Merchant Halvorson when Wayne was showing the mare. I watched Wayne and Rebecca's children grow up over the years and become successful and marvel at how times have passed from when the "baby" was in the office at Halvorson Ranch. Those were good times and great memories to look back on. These are pictures that I took at our place of Wayne and Cool Miss Tardee the day he bought her.

It's that time of the year when I get nostalgic and think about all the "old" friends I used to meet and do things with. Yesterday, the florist delivered this beautiful poinsettia from Rodger and Vicki Shabel. Some of you don't know Rodger but he was very involved in quarter horses years ago. In fact, he is the one who owned Statutory. I remember the first time I met Rodger was at Luke and Abbi Castles. He and Doug Tallent were looking at mares and I was with Dudley Pillow. I remember him as being a wonderful person and over the years we became good friends. Rodger is from Decatur Alabama and owns the Pepsi Cola Company there. He has retired from horses and I have lost contact with him. However, every Christmas this beautiful plant shows up at our house. I think I will start writing about some of the people that influenced my "horse life".

November 14, 2017

I have known Grace Berton for "many" years. We go back to the Dudley Pillow days when we would send our mares to Dudley and he would take them to breed to Ima Cool Skip for us. Every year, when I would meet Dudley at the World Show, Grace would travel all the way from California and would be so excited to show us the horses she brought either to the World Show Sale or to show. I don't think there were many years that we missed that World Show. A years ago, I was at the show with Grace, Mary Mancini and Vicki Benker when Grace sold her then yearling filly to Ted and Sandra Lincoln, good friends of mine from Michigan. What a thrill it was this morning to watch on my computer as Ted won the 2 year old Amateur Mare Class with Squires Famous Doll, the filly he bought from Grace. This beautiful mare is an accumulation of all of Grace's years of breeding. She is sired by; Skips Famous Squire by CK Kid out of Lace Angelette, a daugher of Sir Cool Skip. Her dam, Prophet Dixie Doll is by Obvious Prophet out of Dixie Sweet Doll, a daugher of Imprerial Snips with one of Grace's favorite mares, Skips Sweet Dixie by Sir Raleigh on the bottom. I am sure Dudley Pillow is smiling down from heaven on the World Show today. Tomorrow I will be in OKC and I will be ready to celebrate the victory with the "girls" and watch this beautiful mare show in the Open 2 year old mares class.

November 13, 2017

Picture of Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) left and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) on right. Both are full sisters by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

November 10, 2017

Look what came in the mail yesterday!! This beautiful ornament and a note from Rita Bangs. The note said " I know that you don't like much Bling---but know this mare as added much "Sparkle" to your life for 17 years!" This gorgeous ornament means so much to me as Rita is right, Rebecca is special to me. I think it looks great on our mantel across from the one she painted of Fred. If anyone is looking for a special Christmas gift, I suggest talking to Rita Bangs and have her paint one for you.

November 8, 2017

Cold in Wisconsin today and my husband, Mike is trying to mulch leaves before the snow comes. I noticed that he has his Wisconsin Badgers jacket on instead of his Green Bay Packer one. Hope he hasn't given up on the "Pack."

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 17 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

November 3, 2017

This is me in 1978 wearing my "fashionable" pink jacket with Royal Tailwind. It was before we blacktopped our driveway. Royal was sired by Mr Tailwind and he was out of Katie Blue, a double bred King mare. Mike and I bought him from the Achtenhagens as a baby and my father lent us the $3500 to pay for him. When he was 3 years old, Warren Ploeger from Schaller Iowa came to our place with Homer Danielson and saw him and his first crop of 3 foals. He offered to buy him and paid us $40,000 for him. He also gave us 8 free breedings a year and $5.00 a day mare care. That was an incredible amount of money for us. We used the money to buy 15 acres of land across from us and I spent my time hauling mares and foals back and forth between Neenah, Wisconsin and Schaller, Iowa. I was a lot younger then as I really enjoyed doing it. At times, I would come home, turn around the next day, and do another trip, often by myself. Royal Tailwind turned out to be a great sire of quarter and paint horses. Those were fun times and they were memories I will never forget.

Soon there will be snow on the ground but my 3 mares are enjoying the pasture while they can. Janie (Kids Classic Gal) on left, Bucky (Winfatuation) in the middle and Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversify) on the right. Janie and Pearl are pregnant.

November 6, 2017

Tonight our beloved Green Bay Packers play the Detroit Lions without Aaron Rodgers as quarterback. To say the least, I am a bit nervous about the outcome but sure hope we can "survive" Let me show you what kind of fans we have in Wisconsin. This is a picture of a great friend wearing something that a lot of Packer fans wear. I thought this shirt one was pretty unique.

This is the "tale of two cats" Years ago someone brought us two cats. Mike named them Minnie and Mickey. They were older cats and we found Mickey dead one day (that was when we found out the Mickey was really a girl) Eventually Minnie also died so I decided we needed a barn cat but I thought I would be fussy and get a pretty one. My wonderful veterinarian, Dr Katherine Fox found this beautiful kitten. She looked like a blue roan horse as she was white with black legs and a black head and tail. I was disappointed when she turned all black but she still is a pretty cat. MIke immediately fell in love with her and started bringing her in the house. Well, that was 2012 and Kiki as he calls her, has never left the house except to go in the back yard from which she cannot escape. My idea of a having a barn cat disappeared. Then in 2013, a "wild cat" showed up at our place. I guess she is neutered as she has the tip of one of her ears clipped off. I really like this cat-----you never know where you will find her as she will sleep in the hay and sometimes we see her coming from the neighbors field. She has been with us all this time and we can get within 4 feet of her. Of course we feed "wild kitty" but she is also a good mouser. So, we have two cats----one is on "welfare" and the other does the work around our place. P
ersonally, I prefer the wild tiger cat.

November 4, 2017

Looks like winter is here. We are having freezing weather every night this week so the growing season will be over. The fall was exceptional warm and I guess I am not ready for this rapid change. Today I have on my "long johns", my Cuddle Duds fleece top, a vest and my down jacket and I still get cold going outside. I bet Joe St Clair has his
Carhartt jacket on. Yesterday I walked down by our water quarry and took a few pictures of the steam coming off it (the water was warmer than the air) and also a few of the frost on the ground. All the horses are outside today and they are eating grass. I have to keep my eye on Fred (Classically) as two things he doesn't like are to be cold or hungry and he is not fun to bring in the barn if he is either of those. I have to keep telling myself that at least we don't have snow YET.

November 3, 2017

Wisconsin fall weather. Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) on the left, Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) on the right and Wilma (Classically Kool) in the middle. Rebecca and Bonnie are full sisters and Wilma is the 2 year old daughter of Rebecca.

October 30, 2017

Looks like winter is here. We are having freezing weather every night this week so the growing season will be over. The fall was exceptional warm and I guess I am not ready for this rapid change. Today I have on my "long johns", my Cuddle Duds fleece top, a vest and my down jacket and I still get cold going outside. I bet Joe St Clair has his Carhartt jacket on. Yesterday I walked down by our water quarry and took a few pictures of the steam coming off it (the water was warmer than the air) and also a few of the frost on the ground. All the horses are outside today and they are eating grass. I have to keep my eye on Fred (Classically) as two things he doesn't like are to be cold or hungry and he is not fun to bring in the barn if he is either of those. I have to keep telling myself that at least we don't have snow YET.

October 29, 2017

Wilma (Classically Kool) this morning. My "little girl" is growing into a big mare as she is over 16 hands as a 2 year old. She is NN and sired by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool), making her a half brother, sister cross. Normally I wouldn't do inbreeding but I wanted to preserve the bloodlines of their dam, Miss Bunny Tardee. I am anxious to see the half brother sister cross of Fred (Classically) and Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) next year as it will be the same half brother, sister cross through Miss Bunny Tardee.


October 26, 2017

The beautiful view through our gates. Soon all the colorful leaves will be gone and there will be "white stuff" on the ground.

October 23, 2017

Mark Williams and I were discussing horse conformation this morning and I remembered this sketch that my good friend Jerry Vawter sent me. We all remember Jerry as being a great horseman and a great judge of horses. I am anxious to visit with Gwen Clarke Vawter when I attend the AQHA World Show in a few weeks. It has been a long time since we had the chance to visit. Maybe I will send her some of the wonderful Hughes Chocolates that Jerry loved.


October 22, 2017

Mike and I went to the Packer-Saints game today at Lambeau Field. It was kind of sad not seeing either Aaron Rodgers or Fred (Classically) out on the field. The Pack sure could have used them today. Rain was predicted but we sat in a box and it really didn't rain hard until we were on our way home. The last time it rained and I went to a game, I thought I was the only "smart" one in line to get in until security took my umbrella at the entrance gate and threw it away. I guess they thought it was a weapon. I hoped I would be able to watch the amateur stallions show at the Congress before we left but they didn't start until we were about there. Thanks to Mary Mancini and Mark Williams for keeping me updated. I did have my phone but forgot my glasses so didn't get to see anything on the phone. Congratulations to two good friends, Bob Eurez and Jim Henrekin for showing the Grand and Reserve Champion stallions. I am looking forward to seeing them at the World Show. All in all, it was a fun time with old friends.


October 21, 2017

CJ Miss Cool Tardee (Bonnie) NH 16 hand 16 year old mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive showing her "baby bump" this morning. She is in foal to Fred (Classically) for next year. I think her 2 formers owners and my good friends, Carri Ehrich and JoAnna Stricklin would be proud of how thin I have been able to keep her. "Big Bonnie" is known to get obese as she truly enjoys eating. I am trying but it is a non-ending task and I don't think I would say she is skinny.

Janie (Kids Classic Gal) NN mare by Kids Classic Gal out of Dandy Dee Gal. She is carrying Mary Mancini's foal by Hesa Secret Agent.


October 19, 2017

Bucky (Winfatuation) 16.1 NN mare by Wincredible. Love this mare-----she carried Wilma the embryo out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Fred (Classically).

October 16, 2017

Pearl, (JG Kiss My Diversify) NN 3 time Reserve World Champion Paint mare who is carrying the embryo of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) As you can imagine, I am getting excited as her "baby bump" is showing.


Beautiful weather in Wisconsin today and the leaves are changing color.

October 13, 2017

I am so proud of Cookie (Move Over Darling) and the Kaiser family of Duesenberg, Germany. Marko Kaiser bought Cookie when she was just a baby and she stayed here until she was exported in May of this year. I admire Marko for not rushing to get her as he gave her time to grow and be able to handle the trip abroad. When he got her there he turned her out and let her grow. He didn't bring her in and start fitting on her until mid August. Cookie is a 5 panel NN yearling filly by Fred (Classically) out of Juliet (Malibukini) Well, the Kaisers showed her at the International Horse Show in Germany and she was first under all 4 judges in Amateur and also first under all 4 judges in open yearling mares. Besides that she had 2 Open Grand Championships and 3 Amateur Grand Championships. Not only did I find a wonderful home for Cookie but in doing so, I found wonderful new friends in the Kaisers. Hopefully we will be able to meet in person someday.


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October 8, 2017

Miss Bunny Tardee and me back in 1996. Miss Bunny Tardee stood 15.3 so I must have been standing uphill as she looks short on here and I am 5'8'' (maybe shorter now) LOL.  This picture of Miss Bunny Tardee and me that was taken by Marcie Stadstad in 1996. The old Tardee mare was only 10 years old back then and being a woman, I am not telling how old I was. Unfortunately I lost all of my old pictures when my computer crashed and I cannot find the CD that they were on. As you know, Miss Bunny Tardee was the dam of Classically (Fred) and he is her last foal. He was an embryo baby. I loved this mare from the first time Homer Danielson brought her dam, Bunny Nightshade to breed to Impressivist on her foal heat and she had Miss Bunny Tardee at her side. Say what you want about first foals not being good, Miss Bunny Tardee was not only a first foal but she was also born to a mare that was bred as a 2 year old. As a foal, she was small but she always had that gorgeous strong back, incredibly high neck and a lot of heart girth. She was sired by Tardee Impressive so she had every right to carry the amount of muscle she had. After Bunny Nightshade (who by the way was by Sonnys Nightshade by Sonny Dee Bar) got in foal, Homer took her home. The next time I saw the filly was at the Iowa Futurity where she placed but the class was won by another of Homer's fillies that was sired by Impressivist. There is no way that should have happened but Miss Bunny Tardee was still small but I still thought she was the best baby there. By the time she was a yearling she had developed into a beautiful "potential show mare" Some of the big trainers wanted to show her but she hurt her eye and Homer took her to Iowa State. The eye became infected and they ended up having to remove it. This made her a broomare and Homer bred her to Impressivist when she was 2 years old. The filly that was born had a hole in her heart and we ended up having to put her down. Homer had brought her here to foal. I was able to buy Miss Bunny Tardee from Homer for a very reasonable price as he owed us money for stud fees and mare care. And, of course, being a woman, I had a little "secret money" that Mike didn't know about. I feel very lucky that I was able to own this mare. Her foals always had her strong back and tremendous heart girth. She produced 2 World Champions, along with several other great horses. . My program would not be what it is if she hadn't come into my life. Both Fred (Classically) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) are out of her and both are NN. I took a big chance breeding the two of them together but I had confidence that doubling up on Miss Bunny Tardee was a good thing and it would give me many of the attributes of the old mare. I love it that the sire of Rebecca is Ima Cool Skip and the sire of Fred is Kids Classic Style as it adds even more muscle to the equation. As you know, I am elated over the result------Wilma, who by the way, still needs a registered name. I am sure that the "family"---------- Fred, Rebecca and Wilma have a permanent home with me.


October 4, 2017

Yesterday was "dental day" at Ellis Quarter Horses. Until the last several years, I had never had my horses teeth floated. I guess I thought that was only for riding horses or something but this is the third time now that I had them done. Dr Matthew Koltz and his assistant, Courtney arrived with this trailer that said "Midwest Veterinary Dental Services" on he side. I was impressed in two different ways. First of all, the trailer had its own stocks, x-ray machine and all sorts of things a horse dentist would need. But probably I was most impressed with Dr Koltz. I have known Matt before he went to vet school. He used to assist Dr Travis Henry and then Dr Katherine Fox when they came to our place and worked on our horses. After vet school Matt came back to Wisconsin and is now once again associated with Dr Henry. For those of you who know Dr Henry, he and Dr Randy Van Maanen started Great Lakes Veterinary Clinic in Neenah in 1997. Dr Henry left to specialize in dentistry and moved to southern Wisconsin. He continued his education and now is one of the foremost equine dentists in the country, even teaching several days a week at UC Davis, in California and giving seminars all over the world. My horses really needed some "tooth work" Fred's teeth were the worst-------probably from chewing on ropes and balls. They all were in need of work, even Wilma who is only a two year old had an uneven biting surface in the back. I have trouble now keeping them from gaining too much weight and I suppose now that their mouths feel better, they will eat even more. I know that JoAnna Stricklin and Carri Ehrich are probably envious of me for being able to keep "Big Bonnie" (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) from getting obese but I think I am going to have an even bigger task now that her teeth aren't cutting into her gums when she eats.


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October 3, 2017

I call this picture "sisterly love" I took it yesterday of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) They are full sisters by Ima Cool Skip and out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. Rebecca is 17 years old and Bonnie is 16. I raised both of them and sold Bonnie to Carri Ehrich as a baby. She sold her to JoAnna Stricklin and I bought her last year and reunited "the family" These two love each other.


October 1, 2017

Living in the country is great. In this age of so much diversity and hatred it just makes me feel good to be in my "own little world" surrounded by neighbors who are good people. Yesterday, I took a few pictures of Jack Cowling combining soybeans. I don't think "city folks" realize just how hard farmers work. The Cowlings farm many acres around us and still find time to help us with our planting and harvesting. I love to drive past their farm and watch the cattle and their calves in the field.. Since Jack's father Joe died, they have changed from a life of milking cows daily to raising beef cattle and cash crops. Mike and I have learned a lot from them and if we ever need anything, we can count on Jack, Joey and Karen Cowling to be there for us.


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September 24, 2017

My favorite paint mare, Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversify) a 2009 NN mare. She is carrying the embryo of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) making her my "favorite" paint mare. Pearl is a 3 time Reserve Champion paint and this will be her first foal. I sure am hoping for a filly.


My favorite paint mare, Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversify) a 2009 NN mare. She is carrying the embryo of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) making her my "favorite" paint mare. Pearl is a 3 time Reserve Champion paint and this will be her first foal. I sure am hoping for a filly.


September 23, 2017

Seventeen and a half years ago I took a really "neat" picture of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) She was only 10 days old on the picture. Today I happened to capture a similar picture of her and thought I would post both pictures. There are few times when a baby is born that you get as excited as I was when Rebecca first stood up. I am sure you all know the feeling when you get that special one. My biggest fear was that she would test HH as she is sired by Ima Cool Skip and out of Miss Bunny Tardee and both of them were NH. Besides that, she had a full sister who was HH by the name of Cool Miss Tardee, who by the way became a World Champion. I tested her and remember standing by the fax machine when the results came in. I couldn't believe my eyes as it said NN. I thought for sure there was a mistake as this filly had more muscle than anything I had raised, even her HH full sister. So, I tested her again and she came back NN again. Rebecca is my pride and joy. When she was young, I had several great offers to buy her, but being the horse lover I am, I thought that if I did that, we would spend the money and the horse would be gone. lol The only problem is there are only 2 living foals out of her and she is 17 years old now. They are Fancy Me A Cool KId owned by John Tan and Wilma (Classically Kool) my 2 year old filly. Fancy Me a Cool Kid is a 2 time World Champion producer and Wilma will never leave here. I intend to keep her for a broodmare. I have an embryo coming out of Rebecca next year and hopefully I will be able to get two more next year.


September 18, 2017

I had a wonderful time at the Breeders Halter Futurity in Des Moines, Iowa. It was good to get away for a few days and see some great horses and visit with many people who I only know via telephone or Face Book. Karen Kennedy does a fantastic job of running the futurity and the quality of horses was outstanding. Besides that the weather could not have been any better. As many of you know, I have an “addiction” to sweets and sometimes I have no will power. I think I gained 10 pounds by the time I came home. First of all, Mary Mancini met me with a box of 36 Kit Kat candy bars. I really tried to resist them and only ate 2 a night while I was there. But, then Jim Duncan and Drannon Edmison showed up with 4 of those incredible fried coconut cream pies from Oklahoma and things were getting more difficult to stay on a healthy eating program. Joe St Clair, Mary Mancini and I went out to Wade Yaeger's place to look at horses. I have never been there before and I was so impressed with the quality of mares he has for sale. If I would be in the market to buy a mare, I would certainly go back there. Now, Wade really contributed to my “sweet addiction” as he makes the best fudge I have ever eaten and he sent some home with me. When Drannon Edmison and Jim Duncan were leaving, they gave me another whole bag of Kit Kat candy bars. Then on the way home, Joe and I “just happened” to stop at a gas station that sells Amish bakery and I bought chocolate chip cookies, a homemade blueberry pie and some chocolate chip muffins. To say the least I came home with lots of “goodies” Of course, Mike missed me so he had a bag of Kit Kats waiting for me. Now, how could anyone expect me to resist all that? First of all, I had to celebrate the Wisconsin Badgers victory on Saturday and then bemoan the Green Bay Packers defeat last night. Needless to say, I am trying to go back to healthy eating but you know how difficult it is after a week like that. Thankfully there is not much left of my “cache.”.


September 17, 2017

We added red clay to one of our outdoor shelter buildings as it was getting a big low in places. I really need advice as to how to pack it down and get rid of the clumps. I am sure some of you can help me solve this problem.


I have a great friend, Richard Kaufmann who is a “master” of everything. He is retired but his friends keep calling on him to help them. In fact, I think he is busier now than when he worked at Rockwell in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Besides helping me and others, he is the “facilities manager” at Primos and the Roxy supper clubs in Oshkosh. I don’t think there is a thing he can’t do. I have come to count on him throughout the years. I hated to ask him but didn’t know what else to do. Well, a few hours after he came, the shelter looks beautiful. He used our Kubota 4 wheel drive tractor and leveled the clay and then added some finer clay to the top of it and in doing so he drove back and forth leveling it. I picked stones out of it and certainly got my exercise as I walked 9 and 1/2 miles according to the app on my phone. How lucky we were to do it yesterday as last night we got almost 2 inches of rain. What a mess that would have been. Today, Dickie and I are going “shopping” That means we go to Costco and Sams Club and “eat our way” through both places. I am very lucky that I have a friend like Dickie Kaufmann.

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September 5, 2017

Janie (Kids Classic Gal) NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal. I took this picture at sunset and I think the white specks are bugs.

September 10, 2017

Beautiful sunset in Wisconsin. I feel so sorry for all the people and animals in Florida right not. Pearl is so lucky to be a "Wisconsin girl" or she would have been caught up in the hurricane.

September 5, 2017

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 17 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. She is a full sister to Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) who I last featured as my cover picture. Rebecca is 17 and Bonnie is 16 years old.

September 3, 2017

CJ Miss Cool Tardee (Bonnie) 16 year old 16 hand NH mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. I am trying my best to keep the excessive weight off of her. My good friends, Carri Ehrich and JoAnna Stricklin failed at that job and I am having a hard time doing it as she loves to eat.

August 29, 2017

Fred (Classically) is recovering so well from his colic surgery. I was supposed to hand walk him for a month but he is so lazy, I first put him in a small outside paddock and now he is in the big pasture. All he does all day is eat and look at the girls. What a life he has.

August 26, 2017

I had every intention of waiting to post these beautiful paintings and pencil sketch that Rosie Hayson sent me until after I have them framed. However, there has been so much turmoil in my life with Mike, Fred and I all having surgery I just haven't gotten around to getting them framed yet. . Rosie Hayson is a friend of mine from Australia. Now, Rosie and I have never met or even talked on the phone, but through Facebook, we have become great friends. At one time she imported the quarter horse stallion Just A Rich Kid to Australia and owned some outstanding mares. Then, as she said "HYPP hit and her stallion was NH. In Australia especially, that was a "no no" so she sold all of her horses. She then dabbled in "folk art" and enjoyed experimenting with various kinds of painting. Rosie developed back problems which prohibited her from sitting for long periods of time so her painting slowed to about nothing. . I had no idea of who she was and one day, in late summer of 2015 she sent me a head silhouette painting of Fred (Classically). I was surprised and so impressed with the picture. In this day and age, it is seldom that someone does something like this for anyone. She told me that she had saved the pictures that I posted of Fred and that he inspired her to start painting again. Rosie is a special person and I hear that from many people who know her in Australia. This year, she surprised me by painting 2 pictures of Fred and a pencil sketch of Molly, our dog that we lost in 2014. Mike is “in love” with the Molly picture and he is going to hang it in his office. The oils are both exquisite. One is 16 x 20 and the other 15 x 18. They are both painted with oils on linen boards. Wait until I get them framed and I will show you the finished product. Rosie has a Facebook page for her artwork called “Rosie Hayson Brushstrokes. Take a look at her work and I think you will be just as impressed as I am. Facebook is a great place to make lasting friends who you never knew before and who you never had the opportunity to meet in real life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all meet our Facebook friends in person instead of following their lives in writing and pictures?

August 21, 2017

This is a very hard post to write for me. Today is the 3 year anniversary of when we put our dog, Molly to sleep. Let me tell you the "story" of Molly. Mike and I were "dogless" and Rita Crundwell told me that we needed a dog as we have no children. She had some beautiful Corgis and when a litter was born, she gave us a female puppy. Well, there was something genetically wrong with the dog and we had to put her to sleep about two weeks after we got her. Mike said "NO MORE DOGS" as they are so heartbreaking when you lose one. Well, you know me----Rita volunteered to give us another when the next litter was born. While they were at a horse show, her barn help evidently let the Corgi out with her male miniature Australian Shepherd and didn't tell anyone. Of course, they were expecting purebred Corgis and when the litter was born, they were definitely not Corgis. She told me that I would not want one as they were "mutts" but I decided that I would get one anyway. I had my pick and chose the merle from the attached picture she sent me. Mike still recalls when he picked her up at Robert Schmitz's place in Fond du Lac. She was running after his big dog trying to navigate through the snow with her short legs. Molly became like a child to us. She went everywhere with us. In fact, we had to drive the car on every trip as we didn't want to fly and leave her at home alone. The girls at McDonalds called her "blue eyes" when she would ride with Mike to pick up breakfast in the morning. She was the smartest dog we ever had. Our friend, Richard Kaufmann called her a $10,000 dog as we had to take her twice to the animal referral center----once because she ate bones and couldn't digest them and the other time when she drank some antifreeze. He was the one who brought the bones from his pig roast and Molly loved them and ate too many at one time. When she was a puppy, she got kicked by a horse and from then on, she had total respect for them. The only time she would bark at them was when I was showing people the horses----she was jealous and would run out at them. We sure miss her and haven't been able to force ourselves to replace her with another dog. Funny thing about it, back in 2000, Molly was considered a mutt and now a dog bred like her is a "designer dog" and they sell for big money.

August 20, 2017

Funny thing, this popped up on Face Book memories today. A few days ago, Clark Rassi posted an old ad from the Quarter Horse Journal featuring Robert Redford who was also a roan. As both Clark and I know, those old memories will live with us forever.

August 14, 2017

AUGUST 14----what a day this is going to be. At 5 o'clock this morning I took my husband, Mike to Mercy Hospital in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to have hip replacement surgery. He had the right hip replaced a year ago and then the other hip started to give him trouble. He has been living with intensive pain and is finally going to be "fixed". On Saturday he cut a field of second crop hay. For some reason when he is on the tractor or lawn mower, the pain doesn't seem to bother him that much but sleeping and walking have been a real chore for him. This surgery will mean several months before he will be able to do much. But, he will be without the terrible pain he is now living with. Of course, we listened to the weatherman on Friday and we were supposed to have sunny weather and no rain until Thursday night. Guess what---today they say it is going to rain Monday night, Wednesday and Thursday. They are worse than politicians as they change their minds and the forecast every day. You would think with our modern technology, weather forecasts could be more accurate. The only thing is that they may change it again. We are hoping Bob Luebker will be on the right shift at his work so that he will be able to rake and bale it. Dr Katherine Fox is also coming today to remove the staples from Fred's (Classically) colic incision. Now that should be fun as Fred does does not like anyone touching his incision. I have the greatest confidence in Dr Fox and with the help of Leah Gloudemans, hopefully we will get the staples removed. On another note, today is the anniversary of euthanizing Miss Bunny Tardee. She was the mare that was the foundation of my breeding program and I am thankful that I have 3 of her "children" living with us. Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) are both sired by Ima Cool Skip and Fred (Classically) is sired by Kids Classic Style. They are all out of Miss Bunny Tardee. I also have Wilma (Classically Kool), a two year old filly by Fred out of Rebecca. So, I guess you would say that it is "all in the family" What a legacy to carry on the blood of Miss Bunny Tardee.

August 11, 2017

Every day when I drive by my neighbor's farm, I love to watch the young calves play with each other. The Cowlings own a lot of land around us. In fact, their farm is a "Century Farm" which means it has been in existence for over 100 years. When Jack's dad, Joe was still alive they milked cows but since then, they have changed to beef cattle and they have a lot of them. I don't know much about cows but my friend Joe St Clair tells me they have some really good ones. I do recognize strong backs and square bodies on them. Today I thought I would stop and take some pictures. When I got out of the car, they all got up and looked at me and started to moo. I wish I would have had my camera when I went past earlier in the day as the babies were all sleeping together.

August 12, 2017

Yesterday Leah Gloudemans gave Fred (Classically) a bath before Fred, Logan, Lyrica and Laurie Hartford Lorenz came. He looked thin but clean. Leah would not be happy if she saw him today as he evidently likes getting dirty and sleeping in manure. I try to keep his stall clean but he is a pig and of course, the only one I have who isn't fussy about their appearance. Maybe chalk it up to a "guy thing" lol

This is our property. When we bought the bare land, I had no idea that the quarry was a swimming hole, When spring came, I couldn't figure out what all the cars were parked there------well it was swimmers. My husband, Mike was a life guard at the Neenah pool and he would go and kick them out and they respected him. Well one day, he was gone to the state capitol as he was a senator and I went down there and told them to leave. Guess what, they didn't. Later we built a 6 foot fence around the quarry and the next day, found it in the water. Time went on and now no one swims there anymore. It is a beautiful piece of property.

August 11, 2017

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 16 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. She is starting to show her age.

We have baby barn swallows in out outside shelters. Leah Gloudemans knows all about birds and she tells me that they eat flies and bugs. There are several nests and Leah and I watched the mother feed the babies. I took this picture of the babies waiting for "dinner."

August 9, 2017

For those of you who farm or who depend on good hay for your horses, it has been a terrible year for making hay in Wisconsin.It seems as though it rains every few days and you certainly can't believe the weatherman. Mike and I were very lucky to get one of our fields of first cutting in during a week long window of dry weather in late May. We were not as lucky with the second field and ended up giving it to our neighbor Jack Cowling. We did get rain on our second crop but it tested great with a relative feed value of 133. Then we got extremely lucky and baled a field of third crop without rain. Mike and Bob Luebker really worked hard getting it baled and it started to rain just as they finished. There is nothing more satisfying to a horse person than having good hay to go through the winter with.

August 8, 2017

Three years ago, Dennis Macarthur hauled a colt for us and Lorna Revord sent this orange tree with him to give to me. She planted wild flowers around it and put it in a Southwestern clay pot. In the pot, she also put a cute little Hawaiian girl. Well, I am not the best at keeping flowers growing and several times in the last 3 years, I thought it was not going to survive but I take it in the house during the winter and it "revives" during the summer. The flowers even come back. The clay pot is getting a bit "long of tooth" and probably needs to be replaced but the little Hawaiian girl is hanging in there.

August 7, 2017

Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it is gone. Well, Fred (Classically) is recovering well from his colic surgery except he still has some drainage from the incision. Today we put him on a grass lot so he could eat but when we called him to bring him back in the barn, he ran to us. That is a "no no" Guess he will have to stay confined to his small lot until he heals. He is so lazy we just assumed he would walk around and graze but I guess we need to follow the "doctor's orders" and control his activity.

August 5, 2017

CJ Miss Cool Tardee (Bonnie) 16 year old NH mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee. She is in foal to Fred (Classically)

August 5 and the mares are starting to grow their winter hair. Pearl (paint) Bucky (buckskin) and Janie (bay)

August 1, 2017

Fred (Classically) is home!! We intended to rake hay in the morning and then go to Wisconsin Equine Clinic in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and pick him up. However, the humidity was so high and there was too much dew on the ground so we changed our plans and Mike and I drove there first. It is less than 2 hours from our place. When we got there, I went in and I think Fred was happy to see me. He was very attentive and Dr Adriana Silva met us and gave him some treats as we finished paperwork. I was so impressed with the facility and the people who work there. Then the fun started. We have not taken our 3 horse trailer anywhere since I hauled a filly to Iowa years ago (thanks to Katie Samuelson who hauler the mare and foal to Madison) We opened the back of the truck and thought there was no ball to hitch the gooseneck to. I looked in the dressing room of the trailer and Dr Silva and Mike looked all over for it. We thought we were going to have to leave Fred at the clinic and get him another day. Then a wonderful vet assistant, Natalie Civica came to help us. She said her dad was a mechanic and she knew exactly what to do. Our truck has a ball that "pops" up when you pull a lever. Of course from sitting so long, it was rusted a bit but we were able to finally hook the trailer to the truck and bring "our boy" home. Dr Katherine Fox was waiting for us and helped us unload him and get him settled in. On Monday, he was really happy to see Leah Gloudemans and she hand walked him 4 times. He has an incision on his stomach where they did the colic surgery and it has a bit of drainage so we have to treat it and keep him on antibiotics for a week. It amazes me how much weight a horse can lose in 10 days. His neck looks fabulous but he has lost weight over his back and his backbone is even sticking up. One thing it shows though is just how strong his back is. He weighed 1469 when he arrived at the clinic. Dr Silva told me he lost 50 pounds but I sure think he looks like he lost a lot more. He is happy to be home although he did have the best of care at Wisconsin Equine. Dr Silva was wonderful to work with and Fred really liked her. She continues to keep in touch with me as to how he is progressing. I guess I should add that we were able to rake and bale hay late that afternoon.

July 26, 2017

Thought I would get my mind off Fred (Classically) who is still in the vet clinic so I am going to tell you a bit about a big event that happens every year in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Oshkosh is 7 miles from our place and it is the home of the Experimental Aircraft Association. (EAA) They have a huge museum and every year they have a "fly-in" This year it started on July 23 and will go through the 30th. It is like our World Championship horse shows where people interested in flying come to enjoy air shows, lectures and so forth. Last year 563,000 people attended and I expect there will be more this year. Many celebrities interested in airplanes show up just as those interested in horses attend our World Shows. Harrison Ford is always a big hit just as Terry Bradshaw is at Oklahoma. They are just "ordinary" people at these events. There are more than 10,000 planes that show up and people and planes come from all over the world. This year the US Navy Blue Angels will be featured. There will also be at least 16 B-25 bombers and 10 astronauts from the Apollo program. There will be many exhibits and many things to do. I love to watch the sky for planes flying over our place. So far, I have taken pictures of a few and expect to take more as the week progresses. If I get some good ones, I will add to this post. One thing I know for sure, Mike and I don't go near the city of Oshkosh this week------too many people for us "country folks".

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July 22, 2017

Sometimes we take life for granted and assume every day we will wake up and life will go on as it did the day before. Yesterday, I came to the realization that that is not true. I had surgery on Wednesday to open a scarred closed tear duct in my eye and was icing my eye on Thursday morning at 7 AM when Bob Luebker began knocking on my front door. He told me that Fred (Classically) was down and that the stall was a mess. I immediately called my loyal veterinarian and friend, Dr Katherine Fox who came and administered banamine and tubed him with oil and electrolytes. Of course, Leah Gloudemans was there helping and she spent the morning walking and hosing him off. He did not seem to be getting any better and we made the decision to take him to Great Lakes Equine in Hortonville, Wisconsin for fluids. The problem was that I am not "up to par" and still a little dizzy after my surgery so we had no one to haul him. Katie Samuelson who is always there to help in an emergency was working at her mill job. I told Leah not to bother Joe St Clair as he has been so busy with Big Daddy Quarter Horses but she called him anyway. Joe dropped everything and he and Jc Heiberg drove over and hooked onto our trailer and took Fred to Great Lakes. Dr Robert Blohowiak Dvm was waiting for him and administered fluids during the afternoon. Dr Rob called around 6:15 to tell me that he thought Fred should be transported to a facility that could do colic surgery if the need arose. Joe St Clair again volunteered to take him and hauled him to Wisconsin Equine in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He was down in the trailer by the time he arrived and Dr Adriana Silva checked him in and determined that he was a candidate for colic surgery. Dr Doug Langer, the surgeon arrived about 20 minutes later and they started the surgery. It seemed like a lifetime lying in bed helpless just waiting for the phone call telling me the outcome. Joe stayed there and kept me up to date as to what was going on. Evidently Fred had twisted his intestine but his bowels were not compromised. He should recover and live a normal life. An incident like this makes me realize just what wonderful friends and support system I have around me and I will be forever grateful to Joe St Clair for always being there for me.

July 17, 2017

It is hard to believe that 46 years ago today Mike and I got married. Time sure goes fast, doesn’t it? It was the first and last marriage for both of us. We met in 1970 when I was at the Left Guard with two of my girlfriends. The Left Guard was a bar and supper club in Appleton, Wisconsin owned by then Green Bay Packer left guard “Fuzzy” Thurston. Mike happened to be there because he was going to give Fuzzy’s wife, Sue and their children a ride to Madison the next day for the high school basketball tournament. Fuzzy was going with some of his teammates and planned to meet them there. It was St Patrick's Day---March 17 and Mike and his group of Packer players and their wives were sitting across the bar from us. I thought he was “kind of cute” Evidently he was attracted to me too as he threw his St Patty’s hat at me. He asked me if I wanted to ride along with him and Fuzzy’s family the next day to Madison. He always remembers that when he picked me up my mother asked what she should tell anyone if they called “about the horses” That was the first time he heard the word, “horse” and believe me, he has lived them ever since. I think at that time I had over 30 head of horses including Bar Fly Bailey, a AAA AQHA stallion. We dated for a year and got married on July 17, 1971. My family owned the Rainbow Supper Club in New London, Wisconsin so we had the wedding dinner there. Then we drove to Neenah to the Valley Inn where we also had a big celebration as Mike was in the state legislature and many dignitaries attended. After it was all over, Mike and I spent our honeymoon in Oshkosh which was only 7 miles from Neenah. That was because he had to be back in session in the legislature on Monday morning. At that time we rented an upstairs furnished apartment in Neenah. We had to open the couch to pull down the bed at night. The roof was V shaped and my dad had to duck when he went in the bathroom. Those were good days. The nice thing was that it was next to Rudy’s Restaurant (they called the owner 3 fingered Rudy as he cut his finger off cutting steaks) All I had to do was go down the stairs and walk a few feet to the backdoor of the restaurant. They had the best steak sandwiches and malts and I think I lived on them. Guess that is how it started that we eat out all the time. We bought 15 acres of land 5 miles from Neenah and eventually built our place and moved here. In the meantime when we lived in the apartment, I had to drive to New London daily and take care of the horses. Mike and I have had quite a life together and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He still doesn’t know one horse from another but I love him anyway. Since he has retired from politics, he spends his days cutting and baling hay, mowing grass and keeping our place looking good. Life has been good to both of us and hopefully we will have many more wonderful years together.

July 15, 2017

Scott and Shelley Kelnhofer own Fenway Farms in Hortonville, Wisconsin. They have some of the top Friesian horses in the world including Anton 343 Sport Preferent. He is 25 years old and still a magnificent animal. I first met the Kelnhofers when they owned Nanning 374 and brought him to our place three times a week for Dr Katherine Fox to collect and ship semen. Everyone loved Nanning, a Premiere stallion who was imported from the Netherlands. Unfortunately they lost him and the Kelnhofers had a life size bronze made of him and also started the Friesian Foundation. They also hired Dr Fox to help with the foundation. Recently they brought Wolkje fan Panhuys, an imported model Friesian mare to our place for Dr Fox to flush an embryo out of. What a beautiful animal with her mane flowing past her knees and as sweet as they come. Wolkje has attained the title of Preferent which means she has produced 4 foals that have achieved star status. Shelley Kelnhofer gave me a "birthday calendar" and I had never heard of anything like this before. Let me tell you a bit about it. Never forget a birthday again! What with the Dutch being so "thrifty", this calendar is perpetual so it doesn’t have any days of the week or years. That way, they can use it year after year without the need to replace it. After all, people’s birthdays don’t change – so it’s very Dutch, very logical. And why in the bathroom (or toilet!) you ask!? Well, without going into detail… it’s a place where you go every day and have some time and space… Kinda makes sense, don’t you think? Forget the hallway or kitchen – bathroom calendars are the way forward. Forgetting a birthday is a major no-no in the Netherlands so this handy calendar relieves you of making such a huge faux-pas. And speaking of… NEVER EVER write your own name on the calendar (unless specifically asked) as this also constitutes an enormous sin in the Netherlands. You’ll be able to tell if you’re considered a good friend / member of the family once your name has been entered on the birthday calendar. A proud moment! And if not… unfortunately you’re not considered a keeper (yet!) 😉 What a unique idea! If you are interested in one, the Friesian Foundation is selling them. This particular one features the Kelhofer horses. On the cover is Anton, Nanning is featured in August, and May the beautiful Wolkje. Take a look at their beautiful web site.

July 12, 2017

Hot and humid today so I thought I would post something about one of my mares. Janie (Kids Classic Gal) is a 13 year old bay NN mare by Kids Classic Style out of Dandy Dee Gal. We owned both Dandy Dee Gal (PDS) and her mother, Ima Seekers Gal. The sire of Dandy Dee Gal was Dandy Dee Bar and both he and Janie's dam were sired by Dandy Seeker. Janie was the result of flushing twin embryos out of PDS and Kids Classic Style. The other embryo was a palomino stud colt that we sold him to Terry Sartain who made him a Palomino World Champion. I sold Janie to an Australian as a weanling but she never left out place. When we bought Exceptionist back from Australia, money was still owed on Janie and I took her back. I have never regretted it. She is the prettiest mare we own and she has been a good producer for us. I didn't breed her the last few years because Fred (Classically) is also by Kids Classic Style and I thought that combination of brother-sister cross would not work. This year I "breed leased" her to my good friend Mary Mancini and she bred her to Hesa Secret Agent. Janie will never leave our place and I will foal her out for Mary. I am really excited as I think this will be an outstanding cross. I am posting some pictures of Kids Classic Gal (Janie) as a weanling, early 2 year old, 4 year old, and a current picture.

July 10, 2017

Remember when I told you that a wren had moved into the bird house I bought at St Vincent de Paul for decoration? Well, guess what------she built a nest and a baby bird hatched from her egg. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get some pictures of her feeding it. It amazes me how this happens. Evidently the baby opens its mouth very wide and the mother puts the food down its throat. I don't know that for sure but that is what it looks like to me.

July 8, 2017

On Friday, I had to go to New London, my birthplace to pick up some vet supplies from Dr Katherine Fox. We were getting close to 200,000 miles on our 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt and when we got there we had 5 miles to go so I thought why not go to the cemetery where my family is buried when we hit the 200,000 mile mark. My father taught me to be "frugal" and I thought if he was still alive, he would be proud that we were still driving "little red". When we got there, we hit 199,999 miles so Mike drive around while I watered the flowers on the tombsdtones. I think he got tired of driving around so we left and guess where we hit to 200,000 mile mark---at the St Josephs Nursing Home. The ironic thing about that is that my father who was a doctor always told us that he never wanted us to put him in a nursing home and we never did. "Little Red" is still our main vehicle but I am still going to buy a new SUV-----just haven't had the time to look for one and now that we bought the BMW Z-3 from Gary Helland, we don't really need one until fall.

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 17 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. Her full sister, Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) in the background.

When you live in the country and have a limited supply of farm equipment, it is always nice to have good neighbors. Mike and I are very lucky to have the Cowlings. Jack does our field work and plants our crops and harvests them for us. The Cowling Farm has been there for over 100 years. As you know, my husband Mike loves to make hay and that wouldn't be possible if we didn't have someone who planted it. About two years ago, his son, Joey started working full time on the farm as they have too many acres for one person to handle. We loved Jack's father, Joe and he worked the farm until he died at the age of 90 and he was still farming. I remember one time Joe was moving rocks in the tree line with his skid steer and he overloaded it and it tipped forward trapping Joe in the cab. Mike happened to see him and took our bucket tractor over and tipped him back up. Mike told him he had too many stones in it and he should dump them on the ground. Joe answered that then he would have to pick them up by hand and he wasn't about to do that. We had terrible haying weather this year and our one field got rained on so much that we gave it to Jack as he has beef cattle and they can eat it. Thursday he came and round baled 60 bales. He finished just as the downpour of rain hit. If I ever need any help, I know I can count on Jack, Joey, his brother Greg or Karen Cowling.


July 4, 2017

This was our "pride and joy" Molly who we lost in 2014 at 14 years of age. She was like a child to us and we have never brought ourselves to replace her. She was a mutt back then as she was 1/2 miniature Australian Shepherd and 1/2 Corgi. Now dogs of this cross are designer dogs known as Auggies.


Wilma (Classically Kool) 2 year old NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool).

For those of you who don’t know, Leah Gloudemans is my “right hand helper” She can do anything from collecting a stallion, processing semen, handling horses, lawn work, house cleaning. You name it and Leah can do it. Let me tell you how Leah came into my life. Years ago she worked at Great Lakes Animal Clinic and also helped Dr Katherine Fox with her veterinarian work. Before that she spent a lot of time at Stoney Bridge Stables helping Jennie Griese with her training horses so you can see she is very knowledgeable about horses. About 2 years before Mike retired from being a senator, he hired Leah to work in his office and as she does with everything, she excelled at that. I didn’t want to lose her when he retired so we hired her to work 3 days a week at our horse farm. This girl is something else----she learned quickly how to collect Fred and process semen. This year, she and I did the whole collection routine with Leah doing the majority of it. She has developed a great relationship with Fred (Classically) and handles him whenever she is here. He truly respects her. Bob Luebker who also works for us, says she yells so loudly at him, it hurts his ears. I feel so lucky to have found Leah and hope that she knows just how much Mike and I appreciate her.

July 2, 2017

Yesterday Mike spent the day cutting our second crop hay. It has been raining all month. We were lucky enough to get one field of first cutting in the barn before it started and gave the second field to our good friend and neighbor Jack Cowling. The weatherman said there would be scattered showers yesterday so we cut. Stopped once for an hour because it looked like rain and finished the field when it didn't. About 3 AM this morning, we were awakened to the sound of pouring rain and it has continued raining all morning. I think weathermen are worse than politicians. But there is nothing we can do about it and it if it is dry this week, we will get it baled. It should be very high quality as it was "early bud" stage. Please, no more rain this week.

A few years ago, I bought a bird house at St Vincent de Paul for decoration. Well, this year a wren adopted it and now I think she has baby birds in it. I will be anxious to see them when they come out. The top of the birdhouse is coming apart but Leah Gloudemans pushed it back together. Let's hope it makes it until the birds get old enough to fly.

Bucky (Winfatuation) and Janie (Kids Classic Gal) chilling out in the nice weather.

July 1, 2017

Remember when I told you that Fred (Classically) has a "love child"? When he was in MIssissippi at Monte Mays he was turned out in a round pen and there were mares grazing next to it. Well, one of them came in heat and Fred just couldn't resist the temptation so he got out and bred her. I waited until the colt was 2 years old before I gave them a breeders certificate. Well, that colt turned out to be quite a horse. He is still a stallion and he has the most wonderful disposition anyone could ask. Tyler A. Mashburn owns him. She is Monte May's daughter and a wonderful horsewoman. She has been running barrels on him and he is doing really well. In fact, she has been invited to participate in the NBHA World Championship in Oklahoma City. She also tells me that her little brother rides him and he is so gentle and easy to get along with. It is so nice to own horses with good dispositions that are pretty to look at and athletic. I think out modern horses have gotten away from that aspect. These are a few pictures of Romans Romantic and Tyler A. Mashburn.

Beautiful day and Janie (Kids Classic Gal) and Bucky (Winfatuation) are enjoying the pasture.

June 30, 2017

Our weather is absolutely beautiful today in Wisconsin. Sunshine, no wind or humidity, and 79 degrees. Now wouldn't you think the mares would be out eating the lush pasture grass? No, Pearl wants to stand in the shelter and eat hay. But then Pearl is carrying Rebecca's (You Bet Im Cool) embryo so she can stand wherever she wants as far as I am concerned.

And then there is Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) She wants to come in the barn so is waiting at the gate.

The only horse I have that wants to eat all the time other than Fred is Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) And she is the one who needs to go on a diet.

June 28, 2017

It was a sad yet happy day yesterday. Trigger left for his new home in Idaho. Trigger is the orphan NN colt by Fred (Classically) out of Jackie (Luvin PIzzazz) I became very attached to this colt as I think he thought I was his mother. He would come running when I called him and he was so laid back just like Fred is. Jeff Randall drove straight through from Idaho and I couldn't even convince him to stay overnight and go out to eat with us. I am so happy Jeff came himself as I got to meet him in person and believe me, I totally approve of Trigger's new home. Leah Gloudemans braided his mane and did it ever make a difference in his neck. His short fat neck is gone now. He was also starting to shed that baby coat and get a lighter color but you could still see the dark color around his eyes and mouth that he will be. Trigger walked right on the trailer and tonight he will be at his new home. I feel as though my child left but know that I found him a great place to live and that he will have a chance to reach his full potential. Our weather wasn't that conducive for taking pictures but I did get a few before he left.

June 26, 2017

Trigger's new owner is on his way to pick him up and take him to Idaho. I am usually happy when a stud colt leaves but this one is different. I don't know if it is because he lost his mother before he was 3 months old or if he just likes me. When I bring him in the barn from his pasture at night, he whinneys and comes running to me. I have to thank my nutrionists, Craig and Amanda Sandmire for all their help on his diet as his legs have stayed great. They both are a part of Doctor's Choice, a Wisconsin based company and Equishine is their main product. I learned a lot about raising foals that even at my age I didn't know. The problem that most people have is that we want our babies to grow and reach their potential as fast as they can. This causes their legs not to be able to keep up with their fast growth. Craig and Amanda have Trigger on grass hay and a small amount of grain mixed with their vitamin, mineral supplement. I thought for sure I would have trouble with him as his dam, Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) looked like she may have had leg issues as a baby and he was confined because Jackie could not have exercise. I contacted Craig and he devised a diet for him that I have kept him on it and his legs are great now. He is a big colt sired by Fred (Classically) and he is also NN. I don't think I have ever had a foal with as much hair as Trigger has but he is starting to shed. At least with our cold weather (it is going to be 46 tonight) he doesn't get cold.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

June 24, 2017

I took a few pictures around our place the other day and will show them to you. We have a water quarry on our land. When we bought the property back in 1970, we intended to build a house there but when we built the barns, we added living quarters between them. Well, since we never had children and since I am not a "house person" we still live in our original place. I love it and I can walk out my front door and in the barn in 20 feet and since it is under cover, I never get wet or snowed on in the winter. MIke keeps the grass mowed everywhere (even the terraces along the road) so it is very relaxing to walk down to the quarry and watch the wild life.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Can you believe that I now own Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee)? She has come home to her birthplace and joins her full sister Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and her half brother Fred (Classically). Besides me, two great friends have owned her in her lifetime.

June 21, 2017arble is a much softer stone. Another thing I learned was that since the burial site is under pine trees, the stones are more apt to get stained. My mother, father, grandmother and grandfather along with my brother are buried in Floral Hill. Ever since my parents died I have flowers planted there twice a year. It was so peaceful in the cemetery and hard to believe that as a young girl, my friends and I played "cowboy and Indians" riding our ponies there. Times certainly change as we get older---I can't imagine that we played in the cemetery.

June 18, 2017

Father's Day is the day we pay tribute to our fathers so I would like to write a few things about my dad, Herman Schmallenberg. He was born in New London, Wisconsin and his father had a blacksmith shop next to the house. Perhaps that is where I got my love of horses. There was not a lot of money in the family and dad worked and saved to go to Medical College in Madison. When he graduated he returned to New London and developed his medical practice. Back then there was no specialization and he was a surgeon, family doctor, optician and I guess anything else that a doctor could do. He was and always will be my “hero”. Medicine was different “back then”. There was a much more personal touch to it. I loved to go with dad on house calls and I would sit in the car and listen to the radio. I think my favorite program was “The Shadow” I wanted a pony ever since I could remember and he bought me “Ginger” when I was 7 years old. I have had horses ever since. There was a big celebration in New London when he retired after 50 years of medicine. My father instilled in me a great work ethic, a desire to live by my word and be honest and kind to everyone. As I live my life, I am thankful to have had such a great role model to look up to.

June 17, 2017

"Polly Peony" is in full bloom. Let me tell you the story of this beautiful plant. Years ago, my friend Lanis Noble and I were at James Kifer's sale. Jim Snow had a gorgeous mare in the sale by Obvious Prophet and she was in foal to Kid Clu. My husband Mike was sitting in the car ready to leave and I was saying goodby to all my friends. "Patty" as we called her came in the ring and she was in my opinion the best mare in the sale. I was sitting next to Lanis and he said "why don't we bid on her" I of course said yes and he started. Well, he didn't quit and we paid $42,000 for her. MIke didn't believe me when I walked back to the vehicle and I don't think he was too happy with me. Well the next year, Patty had probably as good a filly that was ever born here. We called her Polly and when she was 3 months old she broke her leg running in the mud and we had to put her down. It seems as though things always happen to the good ones. At that time I had my foaling cameras on the internet and through them I had become friends with Roseanne Albert, who lives on the east coast. The day after Polly died this beautiful plant arrived and I have had it ever since. It is between the headstones of Miss Bunny Tardee and Molly, our dog. Every morning when I walk outside I look at it. It is sad that the plant only blossoms once a year but when it does it is beautiful. Such good memories and so many wonderful people I have met throughout the years.

Gary Helland posted this "memory" of him and a Deck of Stars filly from when we used to show at the Wisconsin Futurity in West Allis, Wisconsin. Dick Waltenberry took the picture. Back then, there would be 90 to 100 foals in both the early and late divisions of the class. I think Dick captured Gary "at his best" The class was so big that he enjoyed a cigarette while the judges were on the other side of the arena judging. I sure wish we would have halter classes like that again.

June 13, 2017

My wonderful veterinarian Dr Katherine Fox flushed a grade 2 embryo out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) yesterday. I sure hope the little "filly" makes it. She implanted it in Bucky (Winfatuation) I already have an embryo coming out of Rebecca that is being carried by Pearl.

Pretty picture today. Three pregnant mares enjoying their pasture. Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversify) paint, Janie (Kids Classic Gal) bay and Bucky (Winfatuation) buckskin. Let's hope Bucky keeps Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool's) embryo that we put in her yesterday.

June 11, 2017

Look what I bought!!!! Remember when I posted about looking for a new vehicle as our Chevy Cobalt has close to 200,000 miles on it? Well, if you know me, you know that I am so "frugal" I lost one car deal over $300 and another because the dealer wouldn't take off the $1500 out of state charge? An old friend of mine, Gary Helland posted this cute little car on Facebook and I thought, I am always buying horses and my husband, Mike never gets anything special. So, I contacted Gary and we bought this 2000 BMW Z3. Now, I will have some time to wait for the new 2018 Terrain Denalis to come out and buy a 2017 model cheaper. Does that make sense? For those of you who don't know Gary Helland, he used to show horses years ago when we showed Impressivist. He is from Minnesota and owned Deck of Stars by Skipa Star. He also made over 50 Superior Halter Horses and showed such great horses as Miss Denver Dot, Aint She Amazin, Two Eyed Luck, Tuff Tailwind, Crimson War, Call Me Scotty, Macs Silver Spike and the great Tootse Roll PIne. I am anxious to get our "little treasure" home and enjoy it. Funny how sometimes, your path takes you back to the past as it has been many many years since I talked to Gary Helland.

June 9, 2017

This will probably be the last picture of Wilma (Classically Kool) for awhile. The heat and humidity are going to hit Wisconsin tomorrow and being an old "softie" I put a fly sheet on her and fly boots on her front legs so she is not too photogenic. Being as mouthy as she is, Leah Gloudemans and I sprayed them with Rap Last so she won't chew them off. For those of you who know about Rap Last, you can see why I am not looking forward to taking them off. Wilma is now 2 years old and she is the result of breeding Fred (Classically) to Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) thus making her a half brother, sister cross. The common parent is their dam, Miiss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. Wilma has a permanent home with us and I am looking forward to do an embryo transfer on her next year. Since both of her parents are NN, she is too so I will have quite a selection of stallions to choose from.

A picture taken a year ago today of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin PIzzazz) Unfortunately we lost Jackie this year.

June 8, 2017

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) 17 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

Let me tell you how our day went yesterday. The weather was beautiful and all the horses were outside eating grass. It was time to bale a field of hay. Last year we bought a good John Deere 337 baler at an auction and it ran beautifully. We had it gone over and checked before we started baling. We loved the way it worked and were so proud that we had upgraded to a "good baler" We made about 200 bales of beautiful hay. Then all of a sudden, there was a big bang and evidently the timing was off on the baler and it broke. Now, when I say broke, it really broke----the knotters are hanging, metal is broken and there we were with a field of hay ready to bale. So, what did we do? We got out our old "International Harvestor baler" and finished baling the field. We bought that baler in 1989 when our neighbor Duane Cowling died and his family had an auction. Thank heaven we didn't get rid of that baler as it is supposed to rain today. I am also thankful for Katie Samuelson who found us some really good people to unload wagons. Max Melzer and Bree LaMore and Chris, a friend of Isiah Thede worked all day to unload wagons so Mike would have enough wagons to finish. Our "main man" Bob Luebker had the day off and we couldn't have done any of this without him. In the meantime, the "golden boys" Fred (Classically) and his son Trigger kept eating knowing that someone was producing hay for them for this winter.

June 6, 2017

Beautiful day and weather for making hay in Wisconsin. While Mike is cutting, I took a few pictures of the horses. The two "prima donnas" Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) of course want to come in the barn, Janie (Kids Classic Gal) is just enjoying being on the grass. Fred (Classically) is loving the new hay and Trigger is basking in the sun.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

June 5, 2017

For the last two days, my husband Mike has been cutting hay. We finally have nice weather and hopefully it will stay "rain free" for awhile. Bob Luebker, who usually helps us is working day shift this week so Mike and I hooked up the equipment and he finished cutting today. We have another field to cut but with our old equipment and no help it is hard to get it baled and in the barn so we decided to wait for the last field. Now let's just hope the weather cooperates. While he was out there yesterday, 3 baby deer jumped up and ran all directions. They were laying in the hay. I was able to take a picture of one of them. It looked so scared and I hope it found its mother and other sisters or brothers. I am wondering if deer have triplets or if they were from two different does.

June 1, 2017

Happy birthday to a great friend, Joe St Clair. I cannot even remember when I first met Joe. Many years ago, he worked for John Schulz who owned Schulz Concrete in Neenah and who also owned Reds Double Sonny. Sonny was high point pleasure horse in the country and Joe started him. We remained friends for many years. After he left John Schulz he started a halter horse program for Dr Dennis Briggs and bought him some outstanding horses. Then we lost touch and he went to Arizona to be a "cowboy" and cook for some big ranches. One day, a few years ago, I was in my front yard and someone showed up. When I looked up, there stood Joe St Clair and he started helping us again with the breeding and working with the horses. Since then, he went on his own and now manages Big Daddy Quarter Horses. I am happy that we are still great friends and have known each other for so many years.


June 1, 2017

I have been shopping for a new car for many months. We currently drive a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt and have close to 200,000 miles on it. We decided that what we want is a black GMC Terrain and I thought what the heck, let's get a Denali which has all the bells and whistles on it. At first I shopped for a used one and found a 2015 in Wisconsin and I sent Mike to see it. Well, he really liked it but being a "horse trader" I wanted to buy it for $300 less. Guess what----they sold it. That was in September. Then I talked Mike into buying a new one and have been looking since then. I finally found exactly what I wanted in St Louis Missouri. At first Mike was hesitant but I convince him that for the price it was worth it to ship it to Wisconsin. There was one hang up. The salesman wanted to add $1500 to the price because we do not live in Missoui or Ilinois. That was no-no for me. Then he took the $1500 off but it was late at night before we could complete the deal. Well, the next morning, when I looked at the internet, the price had come down by $2000. He then told me that we could buy the vehicle for the new price but they would add the $1500 out of state fee back on. To my thinking, that was unfair as he was willing to take it off the day before. Several of my friends told me to "go ahead and buy the car" as it was a good deal anyway. I didn't and yesterday, they sold it. So, guess what I did. I decided that I should buy Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) instead. She is 16 years old and NH but she is in foal to Fred (Classically) for next year and after all she is a full sister to Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool). Both are by Ima Cool Skip and out of Miss Bunny Tardee. So that will mean with Fred being out of Miss Bunny Tardee, we own the "family" I am happy with my decision and guess we will keep driving "little Red" until we find another good car deal.

May 31, 2017

The "boys" are enjoying our beautiful Wisconsin weather today. Fred (Classically) and his son Trigger.

May 27, 2017

Just took this picture of the "sisters" Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) on the left and Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) on the right. They are both by Ima Cool Skip and out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive. Rebecca is 17 years old and Bonnie is 16.

May 25, 2017

Within the last 2 weeks I took pictures of "the family" Fred (Classically) is the father, Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool), the mother and Wilma (Classically Kool) their 2 year old daughter. All three of them are NN and Fred and Rebecca are out of Miss Bunny Tardee. Fred is sired by Kids Classic Style and Rebecca by Ima Cool Skip. All three have a permanent home with me. I am lucky to have an embryo coming out of Rebecca next year and I plan to breed and flush her again within 2 weeks. She is 17 years old and has only 2 living offspring-----Wilma and Fancy Me A Cool Kid, a multiple world champion producer owned by John Tan. I don't care when the foal is born as if it is a filly, I am sure I will keep her. After all, a family should stay together.


May 23, 2017

Trigger is going to his new home in Idaho. He is such a wonderful colt, disposition, pedigree and conformation wise but Fred (Classically) is the only stallion I need. He is out of Luvin Pizzazz by Misters Pizzazz. He was orphaned at less than 3 months of age but I couldn't ask for a better colt to raise. There is no way I would have sold him if he had been a filly. I want to thank the people who inquired about buying him. He is going to a wonderful person who will allow him to reach his full potential. I did retain a couple of breeding to him. I snapped a few pictures of him yesterday. He has so much hair that it is difficult to see but he has a lot of muscle.

May 20, 2017

I bought this cute little bird house and guess what------a bird has made a next in it. I think it is a wren but then I am not very good at identifying birds. Guess I will have to ask Leah Gloudemans when she comes tomorrow..

I think "Mother Nature" forgot that it is supposed to be warm in May in Wisconsin. Well, our temperatures have been in the 30's at night and we have a lot of wind and some rain. Remember when I was complaining about all the hair that Trigger had? Well, it turns out he is the only "smart" one as I had to put winter blankets on Fred (Classically) and the mares.

May 16, 2017

Guess what----the lake flies are here!!! They hatch every year when the temperature gets over 70 during the day and cool at night. I hate it because it is our prettiest time of the year as the lilacs and the flowering trees are in bloom and then there are all the "bugs" They do not bite but they are dirty and they prevent me from taking pictures. That is the reason I spent the last few days photographing my horses. These are the last 3 that you haven't seen for awhile. The buckskin is Bucky (Winfatuation), the paint is Pearl (JG Kiss My Diversify) and the bay is Janie (Kids Classic Gal) All three are NN. Pearl is carrying an embryo out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool). Janie is in foal for 2018 and I am planning to implant another embryo out of Rebecca in Bucky yet this year.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

May 14, 2017

Can't forget the boys on Mothers Day. Fred (Classically) and Trigger are also enjoying out beautiful weather. Little do they know that this week the lake flies will come and then there will be no pictures for awhile. When the weather gets over 70 during the day and cool at night they hatch. They are feed for the sturgeon in Lake Winnebago but they are so messy and bothersome. And, it seems as though they come around Mothers Day. Hate that it is one of the prettiest time of the year around here and they have to spoil it. lol

On a personal note, I am going to post a picture of my mother. She died at an early age but I was able to enjoy her throughout my youth and she was there when Mike and I got married. Her maiden name was Dorothy Ehlke and she married my father Herman Schmallenberg who had just graduated from medical school. He built our house in New London, Wisconsin and they moved in after the wedding. He practiced medicine in New London for 50 years before retiring. I have 2 sisters and I lost my brother in a car accident years ago. Mike and I have been married for many years and it is our only marriage. We have no children----only horses and a cat. We lost our dog, Molly a few years ago and have never replaced her. I don't think there could be a dog that could ever do that. Now you know a bit about my personal life. Happy Mothers Day to all my wonderful friends.

It is Mothers Day and I will post a few pictures of my "horse family" In 1986, Miss Bunny Tardee was born and she was my "all time favorite mare" She was sired by Tardee Impressive and out of a Sonnys Nightshade mare. Sonnys Nightshade was by Sonny Dee Bar. I lost her in 2010 but she left some outstanding produce to remember her by. This morning I took some pictures of three of her "children". Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) is now 17 years old. She is sired by Ima Cool Skip and is NN. Next was Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) who is 16 years old. I sold her as a baby to Carri Jones and she sold her several years later to another good friend, Joanna Strickland. Bonnie is NH and is also sired by Ima Cool Skip. Joanna sent Bonnie "back to her birthplace" so that I could breed her to Fred. Last but not least is the last foal out of Miss Bunny Tardee----Classically, or as we call him Fred, who is also NN. All three of these horses are big, have plenty of muscle and all have wonderful dispositons. There is nothing I enjoy more than walking outside on this beautiful Wisconsin day and remembering all the wonderful years of raising horses they represent.

Miss Bunny Tardee at 20 plus years of age. She was NH and sired by Tardee Impressive out of Bunny Nightshade by Sonnys Nightshade by Sonny Dee Bar.

Rebcca (You Bet Im Cool) 17 year old NN mare by Ima Cool Skip outof Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) 16 year old NH mare by Ima Cool Skip out of Miss Bunny Tardee. She is owned by JoAnna Stricklin.

Fred (Classically) NN stallion by Kids Classic Style out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

May 13, 2017

You know how every father wants his son to follow in his footsteps? Well, Fred (Classically) is trying to convince Trigger to get in shape for pee wee football and perhaps eventually play for the Green Bay Packers. The trouble is that Trigger has so much hair and he gets tired easily.

May 11, 2017

Wilma (Classically Kool) enjoying a beautiful day in Wisconsin. She is an NN 2 year old by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) Both sire and dam are out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

May 10, 2017

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of a baby that has hair like a sheep? Today Leah Gloudemans braided Trigger's mane and we tried to get the hair to lay down, but to no avail. Trigger is a little over 3 months old and we had to put his dam, Luvin Pizzazz down due to torn tendons. This colt was less than 3 months old and because his mother couldn't bear weight on her leg, he lived with her in the stall. I still can't believe how well he weaned and how well he is doing. He is NN and is sired by Fred (Classically) and out of Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) by Misters Pizzazz. He is going to make someone an outstanding stud as he has such a great disposition, good conformation and a beautiful color and pedigree. If I were younger and wanted to keep a stallion, I would never consider selling him. In fact, I am getting more attached to him every day. He will be triple registered as his mother was registered paint and quarter and he is a palomino.

Click to enlarge pictures.

May 5, 2017

My little Wilma (Classically Kool) is not little anymore. It is hard to believe that she is now 2 years old. She was born the end of April 2015 and today stands 16 hands at the withers and 16.1 at her hip. She is by Fred (Classically) and out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) making her a half brother, sister combination. Both of her parents are NN, so Wilma is too. Since she was born, I intended to keep her for a broodmare so she has never been pushed. In fact, she spent the winter outside with a shelter on a very limited amount of grain and all the grass hay she wanted. My wonderful veterinarian, Dr Katherine Fox and my favorite nutrition experts, Craig and Amanda Sandmire told me that would be the best for Wilma if I wanted her to stay sound. It was hard sometimes as it was pretty cold and blustery last winter in Wisconsin but she stayed outside by herself. Recently as she was losing her hair and I could see her ribs, I wanted to see what she looked like with weight on but Dr Fox told me to “stay the course” and soon I could fatten her up. Today after Leah Gloudemans and I finished collecting and shipping semen, we turned Wilma out in the quarry pasture for about an hour and let her play and eat grass. Of course, I had to take a few pictures. My plan is to embryo transfer her next year as she is the combination of two of the offspring of Miss Bunny Tardee. I am excited to find the “perfect boy friend” for her.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

April 28, 2017

As most of you know, I normally do a lot of posting on Face Book and some of you are wondering why you haven’t seen any pictures of Trigger, my NN colt out of Luvin Pizzazz (Jackie) and Fred (Classically) Well, Jackie is no longer with us. About 6 weeks ago, she came up lame on her hind leg and we thought it was an abscess in her hoof. The farrier was out twice and between times we soaked and wrapped the hoof and leg to try to get the swelling down as it was swollen past the hock. My wonderful veterinarian, Dr Kathy Fox was here often but we just didn’t seem to make any progress. The skin sloughed off and somehow she had torn two tendons. We continued to treat her but I could see she was suffering and when it got to the point where she was laying in her stall a lot, I decided it was time to put her to sleep. After all these years in the horse business and dealing with losing horses, you would think I would be able to handle it better than I have. I guess it is because mares like PDS (Dandy Dee Gal) and Miss Bunny Tardee lived long lives and Jackie was a younger mare with many years ahead of her. She was carrying a foal by Fred (Classically) at the time we put her down. Trigger is doing fine, even though he was only 2 and 1/2 months old when he was weaned. I called Ann Hunnicutt Lanning the day before we put Jackie down and luckily the weaning dates started the next day. This is such a nice colt but every time I look at him, I am reminded of his mother. I think it would be best for me if I sold him so he will be for sale to a good home.

April 10, 2017

It is always nice to have your "children" come home. 16 years ago, Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee) was born. She is sired by Ima Cool Skip and out of Miss Bunny Tardee making her a full sister to Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and a half sister to Fred (Classically) Bonnie is NH whereas Fred and Rebecca are NN. As a weanling, I had several people wanting to buy Bonnie and my good friend Lanis Noble called Carri Jones and told her that if she wanted to be in the horse business, she needed to buy this filly. Carri bought her for a lot of money and she proved to be a great producer for her. CJ Miss Cool Tardee is the dam of Caribbean Kid. When Carri decided to sell her horses, another good friend of mine, JoAnna Stricklin bought Bonnie and she moved to Mississippi. For those of you who know Carri and Joanna, there are no better homes for horses than these two will give them. After I took the chance of breeding Rebecca to Fred and got Wilma, my pride and joy, I asked Joanna about trying to cross Bonnie and Fred. The mare has been open for a few years now. Everything worked out as Cliff and Robin Bales bought a mare from Joanna and Cliff agreed to pick Bonnie up at the same time. I was then able to get her from their place. Of course, she had not been under lights so she is just coming with a good cycle and I will hopefully get her bred this week. I am pretty excited as Wilma who is NN has so much muscle but if the cross of Fred and his half sister who is NH happens to be NH, it will be interesting to see if the baby has more muscle than Wilma. I find it exciting as a horse breeder to be able to do this. Next year will be a very interesting for me. We took this picture of CJ Miss Cool Tardee this morning---let's hope I will be able to show you pictures of her "Fred filly" next year.

April 8, 2017

Kay Simmelink sent me this cute picture of her husband Chuck and "Scamper" her colt sired by Fred (Classically) out o Barlinks Machos Last (Playgirl) Chuck and Kay owned Barlink Macho Man, a stallion who has the distinction of being a member of the Paint Horse Hall of Fame. Over the years, the Macho bred horses have proven to be some of the best in the paint industry. I am honored that the Simmelinks chose Fred to breed some of their great daughters of Macho to. Kay has always told me that Fred should throw color as his dam is by Tardee Imressive out of a Sonnys Nightshade mare and Kids Classic Style also threw color and this colt certainly has a lot of it. . By the way Sonnys Nightshade had a full brother who was a cropout. I am anxious to see pictures of Scamper as he matures. What an outstanding stallion prospect this colt will make for a paint breeder.

April 9, 2017

Quick picture of my "pride and joy" Wilma (Classically Kool) She has spent the winter living outside in a pen with a shelter and I have kept her on the thinner side. She is huge. As she is a late coming two year old, she is already 16 hands and taller at the hip so I didn't want to take any chances on ruining her legs by pushing her as I plan to keep her for a broodmare. She is sired by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) They are half brother, sister and since they are both NN, so is Wilma. Once I get her cleaned up, shed off and the weather gets better, I will take more pictures of her.

April 8, 2017

Julie and John Kreider just had a palomino stud colt by Fred out of their great IGCS mare. He has the appaloosa characteristics---even spots on his hips.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

This is what you call a "family picture" Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) and Pearl who is carrying her embryo.

April 2, 2017

I ask myself what would entice my husband Mike to leave reading his Sunday paper and drive 10 miles? Well, I told him that Cheryl Rules was bringing a cherry pie to Big Daddy Quarter Horses for us and Mike said that the one she brought earlier was the best pie he ever ate. To hear him describe it, "it was like there was air under the crust" Who knows what that means but he loves her pies. Sarah, Cheryl and Dave Rules took their young horse to Joe St Clair for training today. Joe even got a peach pie and if I hadn't been so busy, I would have gone myself and stolen a piece of his.

April 1, 2017

Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) is now 17 years old. She is NN and a half sister to Fred (Classically) and a full sister to Bonnie (CJ Miss Cool Tardee).

March 20, 2017

Probably my favorite picture that I took a few years ago. The lighting was just right. Janie (Kids Classic Gal) is the bay mare and the other two are daughters of Ima Cool Skip that I no longer have.

March 17, 2017

I met my husband, Michael G Ellis in 1970 on St Patricks’s Day. I had returned to my hometown of New London, Wisconsin after teaching high school in Fort Benton, Montana. Two of my girlfriends had been asking me to go out with them and finally I decided that I would do that. We went to the Left Guard in Appleton, Wisconsin and it was St Patrick’s Day. The Left Guard was owned by Fuzzy Thurston,
a Green Bay Packer football player. Mike was there because he was friends with the Thurstons. He was going to give Fuzzy’s wife and boys a ride to the state basketball tournament in Madison to meet Fuzzy and he was trying to find out what time to pick them up. The Packer players would hang out at the Left Guard and there were several of them there that night. I was sitting across the bar from them with my 2 girlfriends and Mike kept looking at me. He then threw his St Patty’s hat at me. I got up to dance with another fella, and Mike started dancing with Susie Thurston. He told me later that he told her to forget it, I was “too tall” for him. Well, after that dance, I went to the restroom and when I came out, Max McGee, another Packer player was waiting for me and he took me over to meet Mike. We visited and he asked me if I wanted to go to the high school basketball tournament with him and the Thurstons and I agreed to go. He picked me up on Friday and he tells me all the time what my mother said as we left. “What do I tell them if anyone calls about the horses?” That was the first but not the last time he heard the word “horses” Those were the ‘good old days” and we had separate rooms and stayed overnight in Madison. The next day, we drove back and stopped at the Dairy Queen for some ice cream. We began dating after that and got married the following year. It is funny how chance meetings can turn into a lifetime commitment. What a life we have had together, a first marriage for both of us and we are still together. Someday soon, I will tell you about Mike’s career in politics and how the horses have been such a big part of our lives.

March 16, 2017

I was pretty sneaky on not telling anyone when my birthday was. In fact, when anyone would comment, I deleted the comment. I guess at my age, I should be happy that I am still so active and healthy. I spent my birthday resting and trying to get over this cold and I still am not over it. I did have several wonderful cupcakes that my friend Shirlee Weber brought over and of course Shelley and Charles Lauer kept both Mike and I in food. They both are wonderful cooks. I have one friend, Vicki  Livasy that I can't fool. She sent me these wonderful mugs that are made by Tervis and she designed the picture and logo on them. I love them. She also updated my website with some really neat things. Take a My husband Mike bought me "what every girl wants" -----a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Now I just need to practice so I can be as good a shot as my friend Donna Davis..

March 15, 2017

It seems like ages since I have posted on Facebook. I caught quite a cold and have been battling it for over 2 weeks now. Of course, with my knee becoming infected twice, it made me worry but I think I am finally beating it and getting back to normal. On top of that, our weather has been terrible and I haven’t been able to get my “one and only” baby out for exercise other than in the arena. I am afraid to leave him out there long as remember, I had a colt eat sand in the arena and I lost him a couple of years ago. Well, today was the day Trigger got to go outside and I did take a few pictures of him. He looks like a “polar bear” and he is not hurting for groceries. I am sure he will trim down once he can go outside and exercise more. His mother, Jackie (Luvin Pizzaz) was happy to be able to get out of the barn too. Trigger is now 6 weeks old and he is a big boy. Even though he is NN, he is sired by Fred (Classically) and he has a lot of muscle. Hopefully, I will be able to get more pictures of him but with our weather going to warm up, I am sure there will be mud in the paddocks. That is the problem with having foals born in Wisconsin early. They don’t get the chance to go outside and just be horses.

Click on pictures below to enlarge.

March 10, 2017

So sad to hear this------I raised her and she sure made me proud.

March 5, 2017

My good friend Donna Davis messaged me this morning to tell me that her son, Chad and his team roping partner placed 2nd out of over 200 entries in a team roping yesterday. As many of you know, Donna has excelled in halter horses but she also has taken up riding and now-----team roping. I am so happy for her, Chad and Jess Davis. And, Chad has not been roping that long----I think there are many exciting days ahead for that young man and I know Donna and Jess are very proud of him.

February 22, 2017

Yesterday Time To Play Girl left Wisconsin for her trip to her new home in sunny Oklahoma where she will join her "buddy" Juliet (Malibukini) Tammy and Terry Bradshaw are getting a good one. Not only is she well bred and pretty to look at, but she is also one of the sweetest mares to be around. I am sure they will love her.

February 14, 2017

What does a famous ex-football player, movie and television star, sports commentator and horse lover give his wife for Valentines Day? If you’re Terry Bradshaw and you have a beautiful wife like Tammy what else but a gorgeous mare. Time To Play Girl is going to Oklahoma to live with her friend, Juliet (Malibukini) Touch is not a big mare but she is hand made and just the way I like them---beautiful head, pencil neck, short strong back, and a huge hip. She is also the sweetest mare to be around. She has a total of 57.5 halter points and is sired by Time to Touch who has proven to be a great broodmare sire and out of a daughter of Playgirls Conclusion. I never thought I would part with her but realize as I get older and with my surgeries, I have to cut down on my work. I know how well the Bradshaw horses are taken care of and look forward to seeing foals out of Juliet and Touch sired by Initials Only.

February 13, 2017

Well, yesterday Dave and Cheryl Rules brought Abby (Twentyfour Karat Luv) to "visit" Fred. What a beautiful mare she is and you aren't going to believe what Cheryl brought with her------chocolate chip cookies!!! My husband Mike loves them and so do I. And, last week, Debbie Smitty who you all know as a fabulous cook, baker, and pickle maker sent me cookies. delicious bread and several jars of her Debbys Dillys. I am a very lucky girl and I have some wonderful friends.

February 12, 2017

You may ask yourself, “what do people in Wisconsin” do after the Green Bay Packer football season? Well, when it is cold and snowy here, we find unusual things to do. Last weekend, was the walk across Lake Winnebago. For those of you who don’t know, Lake Winnebago is the largest inland freshwater lake in the US. It is located across from our place. The “Walk Across the Lake” raises money for the Neenah Animal Shelter. More than 800 people walk the 9 miles from one side to the other. Buses pick the walkers up and drive them to the other side of the lake and they walk back. There are also a lot of people with big wheel bikes that come from all over to ride across the lake. Of course, there are “refreshments” along the way. That night, there are bands and entertainment. This weekend is when “sturgeon spearing” on Lake Winnebago starts. People from all over put up sturgeon shacks on the lake and try to spear a fish. Sturgeons can be over 100 years old and they can be over 7 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds. Of course, at night, there are tents set up on the ice and bands and drinks served. Next, we will have the annual “Polar Plunge” at which around 1700 people will jump into the freezing water of Lake Winnebago to raise money for Special Olympics. And many of you think you have to go to Florida or take a cruise in order to have a good time. I don’t suppose you would consider coming to Wisconsin and participating in “our fun” I forgot to mention, we also have snow mobiling, ice skating, skiing and then of course there is the golf outing on Lake Winnebago.

I haven't posted for days and that is not "normal" for me. Well, my one and only foal, Trigger, is in the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Hospital. When he was born, I noticed that he was constipated and thought some enemas would resolve the problem. Last Thursday, he seemed to get worse and Dr Fox recommended we take him to Madison. By that time it was after 9 at night and of course it was 9 below zero with a wind chill of -15. There are some friends in your life that will do anything for you and Katie Samuelson is one of them. I called and despite the fact that the Vinland Still and Grill which they own was serving breakfast at 6 on Friday morning, she volunteered to bring her truck and trailer and go with me to Madison. We were loaded up at 10:15. I am the type of person who buys things even though I don't need them and a few years ago, bought some newborn baby blankets from Carri Jones Well, they sure came in handy. We blanketed the baby and the mare and off we went on our 2 hour trip to the University Hospital. Trigger and Jackie (Luvin Pizzazz) are still under their care and the problem seems to be resolved. I talked to the veterinarian in charge of him and the mare and foal should be able to come home on Tuesday. It was quite a trip and I can not tell you how much I appreciate Katie Samuelson. This is one of the few pictures that I have of "baby Trigger" before he left.

February 5, 2017

Remember when I post the beautiful painting that Rosie Hayson surprised me with of Fred (Classically)? Well, at the same time, she was working on another painting of Fred's "eye" Some of you mentioned how she had captured the eye on the head portrait, well look at this oil painting and tell me if you think it could be any more realistic? If you remember, Rosie Hayson is from Australia and I have never met her. She is giving these paintings to me as gifts. I am so anxious to see both of them. Some of you wanted to know if you could get prints of the first one and Rosie said she had someone who was able to make high quality prints. I sure think this would be a neat picture to display in your home. From what I understand, it takes about 6 weeks for oils to dry completely, but when I get the two paintings, I will post more pictures of them.

February 1, 2017

Today started just like every day. It was early so I took my time going to the barn. When I walked in my office, I looked out the window into the barn and noticed that Jackie (Luvin Pizzaz) was not standing in her customary place looking at me. I thought that was strange, so I walked across the aisle and there in the stall with her was a palomino foal. Now, she was due on February 7 and according to Kelly Schuring, she waxed and did the normal “mare” things. Well, thank heaven I had her in the barn as she could have foaled outside yesterday in the freezing weather. Besides that, she was with Rebecca and who knows what Rebecca would have done to the foal. Katie Samuelson happened to call and she rushed over and helped me as the navel was dripping blood. I don’t know what I would do without Katie helping me in situations like this. I am in love with this baby. The only wrong thing is that “he” is a “he” when I wanted a filly so bad. My husband, Mike has named him Trigger (what else for a palomino stud) He is a huge baby and down on his front pasterns and cocked up on his hind----kind of looks right now that he is falling down a hill. I am anxious to get some pictures of him in a day or two. Sorry but first born photos but the mare showed me no sign that she was ready to have him.

Click to enlarge pictures.

January 31, 2017

A large envelope arrived on Saturday and it was from Gwen Vawter. In it was a beautifully written note and 3 drawings that her husband Jerry Vawter drew of the ideal quarter horse.

 I feel very lucky to have known Jerry Vawter. He was someone who I truly respected and admired in our industry. He passed away in 2014 and his beautiful wife, Gwen has kept in touch with me. Let me tell you a bit about my knowledge of Jerry. I first met him in the 80’s when he and Barry Wood were showing Zip to Impress at the Wisconsin State Fair. We had Impressivist there and Zip to Impress was Grand Champion and Impressivist was Reserve Champion. Jerry told me that in his opinion, Impressivist would be a breeding horse and indeed he was. Jerry had the ability to pick a horse. I assume part of it was because he knew what “form to function” was. His program produced more than 300 foals, including many World Champions and some of the biggest names in the halter horse world. Included in the horses he owned and raised were of course, Kid Clu along with Telusive, Wincredible, Excelebration, Sir Quincy Dan, Zip to Impress, Quincy Feature, Quinclusive and Conclusive Lace. Gwen, herself is a great horse woman and she rode some great cutting horses. She was ladies CCHA cutting champion in 1964 and 1965. I think back to the great times I had visiting with Gwen, Patty Woods, and Lana Gabriel at the World Show. I also remember when another good friend of mine, Bobby Mandel bought a mare from Jerry and also bought her filly with the stipulation that if the filly placed in the top 3 at the World, he would pay an additional $5000. Well, guess what------Bobby happily paid the extra money. I still remember Jerry sitting behind his big desk in his office with all the win pictures of his horses on the walls. I wish more of my friends would have had the opportunity to know him and learn from him. He is someone I will never forget and I am so happy that Gwen still keeps in touch with me. These are the drawings that she sent me. They are on poster paper and I will treasure them so much. They show the underling structure of the ideal horse.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

January 28, 2017

What a surprise from Rosie Hayson of Australia!!! She has been my friend but I have never spoken to her or met her---we are “just” Face Book friends. She painted this absolutely beautiful picture of Fred (Classically) and is giving it to me. Since it is done in oils, she said it would take 5-6 weeks to dry before she sends it. I feel so honored that she would choose Fred to paint. I asked her to tell me a little about herself and this is what she wrote: “ I used to breed quarter horses. I loved their versatility. The first quarter horse that I bought was a weanling. I prepared and showed her and she won multiple yearling halter futurities and then under saddle with one of the top trainers, she won the NCHA Futurity in Australia as well as the Moonbi Futurity. She also won the NCHA Maturity the following year. I loved the American halter horses and bought a son of Impressive and bred some lovely mares to him. His name was Just a Rich Kid. I had a few good breeding season with Rich Kid and then the HYPP thing hit.

 Just a Rich Kid tested NH and I think that burst my bubble. I sold all my horses. I am very proud of my stock over 20+ years . Art wise, I only dabbled in folk art. I had no idea I could really paint. Since moving to Victoria 10 years ago and retiring from work, I joined a local art class and started painting and have enjoyed experimenting with that ever since. This past year I have had some back problems stemming from my “horse days” and made worse from sitting so much and painting. I sort of lost my desire to paint although I still wanted to but just couldn’t get started. Your photos of Fred and your mares are exactly what I would have liked to produce myself but those days were gone. I enjoy following your horses and wanted to paint some of them, especially Fred. For months I saved your photos and played with them, looking for angles to paint. I have a very full folder of pictures of Fred and your mares. I thank him and you for inspiring me and helping me get my incentive back. I seem to be slower in painting now but I love it still”. Rosie Hayson.

January 25, 2017

On February 16, 2006, I lost one of the best "horse" friends anyone could ever have----Dudley Pillow. I had talked to him the afternoon he died and he told me he would call me later. The next morning I called Gina Tallent to order semen from Kids Classic Style and she told me that Dudley had died of a heart attack. I don't think there are many days that go by that I still don't think of him. He was definitely a big influence on my horse life.

January 21, 2017

I think Jackie (Luvin Pizzaz and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) would rather be in the barn today but they have been locked in for 2 days and it is time they go out. We have heavy fog today.

January 20, 2017

Debbie Smitty sent me these pictures of her 8 and 1/2 month old NN paint filly by Fred (Classically) out of her breeding stock mare, Lily of the Valley SDA. Our weather was not good for pictures but you can still see the quality and the color on this filly.

January 17, 2017

In keeping with my doctor’s advice of “changing my life style” I have breed leased Kids Classic Gal (Janie) to my good friend Mary Mancini. Janie will stay here and we will continue to take care of her as we have been throughout her life. I love this mare, it could be because she is the sweetest mare you could ever have. She is NN and is sired by Kids Classic Style and out of Dandy Dee Gal, who was a double bred Dandy Seeker mare. In 2003 we flushed two embryos out of Dandy Dee Gal and one was Janie. The other one was a palomino NH stud colt who Terry Sartain bought. His name is Western Sundown and he was a Palomino World Champion. Janie has never been off our place but I did sell her to the Australians as a yearling, only to buy her back when we bought Exceptonist back from them. If you know Mary Mancini, you know that she is great to work with and this should be a “fun” adventure. I am posting a few pictures of Janie as a weanling, a two year old and a mature mare.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

January 17, 2017

This is a post that is difficult for me to write. I probably should have written it weeks ago, but I think you will understand as this was a special horse to me. We put Dandy Dee Gal down on December 10, right before we had the cold stretch of weather last month. She had gotten to the point where getting up became more and more of a problem for her. It took several people to help me and I am so thankful for Katie Samuelson, Joe St Clair and my neighbor Jack Cowling for being there for me when she went down. Sub zero weather was coming and I sure didn’t want to have her go down outside and freeze to death. Let me tell you a bit about the mare. Her barn name was PDS and when I bought her from Bernard Fairchild who owned Dandy Seeker, I asked him why he called her that. His answer was “ she was his wife, Arlene’s mare and she is pretty darn special” Well, that name stuck with her. She was 25 years old when she died. I had been looking for a good mare and was talking to Larry Johnson from Iowa about my barn fly system and he told me that he had seen a mare at Fairchilds and she was a good one. Mike and I drove to Linn Grove Iowa to see the mare. I remember we arrived late afternoon and drove down their pretty driveway. We walked in the barn and while we were talking, I glanced in the stall and saw this absolutely gorgeous mare. I could hardly contain my emotions when he led her out. I had promised myself that I would take a “second look” so Mike and I went to the motel for the night. In the morning, I loved her even more but the problem was that Bernard wanted more money for her than I had. I think he knew that I would take good care of her so he agreed to take the $10,000 “secret money” that I had saved. I never regretted buying PDS. She was special and raised some good babies for me. I still have Kids Classic Gal (Janie). It seems as though my “horse population” is getting down. It is hard to believe that Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) is the oldest horse I own and she is 17 this year. I have great memories of PDS and she will go down in my memory as one of my favorite horses. Pictures are of her as a young mare and last summer as she was declining.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

January 15, 2017

Waiting for the Packer--Dallas game this afternoon, I am enjoying the beautiful weather in Wisconsin and taking some pictures. A flock of wild turkeys are in our back field eating some of the corn that is left. One thing for sure, it made Time To Playgirl put her ears up. Now, on the other hand, the birds didn't phase Rebecca and Jackie at all.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

January 14, 2017

Wilma (Classically Kool) now 2 year old NN filly by Classically (Fred) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) enjoying the balmy winter weather today. Poor Wilma lives outside in a shelter so she is happy that today is a beautiful day in Wisconsin. She is going to get to come in the barn tomorrow night as we are going to get freezing rain.

January 12, 2017

Rebecca ( You Bet Im Cool) and Jackie (Luvin Pizzaz_ taken January 12, 2017. Hard to believe that Rebecca is 17 years old this year.

January 11, 2017

I love halter horses but when I was young, I loved to ride. Over the years our horses have evolved into “specialty horses” Years ago, I would go to a horse show and we would show halter in the morning and ride the same horse in the afternoon. There are very few of those kind of horses left. To be honest, I really don’t know how the change evolved. I guess for me, it was because I liked a lot of muscle on my horses so I gravitated to stallions like Tardee Impressive, Obvious Conclusion and Ima Cool Skip. I think Mr Conclusion was a stallion who fit the bill of being able to halter and ride and I also bred to him. Fred (Classically) is a horse that is bred to have muscle and and produce it, but he is also a horse that is very correct with long muscles which enable him to be a good moving horse. I guess that is one of the reasons I like him so much. His first crop of colts are now coming two year olds and as we see Joe St Clair post a picture of A Dream Ender and I hear Joe brag about how well he moves, and I hear others who remark about the way their “Fred offspring” travel and how great dispositions they have, standing him at stud makes it all seem worth while. Remember when I told you that Fred had a “love child” when he was in Mississippi? He was in a round pen and got out and bred a mare. Tyler Mashburn owns the resulting foal and he is now a 4 year old. He is still a stallion and from what I understand he has a great disposition. They keep him with a gelding and Tyler has done an excellent job training him to be a barrel racing horse. She tells me she started him slow but that he has won some money and she has received an invitation to the National Barrel Horse Assn. World Championship Show which will be held next October. It is hard to believe that he is still a stallion and that young girls ride him but then Joe St Clair tells me that The Dream Ender also acts like a gelding. Leah Gloudemans is looking forward to riding Fred when the weather warms up. I don’t know if I am up to it anymore. When Fred was at Monte Mays in Mississippi, he was ridden on trail rides. David Silva started him under saddle when he was a two year old in Alabama and Monte and Tyler continued his "riding education" Since he has been back in Wisconsin, he has been living the “life of leisure” just relaxing, breeding and eating. I think it will be good for him to return to his riding days again. I am posting a picture of Fred (Classically) as a 2 year old with David Silva, the Dream Ender, coming 2 year old stallion and 2 pictures of Romans Romantic, Tyler Mashburn’s 4 year old stallion.

January 10, 2017

This is a picture from the "past" that Dick Waltenberry took of an Impressivist filly. It has always been one of my favorite pictures. I miss our "get togethers" with Barbara and Dick Waltenberry

January 9, 2017

Juliet (Malibukini) just left the "Frozen Tundra" for her new home at Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses. It will probably be the last time she sees snow. She is leaving with a Green Bay Packer halter on hoping to influence Terry to pick the Packers next week against the Cowboys.

January 7, 2017

Today it is 11 below zero and the horses aren't enjoying it very much. At least they have blankets and lots of feed. Notice the green blankets as they are all "Packer Backers" except Time to Play Girl. I really don't know what team she is backing.

I have learned over the years to appreciate old friends. One of my really good “old” friends is Ronnie Salmons from Missouri. Years ago (probably in 1984) when we stood the stallion Impressivist, I got a call from Ronnie about breeding his black mare, Dakota Classic to him. That was at the time when there was no shipped semen and you had to take your mare to the stallion. Ronnie told me that he was bringing his mare but after he looked at the stallion, if he didn’t like him, he was taking her back home. Well, Ronnie and his twin brother picked the coldest, most snowy time to bring her. They arrived very late at night because the roads were treacherous. Evidently they liked Impressivist because Ronnie became a great customer as well as a great friend. He bred his mare to him for many years. One time he brought her and she was bred to a different stallion. Well, she had twins that night and we were able to save one of them. A lasting friendship evolved with Ronnie and Mike and I. Heck, when he got married, he and Nancy even spent their honeymoon in Neenah and Mike showed them all the sights around here. That friendship has lasted and every year I get a call at Christmas time and we chat about what we have been doing. We also see each other at the World Show and the Breeders Halter Futurity. This year, Ronnie gave me a gift of 2 Green Bay Packer mugs at the World, even though he is a St Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams) fan. Last week, a box arrived from Ronnie and in it was this “Impressivist cap” and a note saying “Have a Great 2017. To my friends Mike and Sandy” and it was signed Ronnie with a PS----"Better than a picture". It is people like Ronnie Salmons that keep me involved with horses. I have so many great friends that I have met because of them.

January 6, 2017

This is a post I never thought I would make. I sold Juliet (Malibukini) to Tammy and Terry Bradshaw. As you all know, Terry loves the Tee Jay Roman horses and they already own her dam, Shanes Lady Romantic. When Tammy contacted me, I thought about my recent surgeries and concluded that I really need to cut down on my work. Connie Mason has been a longtime friend of mine and with her, Chad Wing , and now Aaron Hall there, I know Juliet will be well taken care of. It will be interesting to see her foal as she will be bred to Initials Only. She is a gray and he is a roan. I don’t know what color they will get. I am posting a picture of Juliet that I took a few days ago and also picture of her and her full brother as weanlings. Let me tell you the “story” of Juliet (Malibukini). My friend, Lanis Noble and I bought Shanes Lady Romatic from another friend, Dudley Pillow’s widow when she was dispersing his horses after he died. We also bought another gray mare by Skips Shane that we sold to the Australians a few years later. In my opinion I thought Romantic had the better pedigree as her dam was How D Romantic, a full sister to How D Poco Lyn (the dam of Obvious Prophet). Dudley bought How D Romantic from Howard Dahloff and Howard retained the colt that she was carrying. That colt was How D Romantic Dude who became one of Howard’s stallions. Dudley sent me videos of How D Romantic and she was his favorite mare------absolutely huge and looked just like Tee Jay Roman. Well, Lanis and I bred Shanes Lady Romantic to Malibu Ken and embryo tranferred her. I was supposed to give the mare a prosto shot after the flush but I didn’t. Consequently as the months went by, she looked more and more pregnant and she was. She had a stud colt from the transfer that I sold to some people in Canada. The girl who bought him named him Such A Knockout. Juliet was born May 5 in our cold barn in a small stall. Bob Luebker, who works for us came running over and told me that there was a baby in the stall with Romantic. I immediately loved that baby---she had so much heart girth and she had a huge hip and pretty head and she was absolutely huge. Both her and her brother were born palomino and turned gray when they were late weanlings (Malibu Ken was a palomino) Lanis Noble was the one who named her Malibukini but I called her Juliet. As she matured and I looked at her every day, I loved her more and more and when Lanis offered to trade me his half of her for my half of a A Legacy, a stallion we owned together, I jumped at the chance to own her. I never regretted it. Juliet is more of an “old fashioned” mare. She stands close to 16.3 and has an incredible strong back and deep heart. I told Tammy Bradshaw that she looks like Tee Jay Roman with a pretty head. I will miss her but know that I need to limit the number of foals that I raise. It will also give me a reason to go to Oklahoma and Texas to see her and also tour all the horse ranches. It is hard now, but once she has left for her new home, it will get easier. The pictures that I am posting are of Juliet (Malibukini) taken a few days ago, Juliet as a weanling and also her full brother as a weanling.

January 4, 2017

Joe St Clair posted this picture of The Dream Ender, otherwise known as "Donald" this morning. Scott Francois raised this coming 2 year old stallion by Fred (Classically) out of a Skipper W mare, and Big Daddy Quarter Horses purchased him from Scott. He is a late colt, double registered Paint and Quarter and still a stallion. Joe St Clair says that his disposition is "like a gelding" and he never even crow hopped today when he put the saddle on him for the first time. "Donald" is eligible for the Breeders Halter Futurity.

January 3, 2017

Remember when I posted the pictures of our place in the fall? Well, Joe Zimmerman and Caryn Dair spent New Years in the home that their parents owned on Lake Winnebago across from us. They now live in New York but the family kept the "homestead". It is a wonderful place for all of them to get together and get away from the big city life. Joe came over and took some aerial pictures of our facility with the snow on the ground. I really appreciate him doing that for us. 

The second picture is another view shwoing the water quarry and Lake Winnebago across the road.

I took this picture of "Cookie" (Move Over Darling) on January 1, 2017. She is turning gray like her mother, Malibukini (Juliet) She is 5 panel NN and will be going to her new home in Germany in the spring. Fred (her daddy) loves her. They are in adjacent paddocts outside all day. He watches for her to come in the barn when we put him in first. Cookie is now a yearling. It is hard to believe that time goes so fast.

January 2, 2017

This is Hank's J Liz and me winning an egg and spoon contest many years ago. My hands are so shakey now, that I don't think I could even carry a spoon with an egg in it. Liz was my first registered quarter horse. I had grade horses before then and always dreamed of owning a registered horse. My dad took me to Vic Quakenbush's place in Appleton, Wisconsin. Vic had some of the best quarter horses in Wisconsin and I remember some were in tie stalls. Vick owned Hanks No Time and Kays Roan. I was so excited when my dad bought me a 1958 mare by Wolf Hank who was by Hank H by King. Liz was out of Rocksprings Sis who was by Honey Boy Cruse. She was a red dun and I was so proud of her. I only showed at open shows and I was dynamite in halter, potato race and egg and spoon. If I can find a picture of me winning the costume class, you would die laughing. I was dressed like a fisherman, complete with straw hat and fishing poles and I had a full work harness on the mare. Those were good times. Back then we roached our horses manes and shortened tails to the hocks. Those were also fun times and I have great memories of them.

A photo from years ago----Miss Bunny Tardee on the left and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) her daughter on the right.

Lesley Johnson posted this picture of her NN stud colt by Fred (Classically) "Dale" is now a yearling. Time sure flies.

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